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What Are Baggy Jeans?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

Baggy jeans are not jeans that do not fit appropriately, but rather a fashion choice related to a number of different jean-wearing groups. This type of jeans comes in many different colors and can be made for both genders. While many people think of baggy jeans as those that sag below boxer shorts and are worn by men, there are actually a number of other styles that can be thought of as baggy. As such, this type of jeans is not easily definable and should be thought of primarily as way in which pants may fit rather than a certain style.

Some of the most popular baggy jeans are associated with rap and hip hop styles and are worn only by men. These pants usually hang around the buttocks of men and display boxer shorts. This style of clothing is highly stigmatized in some areas and is therefore not advisable for professional ventures. Some schools even forbid students to wear baggy jeans of this type.

Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Many women wear jeans that are baggy simply for comfort reasons or as part of various slouchy styles. Boyfriend jeans, for example, could be thought of as baggy. This relaxed fit is often out of style, but pants that are fitted in the waist but baggy in the legs are usually considered more acceptable than those that are baggy everywhere. It is important to recognize that wide-legged jeans are not necessarily baggy, as this term implies a kind of looseness that stiff wide-legged jeans may not possess.

Men much more commonly wear baggy jeans than women, and these jeans may be either practical or fashionable. Any men's jeans that are not fitted can be considered baggy, but painter's jeans and various styles worn slightly too large are most common. Usually, fabric that is somehow distressed is particularly appropriate for baggy jeans because the fabric bunches and bends around the body.

Men's jeans in this style often have much wider legs than women's versions, leading to a much roomier fit. This can be convenient when doing work that requires bending and stretching. Many men also find this style more comfortable than tight jeans. Baggy styles are very popular for men and have a long history of being considered fashionable.

Baggy jeans come in many different colors and cuts, and plain denim shades are common. These jeans may be worn with a variety of accessories, although belts and chains are very common. Embroidery and printed designs are also sometimes found on these kinds of pants, particularly those of the sagging type. With so many variations, the only factor that unites all these different kinds of jeans is that they fit in a way that can be considered baggy.

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I think baggy jeans on men are the equivalent of high-waisted mom jeans on women. They're both way too shapeless to be fashionable. My uncle wears baggy jeans held up with suspenders, and I cringe whenever he comes over. It always looks like he went shopping for cheap jeans and didn't bother trying them on at the store.

I have been known to buy baggy blue jeans from time to time myself, but I try to make sure the waist fits right without a belt. There are some designer jeans that combine the best of baggy and skinny jeans, so I get the comfort I like and the body fit of skinny jeans.


Now that I've reached middle age, I mostly buy baggy blue jeans. I used to wear designer jeans that were often skin-tight when I was in my 20s, but I'm not looking to impress anyone these days. Comfort is the name of the game now. Because my weight fluctuates a lot, I usually buy a larger waist size and cinch my jeans up with a belt.

If I want that fitted look, I'll look for khakis instead of jeans. I find that khaki pants have a better fit in the seat than jeans. I won't wear my baggy jeans outside of home very often, because I feel the overall look is too casual. Sometimes I feel a little rumpled in them, and I miss the days of skinny jeans.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip