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How Do I Choose the Best Lavender Perfume?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Lavender perfume is a popular fragrance derived from the essential oils of the lavender plant. Some types of fragrances are made solely from lavender, while others are mixed with other types of ingredients as well. The best lavender perfume has a recognizable scent that lasts throughout the whole day. This type of fragrance can also have calming effects, depending on the quality of the version that you choose.

Flowers from lavender plants are used to make many products with this type of scent, including perfumes. Lavender has a scent that is reminiscent of a mixture of greens and a subtle fruit-like sweetness. This type of perfume is popular because the fragrance is noticeable without being too overpowering.

A bottle of perfume.
A bottle of perfume.

One of the most important things to look for in this type of perfume is the ingredient list. Lavender perfumes with the best quality are derived from real essential oils from the scented flowers of the plant. Imitation lavender fragrances are often labeled as having natural scents of lavender, as opposed to the actual related oils. The types of lavender flowers used can also vary between brands, creating variations in the fragrances.

Lavender flowers.
Lavender flowers.

A more expensive lavender perfume does not necessarily smell better than a more affordable version. Aside from the quality of the essential oils, certain brands might work best with your own body chemistry. Before you purchase a particular type of lavender perfume, it is best that you test several different versions. Consider testing one at a time, lest you get confused over which brand had the best fragrance. You might also want to wear the perfume for a few hours before making your final decision.

The best lavender perfume contains real essentail oils.
The best lavender perfume contains real essentail oils.

Lavender itself is known to have calming effects that can be help to alleviate insomnia, depression, and stress. Some researchers believe that the regular use of the oil or other lavender products can result in improved sleep, reduced anxiety and better mental function. By wearing lavender perfume, you can help to increase the possible benefits of the essential oil every day. You will likely find that poor quality perfumes will not offer the benefits that you desire.

The plants are indigenous to the Mediterranean, but lavender is also widely grown in Australia, the United States, and Europe. The increased popularity of the calming scent is one of the reasons why many countries have taken on harvesting the plant in an effort to meet consumer demands. The plant is marked by woody branches, green oblong leaves, and blue-violet flowers.

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Has anyone tried lavender attar perfume?

I've been hearing a lot about attar lately. Apparently it's a natural perfume that's made by steam distilling lavender leaves. It comes in different scents and lavender is a very common scent for it. It's supposed to be completely pure, free of chemicals and it can also be mixed with other flowers for a unique scent.

I want to try a lavender attar. I've been using lavender perfumes for years but they've all had alcohol and other chemicals in it. I'm curious to know what the natural lavender attar would smell like.

If anyone has tried lavender perfume as well as attar, can you compare the two for me? How different are they? Which one do you prefer?


@alisha-- That happens to me too sometimes. Perfumes can smell very different in the bottle and on the skin. That's why I've learned never to buy a perfume before trying it on my skin first.

Stores generally spray perfumes on those little papers now and offer it to people as samples. But those don't work because it still smells different than it would on the skin.

It can be hard to try different perfumes on the skin in the same day like the article mentioned, especially when it's different perfumes of the same scent like lavender.

I like perfume stores which carry coffee beans. I smell the coffee beans between trying different perfumes to clean my nostrils so to speak. It lets me judge the perfume objectively without confusion. And if they offer samples, I do take them home and try a different sample each day. That's a great way to choose between similar perfumes too.


I use solid lavender perfume for its calming effects. I have a really stressful job and have started experiencing some mild anxiety because of it. One of my friends recommended lavender perfume to me for its calming, therapeutic effects.

I went to several essential oil and perfume shops but the lavender perfumes I found there didn't work for my skin too well. Even though the perfumes smelled light and fresh in the bottle, when I tried them on my skin it would turn into a much stronger, heavier scent.

Then, I found a solid lavender perfume. This is made from lavender essential oils and is very light. It's not over-dominating on my skin at all. It's also very compact so I keep it in my purse and apply it on my wrists and my neck whenever I feel stressed. It really does calm me.

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    • A bottle of perfume.
      By: Kayros Studio
      A bottle of perfume.
    • Lavender flowers.
      By: Kimberly Reinick
      Lavender flowers.
    • The best lavender perfume contains real essentail oils.
      By: Daniel Hughes
      The best lavender perfume contains real essentail oils.