How Do I Choose the Best Kids' Underwear?

Angela Johnson
Angela Johnson
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Woman holding a book

Choosing kids' underwear is much more complex than what first meets the eye. It is essential to consider the gender of the child and what type of underwear the child will be wearing. Making sure that the underwear is comfortable, fits correctly, and is a design that the child would wear are all key factors to consider. There are many different sizing charts for kids' underwear, but knowing the child's pants size in advance and, better yet, the measurements of the child are helpful in the decision-making process. Finding a manufacturer that is well known for creating durable underwear for children is helpful too.

Girls underwear can include an undershirt that is either long sleeved, short sleeved, or a tank top with no sleeves and panties. Girls who are transitioning into adolescents frequently wear training bras that give a little more support than a tank top. For an adolescent girl, she will more than likely wear a bra rather than an undershirt.

Panties are also worn by girls off all ages, but a girl's preference for style typically changes as she grows older. Sizes, colors, and designs can all vary with this type of underwear. Most importantly, taking time to find the right fit of kids' underwear can mean the difference between a child being comfortable or distracted throughout the day.

Boys' underwear are a bit less complicated than girls' because they have less transitioning and less pieces to consider. Boys, with the exception of toddlers, typically wear two different types of underwear. These types are briefs, which are contoured to fit the shape of the body, and boxers, which are loose fitting and longer, much like shorts. There are also boxer briefs, which combine the two styles to make a tighter fitting shorts style. A variety of sizes and colors tend to be available in most stores, and as boys grow older, they may change their preferences for the styles they like best.

Thermal underwear is a good option for both girls and boys in cold climates because this locks in body heat and keeps the child warm. They can also be called long johns and are typically made of cotton, although a cotton and polyester blend can also be found. The material is a ribbed fabric and can be bought in many different colors, even though white is the most commonly worn. Thermal kids' underwear includes a long-sleeve shirt and tightly fitted pants that can all be worn under a child's clothing.

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Training bras really are more of an affectation than something that will actually help the girl in a physical sense.

I'm not saying don't buy them for your pre-teen if she wants one, because if all her friends have them it's better she does as well, or she might be teased. They don't harm her or anything.

But, it really doesn't do much to support a growing chest.

In fact there has been quite a lot of research that shows that bras in general are mostly aesthetic, and in fact can promote sagging breasts because they encourage relaxation of the tendons.

Of course, it's much more comfortable to wear a bra than to not if you are moving around.

As for your pre-teen, just be careful she doesn't pick up a padded bra.

They sell them for girls as young as 8 now, which I think is pretty disgusting.


I have this memory of being six years old and in the changing room at the swimming pool with the rest of my class, getting ready for swimming lessons. I pulled down my pants and everyone started laughing at me because I had my underwear on inside out!

Kids care about the strangest things. I didn't even know at that stage that there was a right way and a wrong way!

I remember being really angry at my mother for never showing me the right way to put them on so I wouldn't be laughed at.

But, who knows, she probably did show me and I just forgot.

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    • Woman holding a book
      Woman holding a book