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How do I Choose the Best Address Stamps?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett

The best address stamps are those that accurately convey address information, work conveniently, and last a relatively long time. For most people with professional uses for address stamps, this means choosing a high-quality self-inking stamp. Individuals who want something a little more personal may still enjoy the features of a self-inking stamp, but conventional rubber stamps are good for this purpose as well. It is very important to make sure that no decorative features or fonts interfere with the ability of the postal service to read the stamped address. Otherwise, the only restriction on this type of stamp is whether or not the user likes it.

Many businesses find that using address stamps helps save time and reduce repetitive address writing. For business purposes, a simple address stamp using only text is usually sufficient, although some do include a logo or other image. While it does not take much effort to use an inking pad with a stamp, most businesses elect to use self-inking address stamps because these can be applied using a single downward motion. Moreover, self-inking stamps are easy to refill and do not break easily. They are also simple to order.

Above all, address stamps must be legible to a post office.
Above all, address stamps must be legible to a post office.

For personal use, many people find that a self-inking stamp of a corporate design is too boring. When one does not have to stamp hundreds of letters in a day, the utility of these stamps is not as important. Rather, many individuals elect to use custom stamps with decorative borders or images. Often, these stamps use a standard font for the address and a simple border to made the stamp look more personal.

One design that is not useful for actually addressing letters is a circular seal including contact information. These are useful primarily for signing letters and the backs of envelopes. For individuals, this is an attractive way to convey information to others without simply listing the address. Even so, given that these seals cannot be used as address stamps on letters, their design limits their utility.

If one is particularly crafty, one can design custom address stamps at home. All one needs to do is trace the reversed address and any accompanying images onto a blank rubber stamp and carve out the negative space. This can create highly personal and attractive designs appropriate for letters between friends. Above all, though, it is essential to ensure that the font will be readable by the post office. While it is unlikely that many personal letters will need to be returned to the sender, it is still a good idea to make sure that the letter can be returned if needed.

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    • Above all, address stamps must be legible to a post office.
      By: chrisdorney
      Above all, address stamps must be legible to a post office.