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What Are the Different Types of Ceiling Curtain Tracks?

Andrew Kirmayer
Andrew Kirmayer

Curtains are typically convenient to install on standard types of windows. They are often opened and closed by hand using ceiling curtain rods or other components. Curtain ceiling tracks are generally useful for curved areas, bay windows, as well as patio doors where a standard track could interfere with opening and closing it. They can be operated manually, while other varieties may include cords or motors. The different types of curtain ceiling tracks may also be selected based on material, color, as well as their shape and overall size.

Often, a ceiling curtain track system is manually operated. In this configuration, the plastic gliders that make up the curtain typically open and close by hand, and there is usually little maintenance that needs to be done throughout the life of the system. Another type is controlled by a cord connected to a pulley. Lubricants are sometimes required to maintain the track, while frequent washing may be recommended by the manufacturer.

Curved curtain ceiling tracks work well for bay windows.
Curved curtain ceiling tracks work well for bay windows.

Motor-powered ceiling curtain tracks are often taller than those only operated by hand. These are often activated with a wall switch or remote control, while some versions can be set with a timer. Regardless of the type, ceiling curtain tracks can be made of plastic or metal, but sometimes manufacturers include a mix of both. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) is often used because it is generally lightweight and flexible, while many ceiling curtain tracks are made of aluminum, which is also a flexible and strong material. Aluminum can also be fitted to odd-shaped corners and different styles of room layout.

Ceiling curtain tracks are sometimes made of steel, but this is typically more suited for windows without curves or other alternate features. The material of the product is also related to the desired shape; the choice often depends on whether the track is to be bent or a heavier track is required. Sawing tools can be used to shape aluminum and PVC, making it more convenient to adjust the system during installation in the home.

Color is also another option; there are ceiling curtain tracks that can be black, silver, white, or copper. Some products may be gold as well. Additional features often include a magnetic mechanism to guide the curtain over and away from the window. A concealed curtain track is another type in which the operating cord, as well as other components, can be hidden so the system blends in more with the d├ęcor of the room.

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    • Curved curtain ceiling tracks work well for bay windows.
      By: george kuna
      Curved curtain ceiling tracks work well for bay windows.