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What are the Benefits of Motorized Shades?

Carol Francois
Carol Francois

Motorized shades are window shades that are attached to a power motor. The shades can be adjusted with the use of a remote control or computerized timer to raise or lower the level of the shades. There are four different benefits to motorized shades: convenience, sizes, locations, and design options.

The most obvious benefit of motorized shades is the convenience factor. Using this type of system removes the need to physically adjust the level of the shades to control the level of light in a room. A remote control device is standard with these types of shades. A computerized system can be installed to adjust them based on the sun arrival times or the amount of sunlight exposure the window receives. This method allows a greater degree of control over light levels.

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Woman posing

Some shades come in standard sizes. Motorized shades have a thicker roll and are not subject to the same length and width limitation. This flexibility makes them very popular for use in boardroom and office tower locations. In these situations, the windows are often custom sizes, making a standard shade unsuitable.

Using motorized shades, the location of the shades is no longer restricted by the proximity to the ground or the ability to manually adjust the shades. Very high windows can be fitted with motorized shades and can be adjusted as required. This benefit is important in public buildings and large homes.

These types of shades can be installed inside the window itself. Since the control of the shades is motorized, there is no practical need to make the shade accessible. This design option reduces dust, eliminates shade cleaning, and gives a very neat appearance to a window design.

Custom shades are a great use of a motorized control, as they provide greater flexibility for the management of shade height and design. A motor provides a consistent degree of pressure, allowing a more delicate shade design and material to be used. Look at the different types of materials available for shades and select one that best meets your needs.

When selecting a motorized shade, take a close look at the motor design, location, and size. Determine how this will be incorporated into your room design and d├ęcor so that it does not detract from the visual appeal of the window. Explore the warranty on the motor itself and determine what types of skills are needed to repair the motor if needed. Check the installation location to ensure there is easy access to maintain the motor over time.

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Blinds have louvers that can rotate and can go up and down and shades are made of fabric and have several different styles within its own category. There are sunscreen shades, blackout shades, privacy shades, Roman shades, Austrian shades, etc.

Pre-made shades come in standard sizes but most window coverings are custom and made to fit specific requirements.

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    • Woman posing
      Woman posing