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How do I Choose the Best Rubber Stamp Maker?

Jillian Peterson
Jillian Peterson

Whether you are interested in making rubber stamps as part of a craft business or to make stamps from your artwork, choosing the best rubber stamp maker for your needs is important. To choose the best rubber stamp machine, you need to take into account how you will be using the stamps you make and how much money you are willing to spend on the machine. There are many different types of stamp-making machines for home or business use to choose from, and you need to understand how they work so you can make an educated selection.

The best rubber stamp maker for home use will be cost efficient and offer many different options for making rubber stamps. Rubber stamp makers intended for home use are generally meant for art stamping, where stamps are created from an individual’s artwork. You can find rubber stamp kits that include a rubber stamp machine and all supplies needed to make hundreds of stamps. Some stamp-making machines sold for home use can also make other paper-craft supplies like stencils.

The best rubber stamp makers offer many different options for stamp making.
The best rubber stamp makers offer many different options for stamp making.

You can find a home use rubber stamp maker at hobby stores or from online craft retailers. Businesses that sell scrapbooking supplies, card-making supplies or other paper-craft supplies will also be likely to sell rubber stamp-making kits or machines for home use. When purchasing a rubber stamp machine from a paper-craft store, make sure that they also sell supplies for making rubbers stamps such as stamp backing, stamp mounts, brushes, developer, clear label sheets for stamp backs, and liquid polymers for stamp making.

Commercial rubber stamp machines can be a good choice for individuals who will be making rubber stamps for business purposes. This kind of rubber stamp maker will be generally easier to use than a homemade stamp-making kit because the machine completes the entire rubber stamp-making process inside the machine. However, a commercial rubber stamp creator can also be more expensive depending on specifications.

Most commercial rubber stamp machines are a complete unit much like a printer. The rubber stamp maker prints images from a computer and creates and mounts a rubber stamp inside the machine. With some commercial rubber stamp machines, all the user must do is print the image and insert a stamp mount into the machine. There are also rubber stamp machines that will make self-inking stamps.

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@Azuza - I don't have $200 to throw around either. However, I wanted to offer a suggestion to crafters and scrap-bookers.

If you know a few people who scrap book, or you're part of a group, consider teaming up to buy a stamp maker. If a few people split the purchase, it becomes much more affordable. Then you can all share it!

My mothers scrap-booking group did this a few years ago. They normally meet at one members house, so they all chipped in on the machine and they keep it there. So far it's worked out great for them.


I looked into getting a rubber stamp maker awhile back, but I decided against it. I just wanted it for scrap-booking, not for business. If I had a legitimate business use for it I think I may have decided differently.

Let me just say, these bad boys are expensive! I think the cheapest one I found was $200! I'm not a wealthy woman-that's a lot of money to me. So I pretty much decided against it because of the cost.

However, I just wanted to share that you can get custom rubber stamps made for only a few dollars. If you want to use it for a hobby and you're not going to be making tons of rubber stamps, I would recommend going that route instead.


Has anyone tried to make their own Christmas rubber stamps? Did you find it easy, or was it tough to use a stamp maker as a beginner?

I would like to start doing more crafts with my kids and I think it would be fun to use custom made rubber stamps to decorate our Christmas cards and some simple decorations. I have found that buying Christmas supplies is getting really expensive and I would love to be able to do things on a budget, and make it more fun for my family.

Also, with the rubber stamp makers, are they safe for children? I wouldn't want my kids playing with anything too sharp.


There are so many rubber stamp makers on the market that if you really want to make custom stamps you should shop around and make a budget to stick to.

For myself I got a really simple stamp maker that was on sale because I just wanted to make personalized rubber stamps for my business.

I found that my paperwork at my job really need a bit more organization, so I had fun making my own custom rubber stamps that I could use to organize things.

I am not very crafty, but with a simple rubber stamp maker you can really easily make what you need, for whatever project.


Thank you for sharing this information about rubber stamp makers. Especially the last part is nice and some of the tips are useful to me.

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    • The best rubber stamp makers offer many different options for stamp making.
      By: Igor Mojzes
      The best rubber stamp makers offer many different options for stamp making.