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How Do I Choose the Best Salon Styling Chairs?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

An essential part of owning a salon is purchasing quality salon styling chairs. For the safety of your clients, it's best to avoid buying used salon furniture. To choose the best salon styling chairs, shop at a store or outlet that sells professional salon equipment. Safety, durability, and comfort are the most important features to look for when buying salon styling chairs. In addition, choose a style to coordinate with your salon decor, with material that is easy to clean.

Choosing the best salon styling chairs can be a challenge for those new to the salon business. The easiest way to make the right selection is by looking at a catalog that contains various types of chairs. You'll want to choose styling chairs that will make an attractive addition to your salon. While attractiveness is an important factor, client safety should be top priority.

Choose salon styling chairs that are easy to keep clean.
Choose salon styling chairs that are easy to keep clean.

You should choose salon styling chairs that are sturdily built, with a chrome hydraulic base. In addition, a styling chair should offer various height adjustments. A chrome footrest is another important feature for a styling chair. Powder coating on the metal parts will help prevent scratches and dings.

Depending on how much money you are willing to spend, you can choose styling chairs made with genuine leather or leather-like vinyl. Vinyl may be more practical, due to the durability it offers. Buying several salon chairs made of genuine leather can be expensive.

Your clients may be seated for an extended period of time, therefore support and comfort will be essential. Whatever material you choose, be sure the seats are well cushioned. Although it might be more expensive, consider buying salon styling chairs with lumbar support for the back. Padded arm rests will also be appreciated by your salon clients.

If possible, test the salon styling chairs yourself. The hydraulic pump should work without noise. Squeaks could indicate a faulty hydraulic system. The round or rectangular base of the styling chair should be sturdy and secure.

Some styling chairs include a child booster seat. You'll need this accessory when styling a young child's hair. A salon chair booster seat should be well cushioned and sturdy, and include a safety strap.

Choose salon styling chairs that are easy to keep clean. You may need to wipe them down between clients, and easy care will save you time. Even if you use protective covering on the chairs, waterproof vinyl requires the least maintenance.

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@raynbow- People who are opening up new salons and want to save money on their salon equipment and supplies can also get good discounts on salon styling chairs at salon supply stores. These shops often have special offers, and also set their prices just above wholesale. The only catch is that people who shop at salon supply stores usually have to be licensed stylists to purchase this type of equipment for their salons.


Though this article is very informative, I don't agree with the point that it makes about buying used styling chairs. Quite often, salons go out of business and sell the salon equipment at discount prices. There is usually nothing mechanically wrong with salon styling chairs that are sold because the original salon they were use in closed its doors.

If you are considering buying used salon styling chairs, you may find them at salon equipment auctions or online. It is important that you either check them out in person to make sure they are working properly, or get a money back guarantee if this is not possible. You may be able to save a lot of money on this type of used equipment that you can use for new salon styling chairs in the future once your business grows.

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    • Choose salon styling chairs that are easy to keep clean.
      By: puhhha
      Choose salon styling chairs that are easy to keep clean.