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How Do I Choose the Best Violet Perfume?

Kristeen Moore
Kristeen Moore

Quality violet perfume is derived from the essential oils of the popular flower, Viola odorata, which is indigenous to Europe. Ingredient labels are important in determining the quality of a particular fragrance in question because many brands contain imitation violet scents. Violet extracts are sometimes combined with the essential oils of other flowers, such as jasmine, if you prefer an overall floral fragrance. This type of perfume is available in strong colognes, as well as body sprays and roll-on versions, so the best kind you choose depends on your packaging preference as well as the intensity that you desire. Homemade violet perfume is an alternative method to get the fragrance that you want, but you will still need to find a quality oil to use.

The most important step in finding the best violet perfume is to determine whether a certain product contains essential oils from the flower. The oils are derived from crushed violet extracts, and they smell like the blossoms. An ingredient label of a quality perfume will reveal whether it contains violet essential oil or imitation fragrances. In many cases, the oils do not dictate prices, so you could still potentially pay more for an imitation violet perfume.

Violet perfume is available in strong colognes as well as body sprays.
Violet perfume is available in strong colognes as well as body sprays.

Not only do you need to locate a brand of perfume with quality violet essential oils, but you also need to decide whether you want a combination fragrance or not. Some perfume manufacturers add other oils to make a combination of scents, some of which can be less expensive than straight violet fragrances. Generally, other floral scents go best with violet essential oil, but you should consider trying on any new perfume before purchasing it.

There are several different types of violet perfume dispensers, so you should also consider your preference for convenience as well as for the intensity of the scent. Violet colognes offer the ultimate in fragrance, and you can achieve an intense scent with just a few sprays from the product. Body sprays tend to have the mildest fragrances, and they generally come in plastic bottles that are portable. Another popular portable alternative is a roll-on perfume, and its intensity is usually in between that of a cologne and body spray.

Essential oils are also useful in making homemade fragrances. In order to make violet perfume from scratch, you will need to locate a quality essential oil from either a natural health store or online. Keep in mind that this oil is sometimes more expensive than other types of extracts because it might not be as high in demand in some regions. Generally, an extremely cheap version of the oil is indicative of an imitation, so it is important to read ingredient labels carefully. You can make a homemade violet fragrance with a combination of the oil and distilled water, as well as perfume alcohol or vodka.

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    • Violet perfume is available in strong colognes as well as body sprays.
      By: Liv Friis-larsen
      Violet perfume is available in strong colognes as well as body sprays.