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How Do I Interpret My Praxis™ Results?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

To interpret your Praxis™ results, you need to understand the organization of the test and your state or region's score requirements. The type of scores you receive depends on whether you took the Praxis® I or the Praxis® II. As of September 12, 2009, Praxis™ results were no longer mailed to test takers. Instead, the scores are available for 45 days, by phone or online, beginning about four weeks after the date of the test.

The Praxis™ tests have multiple choice and constructed-response, or written, sections. The multiple choice questions are graded by a computer. The constructed-response questions are graded by hand by trained scorers. Some sections have a combination of multiple choice and constructed-response questions.

Praxis tests have multiple choice questions.
Praxis tests have multiple choice questions.

Typically, each question is worth one raw point. Some sections, especially combination multiple choice and constructed-response sections, receive a raw score that converts into a final score. If you believe your Praxis™ results have been incorrectly converted, you must contact Educational Testing Services (ETS), the organization which adminsters the Praxis™ tests.

For the Praxis® I, you will receive three scores between 150 to 190. Each score is for one of the three sections: math, reading, and writing. Praxis® II score ranges are much wider and vary for each discipline. These scores generally range from the 100s to the 700s.

The Praxis® II is a series of many different tests for many disciplines, and you should receive a score for each specific test that you took. Remember that not all scores have three digits. Some constructed-response sections are scored on a scale of one to ten.

In order to obtain a teaching license, your score in each of the tested categories must meet the minimum requirements for the state or region in which you wish to teach. You can find those requirements through your state department of education, in the US, or through ETS. If you do not meet the requirements for every section, you will be required to take the test again.

Both the Praxis® I and the Praxis® II will indicate your overall score as "passed" or "not passed," which will be clearly visible on the scoring report. Passing scores are determined by individual departments of education. Some require higher scores to pass than others.

Praxis™ results are sent directly to the relevant department of education. If not, you must place an order for a copy of your scores. If the appropriate office does not receive an official copy of your scores, you cannot receive your teaching license.

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    • Praxis tests have multiple choice questions.
      By: uwimages
      Praxis tests have multiple choice questions.