How do I Choose the Best Camcorder Battery Charger?

Jeremy Laukkonen

Your choice when purchasing a camcorder battery charger may be determined by a number of different factors. Depending on whether you are replacing a lost or broken charger, purchasing a spare, or are looking towards the future, you may want to examine a number of different factors. The two main sources for camcorder battery chargers are original equipment (OE), which will be made by the same people that made your camera, and the aftermarket, which may include units produced by a number of different companies. There are also single model chargers, universal chargers, wall chargers, and portable chargers. Deciding on which camcorder battery charger is the best for you can involve looking at all of these things and determining which are the most important.

It's advised to contact a camcorder's manufacturer when seeking to replace a lost or broken battery.
It's advised to contact a camcorder's manufacturer when seeking to replace a lost or broken battery.

If you lost your old camcorder battery charger but were otherwise happy with it, then your best choice might be to purchase another unit from the manufacturer. Original equipment battery chargers are specifically designed for the camera they came with, so there will be no question about it working properly. In cases where your current charger is still working fine and you just need a spare, this might also be a good option. If your old charger broke, however, you might want to consider that an identical unit may suffer from the same defects. In this case, looking at aftermarket universal chargers might be your best option.

Aftermarket battery chargers can vary widely in construction quality and price, and may be just as expensive as OE units or substantially cheaper. Universal chargers may come with a variety of tips, allowing you to charge both your camcorder and a variety of other items. This might be limited to other types of camcorders, or could extend to items such as laptops, cellphones, and other electronics. If you are planning on buying another camcorder in the future, choosing a universal charging unit might allow you to continue using it as a backup camcorder battery charger for a long time.

A portable camcorder battery charger might also be what you are looking for. If you travel a lot in an automobile and might need to charge your video camera away from wall outlets, then a charger that can run on 12 volts might be your best choice. Some video camera battery chargers can operate on both wall outlets and the 12 volt outlets in cars, allowing you some flexibility on where you charge up your battery.

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