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How Do I Choose the Best Engraving Kit?

Valerie Clark
Valerie Clark

There are many different types of engraving kits on the market, but it does not have to be difficult to find the best one for you — if you know what you need. Multi-purpose engraving kits are suitable for just about any type of engraving, while more advanced kits may feature a laser with electronic stencils or a graver for jewelers. The best beginner’s engraving kit will come with some stencils, a few accessories and a detailed instructions and ideas booklet.

Choosing the best engraving kit depends on what you are engraving and your level of skill. If you are interested in learning to engrave on glass, metal or ceramic, you may want to search for a basic kit that comes with simple tools, easy-to-follow instructions and a storage case. Hand engraving is made easy with a lightweight tool that you can hold comfortably, like a pen.

Engraving tools are commonly made of carbon steel and hardened steel.
Engraving tools are commonly made of carbon steel and hardened steel.

A slightly more advanced multi-purpose engraving kit can be used to accomplish more detailed designs and etchings on glass, stone or wood. The engraving pen may be heavier and more durable. The accessories are more advanced for heavy-duty use, and the engraving tools may be designed for variable stroke depths. Additional items, such as carbide engraving points, also may be available.

If you have an engraving task such as artwork on a computer than you want engraved onto a piece of metal, it will be challenging for anyone to recreate the artwork by hand. Similarly, if you are looking to engrave multiple tools with a logo, consistency is important to maintain. With a laser engraving kit, such projects are much easier than hand engraving. Laser engraving kits are easy to use, but they are expensive.

A less expensive alternative to a laser engraving kit is a metal marking engraving kit. These kits are comprehensive, meaning all the tools, stencils and instructions are included. The image on your computer screen is printed onto a special type of film to create an electronic stencil. The end result is consistent, precise duplication of your logo or other artwork. An engraving kit for metal marking is ideal for making plaques, marking tools and more.

Specialized engraving kits are sold for the purpose of custom jewelry engraving. Engraving inside the band of a ring takes a special tool called an inside ring engraver. Gravers are designed to work with diamonds and precious metals. The cost is substantially greater than any other type of engraving tool, and they require special skills and training.

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    • Engraving tools are commonly made of carbon steel and hardened steel.
      By: photonaka
      Engraving tools are commonly made of carbon steel and hardened steel.