How Do I Become a Putting Tutor?

Jodee Redmond

A person who has decided to become a putting tutor must be first and foremost a skilled golfer. Becoming an instructor is different than simply playing the game, either as an enthusiastic amateur or as a professional. Completing a specialized golf instruction course, either in person or online, will help a golfer turn his or her love of the game into a career helping others to improve their playing ability.

A putting tutor can teach a golfer to better analyze the green and improve his game.
A putting tutor can teach a golfer to better analyze the green and improve his game.

Putting is a skill which a number of golfers find challenging; getting help from someone who can analyze what they are doing right and where the player needs to improve can be very helpful. The putting tutor will need to have good observational abilities as well as the capacity to teach the student how to get the results he or she is looking for when using a putter. The person who wants to become a putting tutor will need to be comfortable breaking down the skills necessary to sink a putt and deal with the student becoming frustrated at times if his or her game isn’t improving.

A putting tutor is expected to be a skilled golfer.
A putting tutor is expected to be a skilled golfer.

To become a putting tutor, a golfer will need to choose a training program. An online search will reveal schools and golf associations in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom offering training to people who want to teach this skill. Before choosing a school, the prospective student should review the course offerings carefully. The ideal place to study is an organization which is certified or working in conjunction with a professional golf association.

Some schools offering courses for people who want to become a putting tutor offer a home study option. The person who chooses to study on his or her own will need to consider whether this is the best way for him or her to learn before enrolling. This type of program may be less expensive than one where the students receive instruction in person, but the home study student does not have the same opportunity to interact with the instructor and other students while taking the course.

Once the golf instructor certification program has been completed, the next step to become a putting tutor is to look for work. A trained instructor can approach golf course or driving range managers to look for work. Golf schools may be able to provide work for a person who would like to provide putting instruction. The putting instructor can also place an ad in the newspaper or online offering his or her services to private clients.

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