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What Are the Different Types of Graduation Cupcakes?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

There are many different types of graduation cupcakes, which include homemade and storebought. Some feature elaborate designs, while others may be quite simple. There are nearly endless types of graduation cupcakes that combine different cupcake mix, frostings and toppings.

Graduation cupcakes made in a bakery are a popular choice. Sometimes bakeries or other food stores may have pre-made cupcakes for sale around common graduation. This type of cupcake involves no work on the part of the buyer because they can simply walk in and purchase whatever graduation-themed cupcakes are available. They also may be designed more elaborately than would be possible if made at home.

A high school student at graduation.
A high school student at graduation.

Some bakeries also allow people to custom order graduation cupcakes. A store may have a certain selection designs to choose from, while other bakeries may allow customers to make unique requests for cupcakes. If someone does not have the skill or time required to make elaborate homemade cupcakes for graduation, placing an order for such items can be a suitable solution.

A graduation cupcake.
A graduation cupcake.

People making graduation cupcakes in their own homes may want to decorate them using graduation imagery, such as diplomas or mortarboards, also known as graduation hats. Sometimes non-edible graduation items, often made from plastic, are placed on the top of a cupcake. Other times, graduation items that can be eaten are formed out of frosting or other sugar-based confections.

Writing on the tops of cupcakes is another method used to make graduation cupcakes. Sometimes, each individual cupcake will have words or letters made with icing, spelling out the graduate’s name or offering warm wishes for the future. Writing the year or date of a graduation with frosting is also a common means of decorating cupcakes for graduation parties. Decorating each cupcake with a single letter to spell out the name of the school or offer congratulations may be good choices as well.

Many things can be used to design cupcakes for graduation. Candy, fruit, or any sweet food or dessert item can be utilized to decorate the cupcakes. Using food coloring to make frosting in the school’s colors or the graduate’s favorite color is a popular choice as well. The type of cake may be important as well — some people like to choose a dark chocolate cake to mimic black graduation gowns, while others prefer to make a family favorite and decorate with graduation-themed colors or items.

Graduation cupcakes also may be specialized for the diet of the graduate, friends, or family. Vegan cupcakes for graduation are common, as are sugar-free cupcakes. If the situation calls for it, cupcakes for graduation also can be made gluten-free, egg-less, or lactose free.

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    • A high school student at graduation.
      A high school student at graduation.
    • A graduation cupcake.
      By: Ruth Black
      A graduation cupcake.