What Is Mirrored Furniture?

Tara Barnett
Tara Barnett
Woman with hand on her hip
Woman with hand on her hip

Mirrored furniture is any type of furniture in which a surface that would not normally hold a mirror is made from mirrored glass. For example, the faces of drawers might be covered with mirrors that have knobs in the center. This distinguishes mirrored furniture from other items that have mirrors for functional purposes, like vanities. The mirrored style has been popular at varying times and in numerous cultures and remains so today. Many people even find mirrored furniture glamorous due to its association with Hollywood.

The way in which mirrored furniture is constructed differs depending on the item. Typically, the furniture is not made entirely from glass because this would be extremely delicate. Mirrors are incorporated into the furniture on various flat surfaces, and the entire outward appearance of the item may be glass. Items that are upholstered typically incorporate mirrors in ways that minimize the risk of breakage or unpleasant sharpness.

There are many different styles of mirrored furniture, some including tinted mirrors or unusual curving designs. One way in which additional designs are sometimes added to this type of furniture is through etching. This allows for designs to be printed onto the furniture. Designs can also be achieved by tiling the mirrors in mosaic patterns on the surface of furniture. Although mirrored furniture is still made today, many people collect and restore vintage furniture in this style.

Many people enjoy this type of furniture because they find it glamorous, but it has many benefits as well. For example, mirrors are guaranteed to match any color scheme already present in the room. The streamlined look of many mirrored pieces fits well with styles that are not mirrored, so individual pieces can be incorporated easily into diverse designs. These mirrors may not create the illusion of space, but they often cast light around the room. This can be appealing if, for example, someone likes the look of candles and uses them frequently.

One problem with this type of furniture is that it can be inconvenient to clean and easy to break in certain circumstances. Glass surfaces do not hide dust or fingerprints very well, although tinted mirrors may be less time consuming to clean. Special care must also be taken when moving the furniture, as cracks in the mirrors can be very unappealing. Having this type of furniture repaired can be expensive as well as difficult, because craftsmen are hard to find in some areas. Even so, there are many aesthetic benefits to having this type of furniture, and these benefits may outweigh the difficulties for some people.

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I agree with that the mirrored furniture can be inconvenient to clean and easy to break, but if you take proper care and follow some guidelines then you can keep sparkle in your mirrored furniture forever.

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    • Woman with hand on her hip
      Woman with hand on her hip