What Are the Different Types of Environmental Studies Career Opportunities?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari
There may be environmental career opportunities with wind power companies.
There may be environmental career opportunities with wind power companies.

As climate change and population explosion become exceptionally important issues throughout the world, environmental studies career opportunities have become more and more prevalent. A job candidate with a relevant education may find work with non-profit organizations, government agencies, or even construction and excavation companies. Environmental studies career opportunities often focus on determining the environmental impact of various human behaviors and industries, which means a job candidate will have the opportunity to help the environment and develop new ways for humans to interact with that environment safely and appropriately.

Renewable energy is a relatively new industry that focuses on discovering new technology for creating usable energy without tapping into non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels. Many environmental studies career opportunities exist within this burgeoning industry, as the demand for such energy sources increases. Solar energy companies, wind power companies, and even oil and gas companies looking to expand their methods and techniques may offer environmental studies career opportunities that focus almost exclusively on developing renewable energy.

Of course, existing energy industry clients may offer environmental studies career opportunities as well, as regional laws and regulations may prevent such companies from carrying out any drilling or excavation without a proper environmental study being conducted. A job candidate may end up working for such a company, or he or she may be hired by a government agency to conduct the study. Once the study has been conducted, the employee who conducted the study will be responsible for writing a report about the findings. These findings may determine whether a project can move forward or not; the environmental employee may make recommendations for steps that need to be taken before any other work can be done.

Environmental education is perhaps one of the most important environmental studies career opportunities available. With a changing world constantly at risk of environmental changes, educating the public about prominent issues is a vital step in making real, consequential positive changes in society. Teaching jobs at various levels of schools are almost always available, as are lecturing jobs at various colleges, universities, and private institutions.

The National Park Service (NPS) and other such organizations may hire people within the environmental field to conduct studies regarding the impact of structures, roads, and human interaction on various ecosystems throughout the national park system. The NPS essentially acts as a steward for protected wildlife areas, and studies must constantly be conducted to ensure the safety and protection of these areas.

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    • There may be environmental career opportunities with wind power companies.
      By: sanderstock
      There may be environmental career opportunities with wind power companies.