What Are the Benefits of TV Advertising?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Television advertising is one of the more practical ways of reaching consumers and generating sales for all types of products. While the advent of the Internet has added another option in advertising techniques and options, the use of television ads is still one of the most viable means of reaching a wide audience and promoting different products and services. Local, regional, and national TV advertising provides a number of advantages, including consistent exposure of consumers to different types of products, the ability to target advertising based on when the commercials are aired, and the opportunity to build rapport with consumers based on repeated exposure to the advertising over a periods of several months.

TV advertising provides consistent exposure to consumers of different types of products, usually in the consumers' own homes.
TV advertising provides consistent exposure to consumers of different types of products, usually in the consumers' own homes.

One of the advantages of TV advertising is the ability of advertisers to reach consumers in their own homes. This is important, since there is a better chance that the consumer will not be distracted during the airing of the commercial ad. While a portion of consumers will use commercial breaks to perform other tasks before the TV program returns, many will remain within earshot of the audio portion of the commercial, possibly picking up on something that captures their interest. Others will simply remain seated and watch the commercial in its entirety. Depending on how the commercial is structured, the advertising may amuse as well as inform, which helps to increase the changes that the viewer will remember both the TV advertising and the product in a positive manner.

Repeat showings of TV ads can help build rapport and familiarity among viewers.
Repeat showings of TV ads can help build rapport and familiarity among viewers.

TV advertising is also a practical means of targeted specific consumer demographics that are more likely to be interested in the products offered in the commercials. This can involve local as well as national advertising. For example, a local building supply store may prepare a commercial that is aired during a time slot occupied by a do-it-yourself television show. On a national scale, an auto maker may create a television commercial for airing during a major sports event, advertising the new makes and models of trucks for the upcoming year. Buying air time on shows that reach consumers based on age, gender, personal interests, cultural, and economic factors increases the odds of connecting with the right consumers and generating higher sales.

Since TV advertising can be aired repeatedly for several months, companies can use this approach to build a level of familiarity and rapport with consumers. This is particularly true if the advertising is entertaining as well as informative, and consumers actually enjoy seeing the commercial over and over again. Each time the advertising is encountered and is received positively, consumers once again consider making a purchase, with a significant number finally choosing to do so over time. This combination of consistent exposure and familiarity is often hard to replicate with any other form of media advertising.

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Infomercials are a good way to advertise. Sometimes I see 30-second TV commercials and a couple minutes later I can't remember what product they were trying to sell. I can remember the basics of the commercial, but I have no idea what was being advertised.

When you watch a few minutes of an infomercial you know what is being advertised and it sticks in your mind even when what they are selling doesn't interest you. It's hard for me to turn away from a good infomercial. Most of them are silly, but it's like an accident, you just can't stop looking.


With my business I get referrals from previous customers. This is one of my best ways of getting business. When I first started out, I looked at all the possible ways to advertise and I decided to go with newspaper because at that time most people read or at least looked at newspapers regularly. I also advertised some in the phone book.

Nowadays, all of this is changing. My newspaper ads don't reach as many people. I even advertise some in the online addition of the nearby papers, but I don't get that many calls from those ads--nowhere near as many as I used to receive with newspaper ads. And I have decided that the phone book is a waste of time and money for me.

The reason I have shied away from TV advertising is that the rates are so expensive. With my budget, I would have to put my ads on during late night or early morning when there would be fewer people watching TV. I'm not sure this is worth the investment.

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