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What are Crocs™?

J. Beam
J. Beam

Though first a shortened version of the word crocodiles, the word "crocs" is also the name of a brand of shoes. The shoes, made by Crocs™ Footwear, have nothing whatsoever to do with the reptile. They are lightweight, functional, yet fashionable shoes designed primarily as beachwear.

Crocs™ became a footwear phenomenon in 2003, and within the next couple of years, knock-off versions began to flood discount retailers. This style of shoe is usually a brightly colored slip-on with toes that resemble Swiss cheese. The holes are called ports, and most Crocs™ have them. The shoes have a strap across the back that can flip up so the shoe can be worn as a slip-on clog or flip down to make the shoe more like a sandal.

Crocs™ are not made out of real crocodiles.
Crocs™ are not made out of real crocodiles.

The original Crocs™ are available in a huge array of colors, though the knock-off versions are mostly seen in white, black, pink, brown, and green. They are sold at shoe retailers worldwide and also online. Even though the original intent behind Crocs™ was to create a comfortable, slip-resistant beach and boating shoe, they became the most popular style of casual shoes for the summer by 2006.

Some styles of Crocs are modeled after the shape of traditional wooden clogs.
Some styles of Crocs are modeled after the shape of traditional wooden clogs.

Many people do not limit the use of their Crocs™ to the beach. Largely because the shoes are so comfortable, people wear them to work, shop, and play. The company has also designed therapeutic versions of the shoe for those who stand and walk for a great deal of the day or experience problems with foot and back pain. These specially designed shoes are available through the company website.

Crocs™, name brand or not, are available in sizes from kids to adult. The company manufacturers a variety of affordable styles, including clogs, boots, Mary Janes, and flip flops. Crocs™ are designed to be worn by men, women, boys, and girls alike. When consumers are shopping for a pair, they keep in mind that they are not designed to fit like other shoes. They are meant to be loose-fitting because they are meant to support the foot without applying any pressure.

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Crocs slip ons -- worn twice over two weekends, and sprained my left ankle last week and my right ankle this week. I'm going to stop wearing them.


If you think crocs are just ugly sandals, you would be surprised if you visited They have a wide selection of different styles and colors that are very nice. You can choose from a dressy look, to several pairs of the more casual look.

All of them are very comfortable and easy to keep clean and will last you a long time. I know it is hard for some people to get past the chunky sandals with the big holes in them, but there are many other choices to choose from.


Many people think that crocs are ugly and won't wear them, but whatever your opinion is on what they look like - they really are comfortable.

They have come out with many different styles than the croc sandals that were first introduced and what most people think of when they think of croc shoes. My daughter has a pair of black, dress cros that really look nice, yet are way more comfortable than many traditional dress shoes.

They look professional and nice enough to wear under a pair of work slacks and if you are on your feet all day long, can really help. They don't have the holes in them and just look like a regular pair of simple dress shoes, but are so much more comfortable.


As much as I love them, I find that Crocs are not slip-resistant at all. I'm more likely to slip in them than in regular shoes! In fact that's how the strap tore off one of my pairs of Crocs. And I sprained my ankle wearing another pair in wet conditions. I don't see how they help boaters or beach-goers. But at least they're comfortable!

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    • Crocs™ are not made out of real crocodiles.
      By: gijssmulders
      Crocs™ are not made out of real crocodiles.
    • Some styles of Crocs are modeled after the shape of traditional wooden clogs.
      By: gianliguori
      Some styles of Crocs are modeled after the shape of traditional wooden clogs.