How Do I Choose the Best Corded Phone with Answering Machine?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate
It is important for people to consider all the features they want in a phone before buying one.
It is important for people to consider all the features they want in a phone before buying one.

To choose the best corded phone with answering machine, you should shop at an electronics store for the best selection. Consider where you'd like to place your phone and answering machine, as you have the option of keeping it on a desk or table, or mounting it on a wall. A phone with various features may cost more, so you should decide if all the extras are important to you. You may also choose a color that coordinates with your room's decor, such as black or white. Don't buy a used or refurbished telephone answering machine unless it comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Consider the various features you require in a corded phone with answering machine. Decide whether to buy a digital unit, which generally has the best clarity and reception, or one that requires the use of tapes. If you choose a digital machine, you will eliminate the cost and hassle of having to buy tapes, and you'll be able to delete or save messages as you wish. Choosing a telephone answering machine with battery backup is another good idea. This feature will save stored information in the system during a power failure.

Some telephone answering machines feature extra large keypad numbers. This feature is convenient for those with poor eyesight. Choose a corded phone with answering machine with a lighted keypad for use in dark conditions. Ringer volume is another important factor, especially if someone in the household is hearing impaired.

Other features to consider are a speakerphone option, caller ID, and call waiting. Most modern telephone answering machines have these features, although some older models may not. Some features might require an additional subscription fee from your telephone service provider.

If you would prefer each member of the household to use one machine, you have the option of buying a system with multi-mailbox capabilites. Some of the more expensive models use a system that incorporates several mail message centers for up to four or five individuals. This allows each person to have a private message and voicemail system contained in one answering machine unit.

For convenience, you might want a corded phone with answering machine that comes with an extra cordless handset. The handset is generally powered by a rechargeable battery that charges from within the main unit. Some units are also expandable, allowing you to purchase extra cordless handsets for hands-free telephone conversation throughout your home.

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We seem to lose electricity at random times throughout the day for no reason at all. Sometimes this may happen a few times a week and other times it might not happen for several months.

It doesn't usually stay off for very long, but it can be really frustrating when it comes to our answering machine. Since we bought one that has battery backup we don't have to worry so much about this.

I have our answering machine connected to a corded phone, but all the other phones in the house are cordless. Sometimes it seems like a lot to keep track of, but I don't like to carry my cell phone around with me when I am at home.


We still have a corded phone with an answering machine built in. We live out in the country and still get better reception with this phone than any of the others.

I have also purchased extra cordless handsets to go with this phone. With four kids in the house who are too young to have their own cell phone, this works best for our family.

I can have these cordless handsets in different rooms of the house and not have to run to the corded phone every time it rings. If we lived in town and had better phone reception I could see where we might make some changes, but this works best for us right now.

The number of choices at the store for corded phones gets smaller and smaller all the time. I can see where in the future these probably won't even be used at all.


I didn't even realize they still made answering machines with tapes. We had one of these years ago but the last corded phones we have bought with an answering machine have been digital.

When answering machines first came out, the tapes were really useful. You could keep quite a bit of stored information on these tapes if you wanted to.

We are just about ready to get rid of our corded phone and just use our cell phones. I know many households have done this, and all of our kids only have a cell phone for their phone service.


My mom is having a hard time making the transition to a cell phone. She does have one, but rarely uses it and prefers to use her corded phone that she is familiar with.

She likes the fact that she can get in touch with me anywhere and anytime on my cell phone, but never has hers on when she is outside the house.

I recently bought her a corded phone with an answering machine that has a large keypad that lights up. Her bedroom is upstairs and she has this plugged in right next to her bed.

At least she uses the answering machine and will also leave a message if she can't get a hold of me. I doubt she will ever use a cell phone very much, but she feels just fine knowing she has a corded phone right next to her bed at night.

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    • It is important for people to consider all the features they want in a phone before buying one.
      It is important for people to consider all the features they want in a phone before buying one.