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How Do I Choose the Best Standing Hair Dryer?

Judith Smith Sullivan
Judith Smith Sullivan

The best standing hair dryer will have the features you need at a price which is affordable. Standing hair dryers are not typically found with hand-held dryers, although some specialty shops that cater to professional hair stylists may carry one or two models. To find the best selection, look through catalogs and online. Consider the dryer's wattage, features, and cost, and compare that with your needs before you begin shopping.

The wattage of a standing hair dryer is typically between 1,000 and 2,000 watts. Wattage is important because it effects how quickly the appliance will dry hair. Typically, a hair dryer with a wattage of 1,200 or more will dry hair effectively in a relatively short period of time. Although drying time is particularly important to professional stylists, who have a limited amount of time allotted for each client, individuals who use a standing hair dryer for personal use will also appreciate the shorter drying time.

Standing hair dryers are considerably more expensive than hand-held hair dryers.
Standing hair dryers are considerably more expensive than hand-held hair dryers.

It is important to find a standing hair dryer with an adjustable height and hood. Adjustable height allows the user to sit or stand while using the dryer, and can accommodate a variety of body heights. An adjustable hood should be large enough for the individual to use while hair is in curlers. Some standing hair dryers also have a visor so that the entire head is completely covered.

Typically, a standing hair dryer has heat settings or an adjustable thermostat. The thermostat gives a more precise temperature, since it can be set anywhere in the dryer's range. General heat settings offer high, medium, and low settings and, in some cases, a cool option. The thermostat is particularly important for professionals because some clients may have thin or sensitive hair which is prone to damage. Many individuals may find that heat settings provide adequate options for their styling needs, however.

Some standing hair dryers also include a timer. This is useful as many hair products, especially dyes, must set for a specific amount of time under heat to activate. A timer allows the stylist to pursue other activities without accidentally forgetting to turn off the dryer at the recommended time.

There are both rolling and fixed standing hair dryers. Rolling dryers are portable and can be used in a variety of spaces. They usually have a smaller footprint than the fixed hair dryers. Even so, the fixed hair dryer is somewhat sturdier and isn't prone to tipping over like the rolling hair dryer.

Finally, consider your budget. Standing hair dryers can be expensive, especially models which have a higher wattage and more features. Weigh your needs against your budget. Remember that the most expensive product is not always the best, but rarely is the cheapest the best choice either. Be sure that the product you choose is from a company which has a generous return policy and that the product includes a manufacturer's warranty.

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Thanks for the info! I really love my hair dryer, with ceramic and tourmaline heating that makes my hair dry faster and leaves it shiny and really soft.

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    • Standing hair dryers are considerably more expensive than hand-held hair dryers.
      By: macbrianmun
      Standing hair dryers are considerably more expensive than hand-held hair dryers.