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What Are the Different Types of Artistic Websites?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

There are quite a few different types of artistic websites, many of which can be used as online portfolios for the work of artists. Other websites can include artistic activities and crafts that people can do, and many of these are specifically intended for children. Some artistic websites offer prints of famous or especially noteworthy works of art, often in association with museums that control the rights to those works. There are even some websites that provide tutorials and guides that people can use to learn how to draw certain characters or develop a particular style or artistic method.

Artistic websites are typically pages online that provide features or tools that artistic individuals can easily utilize. Some of the most popular artistic sites provide functionality that can be used to create a portfolio of work by a particular artist. These can be individual sites for artists that are only slightly linked together by similar tools and templates. There are also some artistic websites that act as a network of portfolios, allowing artists to more easily communicate and see each other’s work.

An artistic website might have origami patterns and instructions.
An artistic website might have origami patterns and instructions.

Some artistic websites provide activities and crafts for people to complete, often with guides and instructions on how these different tasks can be performed. Many of these sites are designed specifically for kids, usually providing activities that young people can complete on their own or with minimal adult supervision. Such activities include various types of paper crafts, like origami or card making, paper mâché projects, and blank coloring pages that can be printed out and colored by kids.

A number of artistic websites have been created as galleries of famous or noteworthy artistic works. These virtual galleries allow visitors to view various works of art, sometimes even providing different angles or virtual models of sculptures that people can view. Some of these sites include the ability to order prints of famous works of art. Such features usually require permission from the owner of the work, often a museum, and these prints can be quite high in quality.

There are also a number of artistic websites that provide tutorials and guides for artists on different techniques or drawing specific characters. A company that owns the copyright on an especially famous comic book or cartoon character may provide a guide to help aspiring artists learn to draw that character. There are also tutorials on artistic websites that can help new artists learn different techniques and methods for utilizing various styles. Many of these tutorials are meant to help someone learn to use computer software and hardware in creating digital artwork.

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    • An artistic website might have origami patterns and instructions.
      By: oksix
      An artistic website might have origami patterns and instructions.