What are Fitted Toe Rings?

Janis Adams
Janis Adams
Toe rings may be made of gold.
Toe rings may be made of gold.

Designed for both men and women, fitted toe rings are an accessory designed specifically to be worn on the toe. Made of platinum, gold, and silver and a variety of other materials, fitted toe rings come in a variety of designs, from those that are a simple plain band to those that are adorned with stones such as diamonds. These toe accessories are as different from one another as the people who wear them.

Fitted toe rings are not adjustable. They are not a one-size-fits-all accessory. There are those toe rings that feature an adjustable back. Those toe rings that are fitted tend to be more comfortable, as the adjustable kind often tend to pinch the underside of the toe, leaving the wearer uncomfortable when wearing them.

Most people wear a fitted toe ring on their second toe. The positioning of the toe ring is usually just below the first joint or right at the first joint. Pressure and moisture are usually needed to get a fitted toe ring into the right position on the toe. As most people are not initially accustomed to having a ring on the toe, it may take a day or two for the fitted toe ring to become comfortable when worn. For this reason, after putting the ring on, it is suggested that it be left on, even when sleeping, until a level of comfort is achieved by the person wearing it.

When a fitted toe ring is sized properly, it will be comfortable even when worn with a shoe or sneaker. A toe ring should not have much play or move around too much on the person wearing it. A loose-fitted toe ring will begin to cause discomfort or even induce the formation of a blister. Fitted toe rings are most often harder to get on the toe than they are to get off.

Fitted toe rings are popular accessories for the summer or warmer months of the year, though admittedly there are those who wear them year round. While toe rings are made in a variety of different metals and also made of hemp or leather, silver is a very popular choice for a toe ring. A silver toe ring should always be removed when the wearer plans to swim, as the silver will tarnish when exposed to the chlorine in the water of a pool. Fitted toe rings can be a fun accessory no matter when they are worn. They add a bit of sparkle to the wearer's toes.

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    • Toe rings may be made of gold.
      Toe rings may be made of gold.