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How Do I Choose the Best Hair Dryer Holder?

Dorothy Bland
Dorothy Bland

You can start narrowing down your search for the best hair dryer holder by considering the diameter of your hair dryer. Just like hair dryers, holders can be purchased in different sizes and shapes. Although most holders are designed to hold all standard-size blow dryers, some may feature a narrower opening that will be too small to accommodate full-size blow dryers. To ensure the holder will work, make sure that its diameter is greater than that of your blow dryer. Considering how much space you have to work with, how you regularly utilize your hair dryer, and the different finishes available are also factors that determine the best hair dryer holder for your personal needs.

Hair dryer holders are available in different mount styles and include holsters that are installed directly to walls and those that sit on counter tops. You should choose the type of hair dryer holster that best works with your space and blow dryer needs. For instance, if you do your hair in a small, cramped bathroom, a holder that mounts on the wall or on the inside of a bathroom cabinet can help you stay organized and free up valuable counter top space. If you normally do your hair while sitting at a vanity table, however, you may prefer a tabletop holster that is designed to sit on the table. Alternatively, holders attached with suction cups may be ideal for those looking for a portable holder that is convenient to use while traveling and does not require installation.

Considering the diameter of the hair dryer is the first step in choosing the best hair dyer holder.
Considering the diameter of the hair dryer is the first step in choosing the best hair dyer holder.

Whether you are looking to just get better organized or actually desire hands-free styling will also influence the type of hair dryer holder you choose. Some holders do nothing more than give you a convenient place to store the hair dryer in between uses; others, however, are designed to be fully functional and allow you to free up both hands. A functional hair dryer holder usually feature swiveling arms that allow you to shift the hair dryer into different angles as you style your hair and may be adjustable to accommodate your height. Individuals dealing with medical conditions such as arthritis that limit hand mobility often prefer the hands-free design of these adjustable hair dryer holders.

Curling irons are frequently used for styling hair.
Curling irons are frequently used for styling hair.

For most individuals, the hair dryer stand is not the only hair styling tool that is used regularly. Curling irons and flat irons are also frequently used for styling hair. For those who frequently use various styling tools, the best holders are multifunctional, meaning they are designed to hold hair dryers along with other styling instruments. For hair stylists, a professional hair dryer holder that also holds combs, brushes, and bottles of products may be useful for reducing clutter at the workstation and keeping frequently used styling tools on hand.

The material used to construct the hair dryer holder may also factor into your purchase decision. For instance, you may prefer a stainless steel design for durability. You might, however, prefer a chrome finish that can easily be wiped down or an acrylic finish that allows you an unblocked view of all the items stored in the holder.

Hair dryer holders can help you better organize your bathroom and keep your hair dryer accessibly on hand. They can also make it easier to style your hair, dry your nails, and even dry your pets. Holders can normally be purchased along with other hair dryer accessories at beauty supply stores, retail stores, and online.

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@serenesurface-- I highly recommend getting a tabletop holder with an outlet. It makes things so much easier if you don't have an outlet nearby. You can keep your dryer in the holder, plugged in and ready to go. I save a lot of time getting ready since I got my tabletop holder with outlet.


I'm planning on getting a tabletop hair dryer holder. I don't think I can install a holder that's supposed to be mounted on the wall. Plus, I usually do my hair and makeup sitting down.

Do I nee to pay attention to anything in particular when shoppin for a tabletop hair dryer holder model? I do want extra sections to put my brushes and hair products. Do I need to look for any other addition?


Those who want to place their hair dryer or straightener into the holder as soon as they're finished styling their hair, should get a holder made of material that can withstand heat.

I used o have a plastic hair dryer holder and it got badly damaged from the hot nozzles of my hair dryer and straightener. I didn't have time to cool them down before placing them in the holder in the morning. And the holder wasn't durable enough to withstand heat.

I have a stainless steel holder now which is durable and doesn't get damaged from heat.

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    • Considering the diameter of the hair dryer is the first step in choosing the best hair dyer holder.
      By: fuzzbones
      Considering the diameter of the hair dryer is the first step in choosing the best hair dyer holder.
    • Curling irons are frequently used for styling hair.
      By: anueing
      Curling irons are frequently used for styling hair.