What Does a Putting Tutor Do?

A. Leverkuhn
A. Leverkuhn
A person playing golf.
A person playing golf.

A putting tutor instructs students on the skills and methods involved in making short final shots on a particular hole of golf. Putting is one of the most important parts of golf, and although some golfers neglect this aspect of the game, many of those who want to improve their skill sets, seek out human putting tutors for more advanced training. A putting tutor will help with various aspects of putting, including proper form and attention to various levels of power that will cause the ball to go where the golfer wants it to go.

A golf course.
A golf course.

Generally, putting tutors will guide the student through the process of putting in various scenarios. These professionals can provide focus on both long and short shots, or shots with problematic vectoring. They can guide students through putting on different types of greens, and in different kinds of situations where obstacles may present a challenge.

Since much of the skill of putting involves precise control, putting tutors may use various practice methods to prepare students for making better short golf shots. This can include specific details on how to hold the golf club, how far back to draw the arms, or any other specific tips that will help the golfer tap the golf ball into the hole successfully. A putting tutor may use various resources to demonstrate these ideas to the student, including practice greens, artificial fairways, or other constructs that will help golfers practice control of the ball.

In addition to giving tips on putting, a putting tutor might help a student to get fitted for a particular golf club. Having the right clubs is part of improving the golfer’s overall game. Putting tutors might work this element into an overall review of putting and skill building strategies, or include it is a separate element of a seminar or workshop style program.

When students look for a putting tutor, they may see that getting actual human instruction is not the only option. Many tutoring services present the “putting tutor” as a tutorial or an automated system for teaching putting skills. Students who are looking for a human instructor may have to specify that they want live putting tutors as opposed to some kind of software or video tutorial. It can be hard to find local putting tutors with sufficient experience and availability, so some of these professionals may offer their instruction over webcast or other virtual platforms.

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A few years ago, I had a tutor, and like the article mentions, it's very important to have good posture when knowing how to golf. Though it might not seem too important, it has more benefits than appears at first glance. After all, it helps you to land in the direction you're aiming for.


What caught my attention the most about this article is how there are several alternatives to having a putting tutor. This is especially the case if you don't have time for a human instructor. In fact, in some ways, a virtual assistant might be even more beneficial than a human one. Not only could they adjust to your schedule a lot better, but even more so, they might not make the same mistakes your instructor could. After all, even though they know all the basics, they're still imperfect, and could be prone to mistakes from time to time.


When it comes to golf, even though I have never had a putting tutor before, I definitely think it would be an interesting place to start. This is especially the case if you're beginning to learn the main aspects. Overall, though one can teach themselves how to play a sport, having an instructor is very beneficial, not only can they teach you quite fast, but you might even learn some things you didn't originally know. In the case of golf, it could involve how to posture yourself, and what sort of terrain you should use.

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    • A person playing golf.
      A person playing golf.
    • A golf course.
      A golf course.