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How Do I Choose the Best Dog Tag Engraver?

K. K. Lowen
K. K. Lowen

When looking for the best dog tag engraver, you may want to consider a number of factors. People who want to engrave dogs tags themselves have several different options, such as using a machine to engrave metal tags or doing it by hand. Other people who want dog tags engraved may not want or have the time to do it themselves, and may choose instead to utilize the services of a professional engraver.

You may save money by using dog tag engraver hand tools. The most common tool used for dog tags is a hand engraver, which allows you to simply scratch words into a metal tag. If you would prefer a stamped tag with raised words and symbols, you may need a tool for stamping or punching the metal. Some people may not want to use either method because they do not feel they have the time or ability to make the engraving that they want.

A dog's tags are typically worn on its collar.
A dog's tags are typically worn on its collar.

Some people may choose to purchase a dog tag engraver device. The price of such a machine may be prohibitive for some, but it could be worth the price if you intend to use it frequently. Many people like to find a pet store or other location that has a machine available for public use.

Another option is to use a dog tag engraver service. The cheapest services usually offer a standard price for a particular number of words, lines, or characters on metal tags. If you are looking for simple engraving, you may want to consider ordering from a company that mass produces engraved dog tags because they will likely be less expensive.

Custom engravings made by a service are also available, but a custom order usually costs more. It is important to verify the service you want to use and find out if they have a refund or return policy to ensure your satisfaction with the tags. You may also have to wait for customized tags to arrive in the mail.

A popular method of engraving is to have it done by a professional engraver. If there is not a person who can professionally engrave dog tags in your area, you may have to travel some distance to find one. You may want to factor in the cost of traveling when looking for a professional. People typically expect a professional engraver to cost more than an engraving service, but if you want highly personalized designs, utilizing a professional engraver may be the best option.

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Now that my kids are grown and I don't have any grand kids yet, my two dogs are very spoiled.

I admit I spend more money on them than I ever thought I would spend on pets. They are such good companions for me that I can't imagine not having them here to greet me when I get home.

One of my expenditures on these dogs was buying laser custom dog tags for them. Even though buying a custom dog tag might sound impressive, they didn't seem to cost that much more than regular dog tags.

I couldn't resist, and also bought each one of them a charm to go along with the laser engraved dog tags. I realize the dog doesn't know any different, and the information is the same no matter what, but it was just one way I had of feeling like I was pampering my pets.


@myharley - I have had dog ID tags fall off the collar more than once. It seems like no matter how tight I put them on, over time they seem to loosen up and slip off.

Because of this, I make sure I have more than one kind of identification on my dog. I always have an engraved dog tag with the dog's name, and my name and phone number.

I think it is important to have the dog's name on the collar. Some dogs feel uneasy around strangers. If they call them by name it can help calm the dog down.

You just hope if this were to ever happen, that it would turn out to be a good situation. In addition to this, I also attach a tag with my veterinarian's phone number.

If they ever lose their collar, then I am in trouble, but having two forms of identification makes me feel better.

I have a hand engraver at home that I use to engrave the information on the metal tags. It may not look as professional as some of the machines, but at least the important information is there.


@bagley79 - I never even thought about going to a retail store to see if they have a pet tag engraver. I know that many of the specialized pet stores have them, but I don't live very close to any of them.

I have always kept identification tags on my dogs. I have learned how important it is they stay securely fastened though.

Once when we were on a trip, my dog tag fell off and I didn't even realize it was gone. When we got back home there was a message from someone saying they had found my dog tag in the gas station parking lot.

I was very thankful it was just a lost tag and not a lost dog. It was also very nice for the man to call me and let me know he found it. If my dog was lost, that may have been a helpful clue.

He was also kind enough to drop it in the mail to me so I didn't even have to buy a new one. He was a pet owner too, so he realized how important it was.

Since then, I have had more than one dog tag made up so I always have at least one spare around.


Purchasing engraved dog tags is a minor expense that is more than worth the investment. Making sure your dog has correct identification can save you a lot of heartache and worry if your dog gets lost.

In the past I have sent away for engraved dog tags, but don't like to wait that long to receive them in the mail.

Now I just go to a store like Petco or even Wal-Mart to get my engraved dog tags. This only takes a few minutes and I can walk out of there with the proper identification for my dog.

It has been awhile since I used a dog tag engraving machine, but the last time I used one I think it cost me around $6.00. That was for at least four lines of information.

That is really all you need to include - your name, address and phone number.


I have four dogs, and after one of them went missing for three whole days, I decided to get some engraved dog tags. He was wearing a rabies tag, but it only had the number of the vet clinic on it and not my address and number.

Thankfully, he came home, but I wasn't about to risk him running away again without some easily viewed identification. I went to my vet's office and picked up a flyer with some information about engraved dog tags.

I ordered from this company that offered several options at affordable prices. I got to choose between hanging or fixed designs and several shapes.

I got all of my dogs tags that are made to fit over their collars, so they can't fall off. I had my name, address, and phone number put on the tags. I live out in the country, where everyone lets their pets run free, and I feel a lot safer when my dogs roam now.

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    • A dog's tags are typically worn on its collar.
      By: Alexey Stiop
      A dog's tags are typically worn on its collar.