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How Do I Choose the Best Cordless Phone with Answering Machine?

G. Wiesen
G. Wiesen

If you are looking for a cordless phone with answering machine, then you should consider how many handsets you might want to use as well as the functionality of the answering machine system. Many cordless phone models are designed to function as a single base unit that can be expanded with additional handsets that all interface with the base. You should look for the system that supports the number of handsets you need, as well as any additional features you might want. The best system for you should also give you answering machine features you want, like easy navigation of messages.

This type of telephone includes a handset that does not physically connect to the base receiver and includes a built-in answering machine. There are many different models of these kinds of phones available, so you should consider your options. Look at both professional and user reviews of various models to see what others have experienced with these phones.

Some cordless phone systems with an answering machine have other features, such as caller ID.
Some cordless phone systems with an answering machine have other features, such as caller ID.

One of the first things you should consider is the number of handsets supported by various systems. Many phones have a single base unit, with multiple handsets wirelessly tied to that unit that can be used throughout a building. If you have a house with three floors, for example, then you might want to use a phone that can support at least three handsets. Many cordless phones support up to three or five handsets, but if you need more than that, you may need to look at specialty or professional phone systems.

You should also look for a cordless phone with answering machine that includes any secondary or special functions you want. These functions can include things like caller ID, speaker phone, and connections for a headset. You may also want to look for a phone that has a digital phone book you can program with frequently called phone numbers to make calling easier.

Look at the different functions and features available with the answering machine. Consider the amount of storage provided to ensure you can record and save as many incoming messages as you need. Some answering machines may also be easier to use and navigate, providing you with various features to easily recall and play messages that have been recorded. Answering machines can also allow for remote access, which lets you retrieve messages while away from the machine.

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We finally gave up our house phone and now rely only on our cell phones. I realized that my cell phone could do everything my cordless phone and answering machine was doing.

The cell phone was also more convenient because I have it with me all the time anyway, and I was able to save some money this way.

What a change there has been in the last 50 years or so. My grandma thought getting a cordless phone with an answering machine was too complicated for her. She finally got used to using it, but still has at least one corded phone in her house and uses the answering machine as little as possible.

For her it really wouldn't matter what features were available because I don't think she would ever use them. She doesn't even care to have caller ID as one of her features, where this would be the first thing I would look for.


I used to have a cordless phone and a separate answering machine sitting next to it on a desk. The last time I bought a phone I purchased a cordless phone that had an answering machine built in so that I didn't have two things taking up space.

I still found a good selection of phones to choose from. I like having the ability to turn off the ringer on the phone but yet allow the answering machine to still take calls.

We keep the base phone downstairs in the office and keep a handset in the kitchen and one upstairs in the bedroom. This sure beats running from room to room to pick up the phone when it rings. If I can't get to a phone, I always know someone can leave a message if they need to and I can call them back.


We also still use a land line phone at our house, but all of them are cordless phones. It has been a long time since we used a phone that actually had a cord attached to it.

One thing I like about the answering machine that is connected to our phone is the ability to call and retrieve messages when we are away from the house. This is convenient any time, but especially if we are gone on a trip somewhere.

All I have to do is call my home number and input a code to hear any messages that have been left on the answering machine.


I have noticed that the selection for home telephones gets smaller and smaller at the store. Many people are getting rid of their land line phones so this makes sense.

We still use a land line phone at our house and a cordless phone with an answering machine is the best option for us. We have four children and more than one level at our house. The kids are all too young to have their own cell phone, so extra handsets work great.

You would think with 3 handsets working off one base phone that there would always be a phone available. Sometimes I don't know where any of them are and have to let the answering machine take the call until I can find a handset.

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    • Some cordless phone systems with an answering machine have other features, such as caller ID.
      By: Michael Shake
      Some cordless phone systems with an answering machine have other features, such as caller ID.