How do I Choose the Best Costume Wigs?

Costume wigs are meant to complement an outfit.
Costume wigs are meant to complement an outfit.

Choosing the best costume wigs can complete your outfits, and which type is used will largely depend on the costume. To choose the best costume wigs, avoid "party wigs" — cheap synthetic wigs that generally are designed with only a few hours of wear in mind. Look for human hair or high-quality synthetic hair costume wigs that can be styled and washed.

Hair wefts can be part of costume wigs.
Hair wefts can be part of costume wigs.

Check whether the wig has a full or open cap. Full cap wigs generally are better quality, but the problems with open cap wigs are easy to solve if cost is an issue. Skin-cap wigs provide a more natural look and usually are of better quality. Lace-cap costume wigs might be better if the hair does not need parting or if natural-looking hair is not the priority.

Costume wigs are widely available in stores and online, making the best wigs difficult to locate. Wigs should be labeled or described with the fiber and cap types as well as instructions on how to wash and style the wig. Try to avoid costume wigs with little or no description, particularly if the vendor cannot answer questions about the quality of wigs that are being sold.

There are two types of fiber used in wig making: synthetic fiber and human hair. Human hair has a higher cost but can be easily styled, washed and managed in much the same way as one would manage his or her own hair. A human hair wig is best if a natural look is required, and a synthetic wig is better for costumes that require bright or unusual looks. Human hair might not retain unnatural colors well and will usually fade over time.

Synthetic hair does not provide all the ease of human hair but it is often cheaper and found in a wider range of vibrant colors that are more suitable to costumes. Some synthetic fibers can be styled, and others cannot. It is best to choose high-quality synthetic fibers. These usually will be labeled to show that they can withstand low heat styling.

A full-cap wig covers all of the scalp underneath the wig. This is particularly good if the wig is to be parted or styled. The wearer's own hair will not show through the wig, and it provides more coverage.

Open-cap wigs are sewn in wefts with gaps in between the layers that will let the natural hair show through if the wig is parted. These gaps can be covered with a wig cap in the corresponding color if they are likely to pose a problem. Open-cap wigs generally are cheaper and can still be good quality if the open sections will not affect the style. They might not be as thick as full-cap wigs but they can have hair extensions applied for extra body.

Skin-cap wigs have a rubber imitation skin covering the cap. This is particularly useful if a natural look is required. When the hair is parted, the rubber skin will show like skin shows through when one's natural hair is parted. Lace-top wigs are more common and usually cheaper. The hair is sewn into a woven fabric cap, so it will not look as natural if the hair is parted.

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    • Costume wigs are meant to complement an outfit.
      By: Brian Jackson
      Costume wigs are meant to complement an outfit.
    • Hair wefts can be part of costume wigs.
      By: courtyardpix
      Hair wefts can be part of costume wigs.