What Are the Best Tips for Making Sirloin Burgers?

Alex Tree

Some of the best tips for making sirloin burgers are to use a mix of cuts, purchase freshly ground meat, and use whatever seasonings are preferred. Many cooks suggest using a mix of ground cuts to get the ideal amount of fat in the burgers for flavor. Purchasing freshly ground meat is the safest way of making sirloin burgers that are not cooked all the way through. In addition, opinions vary significantly when it comes to seasoning, so most people use whatever they like. The only exception is that it is generally agreed upon that steak and barbecue sauces are unnecessary and just serve to cover up the tastes of a good sirloin burger.

Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and other toppings can help spice up a sirloin burger.
Cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and other toppings can help spice up a sirloin burger.

Making the best burgers involves using meats with the right amount of fat. Experts generally recommend using 100-percent sirloin or 50-percent sirloin and 50-percent ground chuck. Ground chuck has slightly more fat than sirloin, which gives it more flavor and moisture. The two grounded cuts are mixed together to create a burger with the ideal amount of fat. Mixing in fattier cuts, such as regular ground beef, will make the final product too greasy. On the other hand, using leaner cuts favored by dieters, such as ground round, is not always best either because the meat is too lean and lacks moisture.

Purchasing meat that has not been ground is a crucial step to making the best sirloin burgers. The meat can be ground at home or by a butcher right before taking it home. Grinding the meat shortly before it's cooked rather than purchasing sirloin that was ground in a factory days before lessens the chance of bacteria contamination. The vast majority of a package of ground sirloin has been exposed to the area and workplace surfaces, allowing the bacteria to breed to unsafe amounts. When it is freshly ground, the bacteria get less chance to multiply, so a cook can make sirloin burgers less than well done.

There is no best seasoning or addition to sirloin burgers. Some cooks add a small amount of butter to the center of each burger to give it more moisture. In addition, adding grated cheese turns an otherwise plain burger into a cheeseburger. Other cooks would never dream about distracting from the flavor of the sirloin, so they never season, butter, or cheese the meat. The same cooks sometimes do not add condiments to their burgers for the same reason.

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