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What is a Rubber Stamp Machine?

Britt Archer
Britt Archer

Rubber stamps are a simple, efficient way to duplicate a design without the aid of a computer. These handy papercraft supplies come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes, allowing artists and crafters to choose exactly the right rubber stamp for their project. Rubber stamps can be categorized as scrapbooking supplies, card making supplies or general art supplies. A rubber stamp machine is the equipment that makes these popular craft supplies readily available to the public.

Making rubber stamps requires the use of an image, either hand drawn or computer generated. The rubber stamp machine processes that design and prints it onto a sheet of synthetic material. Older rubber stamp machines typically print on actual rubber. The average modern rubber stamp machine prints the design on a synthetic or plastic polymer.

Rubber stamp machines make different patterns for stamps.
Rubber stamp machines make different patterns for stamps.

Rubber stamp machine designs range from simple to complex. Simple images are made from lines and high-contrast areas of black and white. Some machines can only handle simple images, while computerized machines can take a complex image, such as a photograph, and turn it into a rubber stamp. The latter is of particular interest to crafters interested in art stamping, which involves stamping and embellishing complex designs ranging from famous works of art to original pieces.

Older rubber stamp machines print the images first and then require help from the user to cut the stamp, generally by placing the printed stamp into a separate area for cutting. Older rubber stamp machines are larger and heavier than their modern counterparts. Older model rubber stamp machine types require more time and energy to produce the final product. Some older models print and function in the same manner as newspaper printing machines, utilizing heat-printing to create and cut out the image.

Newer rubber stamp machine models print the image and cut it in the same step. Users scan an image into the machine or input the image by way of a computer storage device. The rubber stamp machine reads the image and converts it to a template, which is then used to create the stamps. Rubber stamp machines use a blade and heat tool in order to cut and mold the image to create a viable stamp replica of the user-provided image.

Completed rubber stamps are mounted on a block made of wood or acrylic. Some rubber stamp machine sheets come with adhesive already included. The person making the rubber stamp only needs to cut around the design and peel off the backing to affix the stamp to a mounting block. Other rubber stamping materials require the use of glue or epoxy to mount the stamp.

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    • Rubber stamp machines make different patterns for stamps.
      By: Igor Mojzes
      Rubber stamp machines make different patterns for stamps.