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How Do I Choose the Best Treadmill Cover?

Kelly Ferguson
Kelly Ferguson

Treadmill covers can be a great way to insulate a treadmill against dust, debris, and water damage while the treadmill is not in use. Choosing the best treadmill cover comes down to determining which treadmill cover best fits your treadmill and protects the treadmill in the correct ways. For example, an indoor treadmill will need a different cover than an outdoor treadmill.

Outdoor treadmills will be exposed to wind, water, dirt, and possibly even insects or larger animals. For this reason, a treadmill cover for a treadmill that is kept outside should be thicker and more durable than a cover for an indoor treadmill. A UV-resistant and waterproof treadmill cover will also protect the treadmill from sun and water damage. Each treadmill is shaped slightly differently, so it is important to measure carefully and make sure the cover for an outdoor treadmill will be large enough to not only cover the top, sides, and platform, but also reach underneath the treadmill to provide a barrier between the treadmill and the wet, dirty ground.

Treadmill covers can keep the machines free of dirt, dust and debris.
Treadmill covers can keep the machines free of dirt, dust and debris.

Due to the fact that an outdoor treadmill cover requires extra protective capabilities, it will likely be more expensive than a cover for an indoor treadmill. Individuals who need a cover for an indoor treadmill can get by much more easily with a less expensive, less durable cover. UV and water protection are generally not necessary for treadmills kept inside. In fact, many treadmill users find that simply using a large bed sheet or plastic tarp is adequate enough to protect the treadmill from dust and other debris between uses, and is much easier to put on and remove than a full treadmill cover that needs to be fitted properly. Individuals who prefer to use a real treadmill cover will need to measure the treadmill and purchase a cover with the correct height, width, and length dimensions.

Folding treadmills will need differently shaped covers than non-folding treadmills. Depending on the shape and size into which the treadmill folds, it might be necessary to order a cover that is made specifically for that brand of treadmill. Some companies make covers in custom sizes for treadmill owners who cannot find an appropriately sized cover. Often, simply buying a large cover will be sufficient to fit most treadmill sizes. Even if the cover is too big, the edges can be folded under the treadmill and kept out of the way easily enough to make this option viable.

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Wow, I never really knew there were so many options when it came to treadmill covers. I recently purchased a treadmill for my home gym and would like to make sure it stays clean and protected. We have a few pets so I wouldn't want any of them scratching the treadmill.

Do you think that it would be a good idea to get a treadmill cover meant for the outdoors as our pets tend to be a bit destructive?

From what I can tell an outdoor treadmill cover is going to be pretty expensive. But I would really hate to see what the cat's claws will do to my exercise equipment.


If you are looking for a quality treadmill cover it is a good idea to see if you can get one from the manufacturer of your running machine. While you can buy treadmill covers online, I was worried as to whether they would really fit well enough to keep my higher end machine clean.

For those of you that have invested a lot in their treadmills I would make sure that all of your accessories are up to par. I accidentally tripped and dumped a bottle of water on my treadmill. I figure if it hadn't been properly covered it would have cost a fortune to fix my machine.

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    • Treadmill covers can keep the machines free of dirt, dust and debris.
      By: starush
      Treadmill covers can keep the machines free of dirt, dust and debris.