What are Aerobics for Kids?

J.M. Densing

Aerobics for kids are any exercises that get kids moving, increasing heart bets and breathing. Aerobic exercise is defined as activities that can improve the function of the heart and lungs. During aerobic exercise, breathing and heart rate are increased; this time spent working harder improves the heart and lung function by making them stronger. There are many options for aerobics for kids that are fun activities that kids will enjoy.

Aerobic fitness equipment like a trampoline can benefit the entire family while having fun.
Aerobic fitness equipment like a trampoline can benefit the entire family while having fun.

Many experts recommend that kids get one hour or more of physical activity on a daily basis. This recommendation calls for the majority of this physical activity to be either medium- or high- intensity aerobic activity that is age appropriate. This amount of activity should actually be fairly easy for most kids to achieve. The activity does not have to be all at once — it can be broken up into shorter sessions throughout the day.

Aerobics for kids may include skateboarding.
Aerobics for kids may include skateboarding.

There are plenty of options that can provide aerobics for kids. Some fitness centers now offer exercise classes just for kids. These can include fun classes like step aerobics, which involves stepping up and down on a plastic step and following simple moves led by the instructor, all set to music. Some aerobics classes use popular dance moves and music to keep things fun and interesting. These classes can often mimic some of the class offerings for adults, while tailoring the structure to keep it appropriate for kid's developing bodies.

There are also exercise DVDs aimed at kids that focus on aerobic exercise. These often utilize a wide variety of musical styles, so it's easy to find something that will appeal to most kids. They often focus on teaching kids new dance moves, or use movements from activities such as cheerleading or martial arts to keep interest levels high. These DVDs often focus on being as interactive as possible, encouraging kids to interact with each other and enjoy themselves. Another easy way to provide aerobics for kids is just to turn on some music and get them dancing, the important thing is to keep exercise fun, so kids will want to do it.

Many types of active play that kids enjoy can also be considered aerobics for kids. This can include active games such as tag or playing on a playground, which also has the added benefit of strengthening muscles. Other examples are bicycle riding, skateboarding, jumping rope and swimming. Many toy manufacturers are producing board games designed to get kids up and moving, and several popular video game systems have developed games that get kids off the couch and using their whole bodies. Kids don't think of the physical benefits though, they just think they're having fun.

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