How Do I Choose the Best Ceramic Ionic Hair Dryer?

K. McKinsey

Using an ionic hair dryer can significantly improve the health of a user's hair over time. Instead of using heat like a traditional hair dryer, ionic hairdryers use ions, or negatively charged molecules, to evaporate moisture on hair follicles. Choosing the best ceramic ionic hair dryer should be based upon several factors, including cost, quality, and the length of the manufacturer's warranty.

Using a ceramic ionic hair dryer can significantly improve the user's hair over time.
Using a ceramic ionic hair dryer can significantly improve the user's hair over time.

Buying a ceramic ionic hair dryer can involve quite a hefty monetary investment. Traditional hair dryers cost as little as half the amount that a consumer might realistically spend on an ceramic ionic hair dryer. Brands vary in price depending upon the features offered. Many hair stylists urge, however, that the price will balance out when you consider how long the ceramic ionic hair dryer will last in comparison with a cheaper, but lesser-quality model.

Along with lightweight hair dryers, professional hair stylists may also prefer ionic hair dryers.
Along with lightweight hair dryers, professional hair stylists may also prefer ionic hair dryers.

Assuming an ionic hair dryer is within the customer's budget, there are several ways of reducing the overall cost of purchasing a professional-grade hair dryer. Online professional beauty supply companies and some beauty schools will sell ceramic ionic hair dryers to consumers for a fraction of the list cost. Often, ionic hair dryer manufacturers will offer discounts during specified promotions.

Not all ionic hair dryers are created equally. Tourmaline ionic hair dryers offer the best ionic hair dryer experience on the market. The ions created by the tourmaline mineral close the cuticle layer and break up the water particles twice as quickly as a standard hair dryer. Ceramic ionic hair dryers work on a similar principle, but use less effective ion sources.

Most ionic hair dryers come with a warranty, but not all of the warranties stand the test of time. The best ionic hair dryers are guaranteed for at least a year. Many are fully returnable for two years after the initial purchase date. If purchasing online, be sure to read the fine print to see what the warranty entails. In addition, many online sites will offer additional warranty protection for a fee.

One of the best ways to choose a ceramic ionic hair dryer is to read online reviews. Customers who have experienced chronic problems with a particular product will be more than happy to share their experiences Reading online reviews will help prospective customers identify negative trends within a particular product line. This allows them to make an educated consumer decision.

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Those of you who don't have a lot of room in the bathroom should seriously consider getting a hair dryer with a retractable cord and foldable handle. I did and I'm so happy about it. I can keep it in the bathroom drawer and it's never in my way. It was either this or a hair dryer with a wall attachment. But I don't like the idea of a hair dryer being out in the open and visible all the time.


I love my ceramic ionic hair dryer. My hair is so soft and shiny since I started using it. I also have less split ends. I think that all ceramic and ionic hair dryers are great for this reason. The factor that needs to be considered however is the wattage. The higher the watt of the hair dryer, the more power it has. So if it has high wattage, it will dry hair quicker by blowing more air. But it will also make more sound and use more electricity.

I don't like hair dryers with high wattage because too much air flow and too high heat causes damage. I don't like too much noise either. The one I have is 1875 watts which is not too powerful or too weak. It's perfect for me.


High end brand's ceramic ionic hair dryers do cost a lot. But almost all major brands have heir own line of ceramic ionic hair dryers now. So there are very affordable ones on the market who want the benefits of his type of hair dryer without the cost.

My main concern when buying this type of hair dryer was the weight. I heard that ceramic hair dryers can be very heavy. But the one I purchased is really no heavier than my previous hair dryer.

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