How do I Choose the Best Round Mirror?

Kasey James

To choose the best round mirror, you will want to consider where the mirror will be placed in the home, the size you need, and which styles you like. It is important to know exactly what type of round mirror you want so that you do not waste time shopping for items that will not fit in your home. Most people have a specific cost in mind before making a mirror purchase, but you want to be sure the company that makes the mirror is reputable. Some mirror companies may have customer reviews that can help you with your decision.

Round mirrors that hook into the wall may be suitable for use in a bathroom.
Round mirrors that hook into the wall may be suitable for use in a bathroom.

As you begin your search for the best round mirror, you will need to think about in which room the mirror will be displayed. If it is in a bedroom or living room, you will need to evaluate the other furniture and fixtures in the room to be sure the mirror will match your room decor. If it is a bathroom mirror, it should match the bathroom cabinets or the sink fixtures. You may be able to be more creative if the mirror is going in a hallway or foyer, as there is usually not other furniture in those places.

Knowing the style of the room will help you make some decisions, including which mirror frame to choose from. Some round mirrors have a wood frame and others use a silver or gold metal frame. A black iron mirror frame is a more contemporary design, but may go perfectly with your room decor. If you have traditional decor, you may want to look at antique mirrors as well.

After you get an idea of the style of your new round mirror, you will need to take some measurements of the space in which the mirror will be placed. Some walls will allow you to hang a large mirror while others will only leave enough space for a small piece. In some spaces, you may need to consider the use of an oval mirror if a round mirror is too wide to fit.

If you are shopping for a round mirror to use as a makeup mirror for your vanity or bathroom, then you will want to consider which type of mirror works best for this use. Some makeup mirrors come on a stand and sit anywhere on your counter or vanity. Others hook into the wall and have an arm that extends and can be used to pull the mirror close to your face and placed against the wall when not in use. Many makeup mirrors have two sides, one side with a traditional mirror and the other with a magnification mirror. Many people enjoy a round makeup mirror that contains lights.

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