How do I Choose the Best Electric Curtains?

Dee Saale
Dee Saale

Selecting the right set of electric curtains for a home or office may not be a simple task. There are a variety of factors that must be considered before choosing electric curtains. For example, the strength, size, and durability of the curtain track and motor must be considered. In addition, some sets of curtains include everything that is necessary for installation, while others do not provide any installation items. Many people also will want to think about how they want their curtains to open.

Woman holding a book
Woman holding a book

In general, electric curtains open and close along a motorized track. In most cases, the track can only withstand a certain amount of weight. As a result, it is important to consider whether the weight of the curtains is above the recommended weight that the track can hold and the motor can push or pull. For example, if the set claims to have a weight limit of 100 pounds (about 45.5 kg), it may not be wise to install curtains that weigh 150 pounds (about 68.2 kg).

Typically, electric curtains have a certain track length. In some cases, the track length is set. For example, a track may have a maximum length of 10 feet (about 3.05 m), 13 feet (about 3.96 m), or 20 feet (about 6.1 m). In other cases, the track is not set in its length; it may be cut to fit a particular area.

Another factor to consider when choosing electric curtains is the durability of the track. For example, some tracks are comprised of a single piece of metal. Other tracks are made of up several pieces that are joined together. Generally, the tracks made up of multiple pieces are thought to be stronger, as long as the joints connecting the pieces are strong.

When selecting electric curtains, many people expect all the installation materials to be included. This is not always the case. Some brands of curtains include no installation materials, while others include everything, from ceiling and wall brackets to screws for mounting. In addition, many models include the necessary curtain controllers.

The remote control may be an interesting factor to consider as well. Some models have a remote control that only works from a few feet (about a meter) away, while other remote controls will work from nearly 30 feet (about 9.1 m) away. In addition, some people want their curtains to come with a timer. The timer will allow the owner of the curtains to pick times that the curtains will open and close throughout the day. For example, they can be set to open when waking in the morning and close when a baby naps in the afternoon.

A few final considerations include how the electric curtains will open and close. Some curtains only open from right to left or left to right. Others only open from the middle. There are some brands that can do all three, giving the owner an option. In addition, some units allow the user to stop the curtains from opening at any point, while others can only open and close to their full extent.

Dee Saale
Dee Saale

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