What are Blanket Sleepers?

Sheri Cyprus
Sheri Cyprus
Toddlers may benefit from blanket sleepers.
Toddlers may benefit from blanket sleepers.

Blanket sleepers are a type of pajama. They are made in one piece and may fasten with snaps or a zipper. While adult blanket sleeper sizes are available in North America, these sleepers are mainly made for infants and children in other parts of the world. The material used for blanket sleepers varies, but it should always have the softness of blankets. A baby blanket sleeper is made to cover the body from the neck to the ankles; footed varieties have feet coverings attached.

Footed blanket sleepers may be ideal for keeping an infant's feet warm.
Footed blanket sleepers may be ideal for keeping an infant's feet warm.

The footed blanket sleeper style typically has plastic-coated soles so the bottoms of the feet portions don't get easily worn out. For babies who aren't yet walking, the footed sections aren't usually coated on the soles. Some people prefer to buy baby blanket sleepers without foot coverings so that they aren't outgrown as fast. Infant booties or socks can be added with non-footed sleepers to keep the baby's feet warm.

Infant blanket sleepers often fasten with snaps.
Infant blanket sleepers often fasten with snaps.

Infant and children's blanket sleepers are sold in many different colors and patterns. There are solids and print patterns available in both pastels and bright colors. The blanket sleeper is sold with other babies and children's pajama styles. Terry cloth sleepers can replace the blanket sleeper in warmer weather.

The fit of a blanket sleeper is supposed to be quite loose through the mid-section. Enough room is left for a diaper as well as for comfort. Most blanket sleepers have a soft ribbed cotton collar and cuffs. The sleeves may be set-in or raglan. Set-in sleeves fit straight across at the shoulder, while the raglan types are attached at the neck and angle at the shoulders.

Even if a baby blanket sleeper fastens with a front zipper, it may feature snap closures inside each leg for easier diaper changing. Some infant sleepers have both front and leg snaps. Infant blanket sleepers with inner leg snap closures can make practical baby gifts for new parents.

Kids blanket sleepers are often ideal for toddlers and small children who tend to kick their blankets off during the night in cooler weather. If this happens frequently or the temperature is warmer, sleepers in a lighter-weight fabric such as terry cloth may work better. Many children enjoy blanket sleeper designs that feature their favorite story book or cartoon characters.

An adult size blanket sleeper isn't usually favored by many adults unless the weather is extremely cold. Being covered from neck to feet in a warm blanket-like fabric can help keep in needed body heat. Adult blanket sleepers are sold mainly in solid pastel or bright colors with a few patterned designs also available.

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You can make your own blanket sleepers if you're interested in a DIY project. They can be made out of any material of course, but they look particularly nice if you crochet them out of a few different kinds of fluffy wool.

There are plenty of places online where you can find instructions for making them, but they are very easy. Basically the general idea is to make a square shape and then sew on some buttons.

Of course, if you want them to fit more snugly, you might need to narrow the shape towards the bottom of the sheet, but you can pick any pattern you want, really.


@bythewell - I know my kids absolutely love their blanket sleepers, but to be honest what I like most about them is that they make it much easier to carry the kids to bed when they fall asleep.

My kids are allowed to stay up and watch a movie sometimes on the weekend, but they'll usually fall asleep before it finishes.

If they are already wrapped up in the blanket sleepers I just carry them to bed, and then maybe put another blanket over the top if it's especially cold. Don't need to disturb them to get the sheets open or anything like that.

You'd need a pretty sympathetic and burly partner to get that kind of benefit from an adult blanket sleeper!


I think the adult blanket sleepers are generally marketed as being a blanket that can be used in a different way if you should need one on a couch or something.

I know it seems kind of childish, but it's cheaper than just turning up the heat when you're feeling a bit cold in front of the TV and can be really comfortable, even when you're sitting on something like a recliner.

It's tough to keep drafts out when you're sitting on a recliner as the makers don't take that kind of thing into account. Being able to wrap up in what is essentially a very light and versatile sleeping bag makes it much easier and, unlike a sleeping bag, a cotton blanket sleeper can double as a couch or chair covering.

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    • Toddlers may benefit from blanket sleepers.
      By: G√ľnter Menzl
      Toddlers may benefit from blanket sleepers.
    • Footed blanket sleepers may be ideal for keeping an infant's feet warm.
      By: detailblick
      Footed blanket sleepers may be ideal for keeping an infant's feet warm.
    • Infant blanket sleepers often fasten with snaps.
      By: xalanx
      Infant blanket sleepers often fasten with snaps.