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What Are the Different Types of Hallway Decor Ideas?

Nicole Long
Nicole Long

Hallway decor ideas include those that help transition a space from one room to another. Ideas typically include rugs, pictures, and artwork. Other hallway decor ideas include tables, shelves, and decorative accents.

Homes and businesses utilize hallways to help people move from one area to the other. In homes, hallways often connect bedrooms and bathrooms, or the kitchen and living room. Hallways in businesses typically lead between departments, visitor areas, and bathrooms.

Area rugs for a hallway.
Area rugs for a hallway.

Rugs can add a decorative accent to any area. Runners fit perfectly in long and narrow hallways, while area rugs can be used in areas where other rooms meet the hallway. Choosing rugs in colors that help transition from one area to another helps provide a sense of cohesiveness in design. For instance, a rug with beige and red can help transition from a living room with beige accents to a bedroom or bathroom with red accents.

Vases with fresh or artificial flowers are a popular decor choice.
Vases with fresh or artificial flowers are a popular decor choice.

Hanging pictures along the walls of a hallway is another one of the many hallway decor ideas. Pictures in the home often include those of family and friends. Businesses can hang employee pictures or awards along the various hallway walls in an office building. Other ideas for pictures include hanging photographs of local surroundings or attractions.

Artwork can add a special touch to the hallway, an area of the home not often thought of for displaying art. Framing a child’s artwork or displaying work by a favorite artist can help provide a warm atmosphere for all that pass through the area. The overall tone of the artwork, such as vibrant or muted, should connect with the overall tone of the house. One exception could be a hallway leading to an entertainment area, where the transition from a calm and warm living room to a party area may allow for a gradual transition to more vibrant colors.

Wider hallways or hallways ending in an open space may allow room for a small decorative table and other hallway decor ideas. These can include sofa tables or small accent tables. Tables can help hold baskets and bins for mail, keys, and other items. Shelving is another option for hallway decor that can help display books or collectibles.

Decorative accents can help bring any area to life. Mementos from vacations and travels can be placed on tables and along shelves. Vases with fresh or silk flowers can help add color to the hallway all year long.

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Discussion Comments


@wavy58 – I would love to do something like that to my hallway! I live with my parents, though, so I am stuck with the same old family photos on the walls for the time being.

My mom has the photos in chronological order. Baby photos start near the living room, and graduation photos are near the end. I don't know what she will do when my sister and I get married, because she has run out of space!

When I move out, I want to use bold colors and art on my hallway walls. Though I don't have the ability to do something like fading colors into each other, I am pretty good at picking paint colors and choosing art to go with them. I can't wait to get started on my hallway decorating ideas.


I am not surprised that my artist friend has the most awesome hallway decorating ideas ever. I should have known that her house would not be boring.

Each room is extremely colorful, and the hallway prepares you for that. She used a sprayer to fade paint colors into each other. For instance, from the red room to the green one, the hallway color starts as red and transitions smoothly to green.

It is this way all down the hall. She put a lot of work into it, so it is good that she has a lot of guests to appreciate it.


I work at a newspaper, and there is a long hallway that guests have to walk down to get to anyone's office. This hallway is purposely lined with awards we have won over the years, and you can't help but notice them because of the sheer number of them on the walls.

It's our manager's way of bragging without saying a word. The hallway itself is nothing special, with linoleum floors and wooden walls. I actually think this plainness makes the awards stand out even more.

Granted, the hallway is pretty narrow. You couldn't fit a table or bench in there and still have room for someone to walk through it.


When I think of hallway décor, I think of various hotels I have stayed in and what they have done to make their space appealing. Many of them use vibrantly patterned runners and wall art, while some hotel hallways are big enough for accent tables that hold decorative items.

I think my favorite hotel hallway décor was at one on the Gulf coast. The runner had a seahorse and seashell pattern, and the walls were lined with sparkly sand sculptures.

Small black accent tables were placed in the middle of the hallways, and they were flat on one side so that they could fit against the wall. Baskets of shells sat upon the tables.

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    • Area rugs for a hallway.
      By: fotoedgaras
      Area rugs for a hallway.
    • Vases with fresh or artificial flowers are a popular decor choice.
      By: nonillion
      Vases with fresh or artificial flowers are a popular decor choice.