What are Right Hand Rings?

R. Kayne

As the saying goes, "The left hand is for thee, the right hand is for me," so right hand rings are for celebrating independence and happiness. The left hand is traditionally the hand that bears a wedding ring, but what about single women who would like a diamond ring for the sheer pleasure of it? Jewelers have initiated campaigns to fill that right hand with rings that celebrate the independent woman.

Diamond eternity ring.
Diamond eternity ring.

Right hand rings are designed more like cocktail rings, featuring clusters of smaller diamonds that run largely in north/south designs with lots of surrounding negative or open space. Contrast this to the traditional three stone solitaire and solid wedding band. Rings for the right hand are intended to showcase the individuality of a woman, worn on the fourth finger and sometimes the pinky.

Clusters of diamonds are typical for a ring worn on the right hand.
Clusters of diamonds are typical for a ring worn on the right hand.

Generally, jewelers expect women of 34 - 64 years to be the likely target market for right hand rings. A woman who has been married and owned a wedding band but no longer feels the need to wait for someone to give her a ring is a prime candidate. Women who are proud of their accomplishments and independence, who are affluent and happy, are ideal customers.

Right hand rings look similar in design to cocktail rings.
Right hand rings look similar in design to cocktail rings.

However, right hand rings aren't just for single women. They can also be worn by married women as a celebration of personal identity too often ignored while fulfilling the role of wife and mother. These rings remind women that they are worthy of fine gifts regardless of, or in addition to, any other roles they happen to play in life.

As early as 2003, the Jewelry Consumer Opinion Council reported that right hand rings tied solitaires as the most desired gifts. That same year, the Diamond Information Center reported that they were already a $5 billion US Dollar industry.

If you see a ring you'd like, don't be shy about purchasing it yourself. That's exactly what they celebrate. However, it's also acceptable to ask for the ring as a gift from a significant other, though you might want to be clear about which hand you plan to wear it on before you ask.

Right hand rings are worn to celebrate independence and happiness.
Right hand rings are worn to celebrate independence and happiness.

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Discussion Comments


What a ridiculous marketing term. This phrase is all kinds of stupid.


Awesome right hand rings are more specially designed to show cocktail rings that feature numbers of smaller diamonds in a particular ring with largely placing them in north and south designs. The surroundings remain with open space and are mostly worn as the traditional three stone solitaire.


You see all those people getting married with a ring that is supposed to mean that, by spending few hundreds or thousands on a ring you love, the other person? I guess it isn't true for all the numbers of people showing off about their big pretty rings and then divorcing. Marriage is all about showing off how big you can celebrate.

Wear your rings because, let's face it: it's only to show off. Material doesn't and will never mean anything to real lovers. Disney princess taught us ladies to fall in love with jerks and their expensive gifts. We are all a bunch of gold diggers!


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How independent can you be if you fall for such an obvious marketing ploy?


What are you guy's feelings on gold right hand rings? As in, women who wear wedding rings on their right hands? I'm kind of torn. I appreciate the idea, but on the other hand some of my married friends feel like it belittles their commitment. What do you all think?


I have been divorced for about two years now, and I have to say that getting my right hand ring was really a turning point for me. I know it sounds stupid and backward to feel all those sentiments with wedding rings and the like, but I just really felt that I could finally break away from all that when I got my ring. Now I've got a little collection -- my first right hand ring was a classic right hand diamond solitaire ring, but now I look for antique and vintage right hand rings -- so much more interesting! Of course, like all jewelry, right hand rings are a matter of choice, so choose whichever one suits you the best, and enjoy being yourself!


I really like the theory behind right hand rings, but I think that people are silly to romanticize it away from the marketing ploy it so obviously is becoming.

By all means, celebrate your independence and your identity -- but realize that you don't need a diamond on your right hand or rings on your left to state your identity -- just be who you are!

I really think that if you have to wear a right hand ring, the least you can do is to look for a unique one. Right hand rings are everywhere, so at least get one that nobody else has.

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