How do I Choose the Best Mahogany Bookcase?

Nychole Price

Mahogany bookcases add a touch of elegance to the rooms in which they are placed. They are often tall and slim, without being overimposing. There are a couple of things to take into consideration when choosing which mahogany bookcase with which to furnish your house.

Some bookcases come with cabinets for over-sized items like photo albums.
Some bookcases come with cabinets for over-sized items like photo albums.

First, consider how many books you plan on putting on your bookcase. This will determine how many shelves your bookcase should have. A typical bookshelf has either three or five shelves, but there are a few models with more or less. On most models, the shelves can be adjusted to accommodate the height of the books. One foot (30.48 cm) of shelf space can accommodate approximately five average size books.

Many styles of mahogany bookcases have a cupboard underneath for additional storage. These are available with a magnetic closure or a lock assembly for securing valuables. This cupboard may also be used for storing items such as photo albums, DVDs, CDs and books that wouldn't otherwise fit on the shelves. Many of these bookcases have pull-out shelves for easier access to the CDs and DVDs.

Think about where you will place your mahogany bookcase after you purchase it. This will determine if you should choose a tall, wide or corner style bookcase. Tall bookcases average about 6 feet (1.82 m) in height, 3 feet (0.91 m) in width and 14 inches (35.56 cm) in depth. Wide bookshelves are wider than they are tall, with the average bookshelf approximately 4 feet (1.22 m) in width. Corner bookshelves are usually a lot taller than they are wide, with the average width being 19 inches (48.26 cm).

For homes with a fireplace, the mantel and bookshelf combination makes use of the extra space surrounding the fireplace. This combination feature has a firebox surrounded by tall fluted columns and a book shelf on both sides. It also allows for a deep mantel in which to place collectibles, figurines or pictures. This type of mahogany bookcase works great for people who have limited wall space available.

The biggest consideration for most people when purchasing a mahogany bookcase is cost. A solid mahogany bookcase will cost the purchaser $800 US Dollars (USD) or more. In order to cut costs, and weight, a majority of mahogany bookcases are made from walnut wood and covered with mahogany veneer. Most of these bookcases cost between $150 to $500 USD, depending upon the size and style. Fancier versions of the mahogany bookcase, such as the mantel and bookshelf combination, can cost as much as $2,000 USD.

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