How do I get Rid of Ingrown Hair Scars?

Patti Kate

To make ingrown hair scars seem less noticeable, try applying aloe gel directly to the area on a daily basis. Aloe, cortisone, and vitamin E, usually sold in cream form, are all known to help to diminish scarring. Keeping skin well moisturized also can help reduce the appearance of scar tissue. If these home treatments aren't effective, you can seek the help of a dermatologist, who may prescribe stronger topical medications or suggest a laser procedure to remove this tissue.

Honey can be used to moisturize ingrown hair scars.
Honey can be used to moisturize ingrown hair scars.

Moisturizing your skin can help to minimize the scars from ingrown hairs. You should apply a nightly moisturizer after scrubbing the area with some type of mask or peel treatment. Honey can be used as a moisturizer to help reduce scars as well. You may spread honey directly over your skin at room temperature, or warm the honey slightly before applying it. If you want to experiment, try mixing the honey with some cocoa butter.

An ingrown hair.
An ingrown hair.

Shaving bumps are sometimes caused by ingrown hairs and can often leave a small scar. In some cases, ingrown hair scars can be reduced by applying a type of pressure bandage. Basically this is any type of small bandage that applies pressure to the area of the scar. You should note, however, that it may take a long period of time before results from this treatment are noticeable.

Collagen cream can help with ingrown hair scars.
Collagen cream can help with ingrown hair scars.

Some types of collagen creams can help scars, although it's best to consult with a medical professional beforehand. Some of these creams may have side effects if used improperly or for long periods of time, and most can be fairly expensive as well. Scar creams and serums are also available at most pharmacy counters.

Cocoa butter might be helpful in moisturizing skin with ingrown hair scars.
Cocoa butter might be helpful in moisturizing skin with ingrown hair scars.

Another way to reduce the appearance of ingrown hair scars is by using steam treatments. Simply boil a pot of water and let the steam cover the area of your scar. Do this for about 10 minutes at a time, twice a day for a week. Always be careful around hot water, especially when small children and pets are present.

Some people use zinc, which is often available in a convenient zinc oxide cream, to treat scars. Alternately, you can take a zinc supplement in capsule form.

If all else fails, make an appointment with a qualified dermatologist. He or she may prescribe a special ointment or cream, or even suggest a non-invasive option. Procedures such as laser resurfacing may help eradicate scars from ingrown hairs.

Exfoliating with a wet sponge may help prevent ingrown hairs.
Exfoliating with a wet sponge may help prevent ingrown hairs.

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I tried some zinc oxide cream to get rid of ingrown hair scars, but I didn't have the patience for it to work. This might work if you stuck with it long enough, but I got tired of it.

I ended up going to a dermatologist and had some laser resurfacing to get rid of ingrown hair scarring I had. This was effective and I only had to have one treatment.


I love the idea of mixing cocoa butter with honey for ingrown hair scars treatment. I don't have the extra money to see a doctor to have something like this taken care of.

I have used honey before, but found this to be pretty sticky. I would apply some honey and then put a bandage over it before bed so it wouldn't get all over the place. I never wanted to use this during the day so just did it at night.

Adding some cocoa butter would increase the healing properties and help the texture. Cocoa butter is a hard butter, so it would need to be softened first, but this is something I am going to try. It would also smell wonderful and be much better for my skin than a cream or medication I bought at the store.

@andee-- I have the same problem and this is referred to as a keloid scar. My dermatologist gave me a steroid cream to use to see if this would reduce the scar tissue.

If this didn't work, he said he could also inject it with a steroid shot or if I could even have laser treatment. I don't know how to remove ingrown hair scars effectively with any other treatment, and don't even try anymore.

It is frustrating that this is such an annoyance, but some people just seem to have more problems with this than others.


I have a tendency for scars to heal with a thick, red line and have tried many different creams and ointments to reduce these with no luck. Even something as small as a scar from an ingrown hair leaves an ugly mark on my skin.

Since none of the treatments I have tried have worked, my next step will probably be to go to a dermatologist and see what he can do. I was hoping to avoid that, but I also don't want to continue to have scar marks on my body.

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