How do I Restore Antique Lamp Shades?

Erika Peterson
Erika Peterson
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Antique lamp shades can need a lot of work in order to achieve the proper level of restoration. Before you embark on the adventure that is restoring them, it is important to gauge what the amount of work is that you have waiting for you. Some lamp shades simply require a good cleaning, while others may be in need of extensive repairs.

Antique lamp shades are also referred to as vintage lamp shades. Their popularity today is based upon their high level of uniqueness and beauty. These shades do not just defuse the light from a light bulb, but they also offer sophistication and class.

If you have an antique lamp shade that is in need of restoration, it is first important to assess the condition of the shade. Be sure that there are no holes in the shade, and the frame is in good condition. If there are minor or extensive damages it is best to consult a professional lamp shade restoration specialist. The specialist can inform you on ways to sew the shade, find fabrics to match the damaged shade and fix the frame. In particularly sad cases, the specialist can complete the restoration process for you, for a fee.

Some repairs can be done on your own. For example, some antique lamp shades may have a frame that is bent in several areas. Since most frames are metal, they can be easily bent back into the proper shape. All it takes is a little effort.

Once you find that your shade is free from damages and defects, it is time to start the cleaning process, and the first step is removing the shade from the lamp. Next you will need to focus on removing dust. The best way to remove dust on any shade is to clean it with a soft, clean and dry cloth. Be sure to reach every part of the shade and the frame.

The second step in the cleaning process and the way in which you should clean your antique lamp shades depends on the materials that they are made from. Paper shades can be adequately cleaned with an art gum eraser. Clean your fabric lamp shades with warm water and a mild detergent.

Once your antique lamp shades are clean, they may still be dingy. A great way to spruce up discolored shades is by dyeing the shade. White shades can be dyed almost any color, and colored shades can be dyed darker hues. Either way, the shade will have a new start on life.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip