What Are Motorized Curtains?

Alex Tree

Motorized curtains allow people to open them with a push of a button. They can be particularly useful for disabled people, who do normally not have the strength to open the curtains or cannot walk over to the curtains to open them. Mechanical curtains are set up by using a special drapery rod, which is usually thicker and heavier than a normal rod because it contains a motor. The advantages of installing such a device includes no longer needing to open the curtains by hand and being able to open them from anywhere in the room. Potential mechanical problems are a downside to getting motorized curtains.

Not having to open and close curtains by hand is an advantage often prized by the elderly.
Not having to open and close curtains by hand is an advantage often prized by the elderly.

To create motorized curtains, regular curtains are placed on a special track. An electric motor pushes the curtains around on the track, opening and closing them. It is generally controlled by a remote control, similar to ones used for ceiling fans or tall lighting fixtures. The range on the remote varies and depends on its quality, but most controls can open the curtains while the operator stands anywhere in a medium-sized room.

The general advantage of using motorized curtains over regular curtains is that mechanical curtains open or close with the push of a button. This means that going with the motorized option can be useful for windows high above the floor and difficult to handle. Furthermore, motorized curtains can also be useful if a window is particularly wide. Even if a window is not tall or wide, utilizing mechanized curtains can offer an additional convenience factor. Not having to open and close curtains by hand is an advantage often prized by the elderly.

Motorized curtains are not a perfect light reduction solution, and they do offer drawbacks in addition to advantages. For instance, regular curtains cannot have the range of mechanical difficulties possible for motorized curtains. If mechanical curtains break, they can become stuck in either an open or closed position. It can be difficult to manually open and close motorized curtains if they are broken, which can be a complicating factor. Some people do not like mechanized curtains because the mechanism can look bulky, which may clash with the decorative preferences of some.

In addition, mechanical curtains can be more expensive overall. The rods themselves typically cost more than the average curtain rod; plus, homeowners may need a professional to install them. They are also usually not meant to be decorative, unlike a lot of curtain rods.

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Are there government restrictions on motorized curtains?


I have been looking at different curtains and window treatments for my condo and am really interested in adding electric curtains to my place. I think having a curtain motor in place to take care of the light in your home is beyond handy. My only concern is the upkeep that comes with having motorized curtains. How often do you need to repair motorized curtains and how long can you expect them to last?

I want something in my home that is easy to care for yet makes my life a bit easier. I am hoping that motorized curtains might be the answer.


@Sara007 - Motorized curtains are a good choice for families with pets and children because they are quite safe and add security to your home. We have the curtains in our home on a timer so even if we're not home the motorized shades make it look like someone is around to shut the drapes.

I think that electric drapes alongside lights on timers really make for a home that does what you want it to. After switching over to motorized curtain rods I won't go back to regular ones. While regular drapes are inexpensive, cheap curtains can also be found in a motorized version. You just need to shop around.


Do you think that motorized drapes and curtains are safe to have around small children?

My family and I are working on some home renovations and I really want to install a motorized curtain track so I control the light coming into our room with the touch of a button. I love how modern motorized drapes make a space as they remind me a lot of what you'll find in a more expensive hotel room. I like the idea of having different aspects of a room work by remote control. Perhaps I have been watching too many design shows these days.

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