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How Do I Choose the Best Chrome Dumbbells?

Dan Cavallari
Dan Cavallari

Chrome dumbbells are generally considered to be higher quality than other materials because the chrome will lead to a longer life of the weights as well as making for a flashier, more attractive weight set. Choosing the best chrome dumbbells starts with determining your purchasing budget; chrome units will be far more expensive than other materials because of its popularity. These dumbbells are likely to last longer, however, and they usually feature longer warranties than other types of materials, so if your budget allows for it, chrome dumbbells can be a wise investment.

Look for sets of chrome dumbbells rather than individual weights if you plan on doing a fair amount of lifting on a regular basis. Buying individual units will eventually add up in cost, whereas sets will be a bigger up-front cost, but will end up saving you money in the long run. The set should include a wide variety of weight options to accommodate several types of exercises, and the grips of the chrome dumbbells should be comfortable. Some dumbbells even feature padded grips; some people prefer such grips for comfort, but keep in mind that grips can wear out, leading to an uncomfortable or unsafe grip that will have to be cut off or otherwise removed.

Chrome dumbbells are more durable than those made of other metals.
Chrome dumbbells are more durable than those made of other metals.

Chrome dumbbells very often come as solid units, whereas other types of materials may come as solid units or dumbbell bar and weight plate kits. Chrome units can feature a bar and plates, though such a configuration is likely to wear off the chrome finish more quickly, leading to a degradation of the material and a loss of luster on the finish. Bars and plates will add more adjustability to the weight set, and plates are generally easier to store than solid units. If you are looking for better storage ability, consider separate bars and plates.

If you choose to buy chrome dumbbells that feature individual bars and plates, be sure to carefully consider the collars that keep the weight plates on the bar. Several methods for securing plates exist, and some are better and more stable than others. Whichever collar you choose, be sure the collar stays in position during lifting exercises, and make sure the collars are easy to get onto and off of the bar. Some bars are threaded to accommodate a threaded collar, while other collars are spring-loaded. Each method works well if constructed well, so be sure to examine these collars carefully.

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    • Chrome dumbbells are more durable than those made of other metals.
      By: theartofphoto
      Chrome dumbbells are more durable than those made of other metals.