What Are the Different Types of Car Advertising Stickers?

Autumn Rivers
Autumn Rivers
A car.
A car.

Mobile marketing is an advertising approach that requires little effort, because it involves placing decals on a company car or personal vehicle. The result is that the business is advertised each time the car is seen in public. Some companies choose to wrap a car in graphics, using either a complete wrap that takes up the entire vehicle, or a partial wrap. Other businesses may opt for a more understated look, with car advertising stickers only on the windows or bumper. Another common tool for mobile marketing is a magnet that can be attached to the body of the vehicle and occasionally removed without damaging the paint.

One of the most extreme advertising approaches involving car advertising stickers is a complete wrap. This involves paying a graphics company to create a custom wrap, typically using vinyl, that covers the entire vehicle. This option allows businesses to include basic information, such as the company name, phone number, and website address, as well as a logo, pattern, or color scheme that represents the company. A partial wrap usually includes smaller graphics and basic contact information, because it only covers part of the vehicle. It is usually less expensive and less noticeable than a complete wrap.

Some businesses want their car advertising stickers to be a bit more minimal than a wrap. For this reason, they might opt for window graphics, which are usually cheaper and simpler than car wraps. While this option can often include a few images, such as a logo, many focus on words. For example, a brief phrase or quote about what the company does, along with the business name and phone number, may be applied to the back or side window of a vehicle. This is because there is less space when using window graphics than when using wraps; thus, the main idea of these car advertising stickers is the company's contact information, allowing passers-by to read it quickly.

Car advertising also can be done through the use of magnets rather than permanent decals. Magnets often look indistinguishable from typical car advertising stickers, and they serve the same purpose. The benefit is that they can be peeled off the car when the driver does not wish to advertise, such as during personal use of the vehicle. In addition, they do not need to be removed by a professional the way wraps usually do, so they may be considered a good way to try out mobile advertising techniques without committing to a permanent method.

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    • A car.
      A car.