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How do I Choose the Best Zumba Class?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson

Zumba, a style of aerobic fitness that uses dancing as the primary activity, can be a fun way to lose weight, whether by oneself or with a friend or group of friends. Most of the time, people decide which class to attend based on its price and location, but many other factors can determine if the experience is enjoyable or not. The best way for one to decide whether a particular class meets his or her needs is to sit in on a class or two, with the instructor's permission, to see if the atmosphere of the class is appealing.

Local gyms and recreation centers often offer at least one Zumba class. If not, many provide information about where nearby Zumba classes are held. Many online directories also allow local searches for Zumba instructors and classes. With a quick telephone call, one can usually speak to a class instructor, get permission to come test out a class with no commitment, and find out the price of each class.

The best Zumba classes make participants feel comfortable.
The best Zumba classes make participants feel comfortable.

When visiting a Zumba class, one should pay attention to the instructor and the other people in the class and evaluate whether he or she feels comfortable joining in and dancing around. It also helps to gauge one's own fitness level against other people in the class to see if the workout is at the right difficulty level. An instructor will often infuse the class with tones of his or her own personality, choosing the choreography, the intensity level, and even whether to go easy on newcomers or have them jump right in with the rest of the class. The music choice and dance styles can also vary widely from instructor to instructor.

The size and age groups of the class can also have a huge impact on the comfort level for some beginners, ranging from a gym full of young athletic people to a more casual group of a few middle aged office workers, or any other combination. Classes are usually composed of mostly women, however, it is not unheard of for men to participate and enjoy a Zumba class as well. For those who would rather not risk looking silly in front of others, home DVDs can provide a Zumba class in the comfort of a living room or bedroom. Many people enjoy this option, and even invite some close friends over to work out together.

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    • The best Zumba classes make participants feel comfortable.
      By: Mat Hayward
      The best Zumba classes make participants feel comfortable.