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How Do I Choose the Best Girls' Underwear?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

While you may not think style is the top priority when it comes to undergarments, you might be surprised. Style and color tend to be the some of the first things girls notice, even when it comes to underwear. Choosing girls’ underwear should also include other considerations such as fit and comfort. The types of clothing the undergarments will be worn beneath are also important. Fabric type and garment care may also play roles in your decision.

There are a number of different types of girls’ underwear from bras, undershirts, and camisoles to underpants, which all come in different styles. Underpants come in a variety of options, including briefs, bikinis, boxers, boy shorts, hipsters, and thongs. Male style underwear is quite popular with some girls and can be very comfortable. Certain types of girls’ underwear are preferred with various styles of clothing so that panty lines won’t be an issue.

Sports bras are the best type of girls' underwear while exercising or playing a sport.
Sports bras are the best type of girls' underwear while exercising or playing a sport.

Girls’ underwear comes in every color imaginable including white, black, and other neutrals, as well as primary shades and the brightest, boldest colors. Many styles are available in solid colors or prints. There are even trademark character panties for little girls, which feature their favorite cartoon or superhero icons.

Fit and comfort are always important when choosing girls’ underwear. Bras, sports bras, and fitted camisoles are sized by measuring around the body below the bust line and then determining cup size. For underpants, size ranges are often listed on packaging by way of charts, and are generally determined by height and weight.

When it comes to comfort, “tagless” styles are quite popular. The size and care instructions can be printed right on the garment instead of on a label that is sewn on separately. Tags can often be itchy or can stick out and cause embarrassment, and tagless styles alleviate these issues.

The materials from which undergarments are made are also relevant to the comfort factor. Cotton is soft and breathable, which makes it a good choice of fabric for undergarments. While many types of girls' underwear are made from nylon and other materials, cotton can be much more comfortable especially during warmer weather.

Care instructions are often simple and should be included on the package or on the garment itself. Keep in mind that girls’ underwear made from 100% cotton may shrink with laundering. Other items will generally be fine when washed with like colors and dried at a medium temperature, but it is always a good idea to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Discussion Comments

It used to be that underwear didn't cost that much, but it seems to be increasing in price just like everything else. When I see girls' underwear for sale, I like to stock up and will even buy some bigger sizes they can grow into.


Many people would probably call me old fashioned, but I am shocked at some of the teenage girls' underwear I have seen in the stores.

I don't like "old lady" underwear and like to choose underwear that is pretty and feminine, but some of the choices don't seem appropriate for girls.

My daughters are young enough that this hasn't been much of an issue yet, but I can see where this is heading a few years down the road.


@andee-- It seems as if all those choices start now with diapers, and just continue on with toddler girl underwear all the way up to underwear for women.

Once I started buying the "tagless" underwear for my girls, this is the only thing I buy anymore. I know you can always cut the tag off if it bothers you, but I love the convenience of the "tagless" underwear.


When it comes to choosing little girls' underwear, I am more concerned about comfort, fit and price. My daughter is more concerned about which princess character is on her underpants.

It is amazing to me all the different choices there are for girls' underwear. When I was a girl, there may have been a few color choices, but nothing like the characters they have to choose from today.

I look for value packs because they outgrow them so fast and it also doesn't take long for them to wear out.

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    • Sports bras are the best type of girls' underwear while exercising or playing a sport.
      By: serkucher
      Sports bras are the best type of girls' underwear while exercising or playing a sport.