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What are Custom Magnets?

Josie Myers
Josie Myers

Custom magnets are usually promotional materials purchased by a business that include their name and contact information so that customers can remember them. Sometimes, custom magnets are purchased by home consumers in order to celebrate a special occasion or holiday. Pictures of family and events can be printed on custom magnets and given as gifts.

The appeal of small custom magnets is that they are readily available and useful as business cards. Many businesses print them in business card size, hoping that consumers will keep them handy on a refrigerator where they will see them every day. The alternative to having them printed is to put actual paper business cards on pre-glued magnets available from office supply stores. The printed magnets hold up to use and time much better than their paper alternative.

Woman posing
Woman posing

Calendars are another form of custom magnets. Businesses can get calendars printed with their business information on the top, side, or center of the calendar. This gives the advantage of longevity and provides customers with something useful. They are usually available for a year and can be as small as a pocket calendar or as large as standard wall calendars.

Others print large magnets meant to be used on cars and trucks. It saves on the cost of custom painting on a vehicle and allows vehicles to be used part time for work. For small businesses on a budget, this gives the option of having a company vehicle without actually purchasing one, while avoiding permanent alterations to a personal vehicle.

Bumper magnets are an alternative to bumper stickers. Stickers fade and melt away in the elements, leaving a sticky mess on a vehicle. This is unappealing for vehicle resale. Bumper magnets allow a business, band, or individual to show their colors without damaging the vehicle.

Custom magnets are not just for business use. Individual consumers can order them to use for special occasions. With custom pictures or words, they can be used for shower, birthday, and wedding favors. They can also be used as save-the-date reminders for special events.

Photo magnets also can serve the two-fold purpose of being a card and a gift. They have gained in popularity as holiday cards and announcement cards. Baby and wedding announcements can be displayed in a useful manner on a refrigerator or display board.

In general, pre-designed templates are cheaper to order than fully custom orders. The larger the number of items ordered, the less the cost per individual item. With a wide array of sizes and styles, custom magnets have become a popular tool for businesses and individuals alike.

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    • Woman posing
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