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Why do People Faint?

By J. Beam
Updated: Feb 04, 2024

Fainting is a temporary loss of consciousness that is spontaneously recovered after only a brief period of time. People usually lose consciousness because of a lack of blood flow and decreased oxygen to the brain. The cause can be related to a number of conditions or situations, some involving the heart, many not. The medical term for fainting is syncope (SIN-ko-pee).

People most often lose consciousness as the result of an abnormal circulatory reflex. Some people pass out at the sight of blood, in a crowded room, or even from excessive coughing. This is referred to as situational fainting and might affect a person repeatedly, but only in a very specific situation.

People may also black out when standing up after lying down. Referred to as postural fainting, this results from a decreased flow of blood to the brain, usually as the result of a drop in blood pressure. This can occur after significant blood loss, dehydration, or a change in cardiovascular medication, or as a side effect to other medications. Certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and migraine headaches, can also serve as a catalyst for fainting.

Most people who lose consciousness experience symptoms beforehand. These symptoms may include lightheadedness, blurred or “spotty” vision, dizziness, and weakness. People who observe someone about to pass out might notice paleness, sweating, and dilation of the pupils. In most situations, people who pass out regain consciousness within a moment or two.

Unless you and your healthcare provider are familiar with a condition that causes you to faint, such as with situational fainting, the condition is cause for a hospital visit. Blacking out can signal a serious underlying condition and should be evaluated by a doctor. The elderly, heart patients, and people who have any other accompanying symptoms should be transported to a hospital immediately. Even if you are aware of conditions that might cause you to lose consciousness, or if you are an otherwise healthy person with no prior episodes, you or a family member should still call your doctor after an episode.

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Discussion Comments
By anon997414 — On Jan 04, 2017

About a month ago in my English class, I had to share a really embarrassing story with the people who sit next to me. I didn't really know any of them well and I was very nervous. I started reading my writing allowed and all of the sudden my face got really hot and I started sweating, then my ears started ringing and my vision faded. I just kind of stopped reading and my sight and hearing returned to normal. Only one of the people I had to read to seemed to notice and I guess he just didn't care enough to say anything. I didn't tell any of the teachers and I thought it would be just a one-time thing, but today I was very really upset and couldn't stop crying. Then I felt myself kind of just fade away. And the next thing I knew I was on the ground in front of my desk.

I was really confused as to why this was happening to me, but this article helped a lot because both times I hadn't eaten breakfast or had anything to drink. So thanks!

By anon992167 — On Aug 19, 2015

I fainted during music class a couple years ago. I wasn't feeling very well, so asked to go outside for some fresh air. My teacher allowed me to and came to check how I was after about 10 minutes. As he approached, I realzed that my vision was gradually turning white and my ears were completely blocked. I was vaguely aware of him running towards me before I must have passed out. I must have only been out a second or two - I came around to find my teacher lowering me down onto the concrete. Thankfully he caught me, otherwise I would have knocked my head on cement!

By anon958933 — On Jun 30, 2014

I am 14 years old and I fainted in early March. I’d just had a blood test in the morning and came home. I was lying on my bed because I was feeling very weak. Suddenly, my mom called me to help my younger sister find her toys, I went downstairs and helped her, but when I was going upstairs to my room, I started to feel dizzy. I thought it was due to weakness so I ignored it.

After a while, I started to feel really dizzy, lightheaded and confused and everything went black. I woke up with my mom dad and sister by my side. They told me what happened and it felt like I fainted for hours, but I was only out for 13 minutes. After a while I felt fine and with some help, I was able to stand up.

And the only thing I want to tell you guys is fainting is a scary experience and thank you guys, this article helped me a lot. Thank you very much.

By anon952018 — On May 19, 2014

Sometimes dizziness and fainting are easily explained and not part of a serious underlying problem. If the symptoms persist, maybe you should get them checked out.

By a908765 — On Feb 14, 2014

My name is Sam. I am 14. I fainted twice. I was lying on the couch and I stood up to get some water. On my way down, I suddenly started to feel dizzy and weak. I went to my mum to tell her that I didn’t feel well, and suddenly, I fainted. I woke up on my bed. I was feeling very weak and weird. My mum asked me if I was fine and I said yes and she then called my dad. He advised me to go to the doctor. We went to the doctor and he scheduled some blood tests for me the next day.

The next day I had the bloodwork, and came home and at the entrance of my room, I fainted. Luckily, my mum was standing with me. She caught me and when I woke up, I felt better and fine. Fainting is very scary, but the worst part of it is that you don’t remember falling over.

By anon925874 — On Jan 14, 2014

Back when I had depression, I was in the bathroom cutting myself. I was terrified as the cuts were bleeding more than normal and I was home by myself. Luckily my boyfriend made a surprise visit.

By the time he arrived, I was starting to have trouble seeing. It felt like the floor was titled side ways and I could see stars and spots. My boyfriend opened the door and, with a shocked expression on his face, mouthed "Are you OK?" I couldn't hear a thing! Then everything just went black.

I remember waking up very confused and scared. My boyfriend was holding me in his arms holding a damp cloth on my face and saying something, but I still couldn't here what he was saying. I was shaking really bad and just burst into tears. It was probably the most frightening experience in my life.

He helped me stand up, bandaged up my cuts and helped me to bed. I was still really pale, dizzy and shaking so my boyfriend decided to ring an ambulance before I passed out again. And I did, lying down actually. I thought I'd just fallen asleep, but my boyfriend said my eyes were dilated and they rolled back into my head so I must've fainted again. It was very frightening.

By anon925872 — On Jan 14, 2014

Once when I was really sick, I was in the bathroom and suddenly couldn't see anything. It was all black. My sister came into the room and shouted for mum because I was really pale. Luckily mum came or I would've hit my head on the tiled floor.

By anon358009 — On Dec 08, 2013

I have fainted twice.

The first time wasn't a "real" faint because I didn't wake up on the ground. I was still standing. After getting out of bed in the early morning, I stood up real quick and my vision went black and I was trying to move, and I thought I was walking back to my bed, but then I heard a loud sound which I thought was thunder. Then, my vision came back, my head hurt, and I realized that I had fainted and my body leaned forward into the wall, making a really loud sound, making me come to. It was strange.

The second time, I was in my backyard in the afternoon on a hot summer day. I was sitting on my grass and I stood up really quick, my vision went black, and next thing I know, when my vision came back, I was lying on my back on the grass! I figured I had lay down, but nope. I fainted backward and landed on the grass. It did not hurt a bit and I did not feel sick after. It felt nice.

By anon326029 — On Mar 19, 2013

I was exercising for track practice, when all of a sudden, near the end of practice, I couldn't hear anything. Then we had to leave the gym and walk down the hallway for a few minutes. Then I started not to be able to see anything. I had my friends walk with me then outside I collapsed. But then I got back up because the deafness and and blindness went away. This has never happened to me before, but I think I was overheating because the cold air outside helped.

By anon325394 — On Mar 15, 2013

I have brief fainting spells daily. What is the reason?

By anon315138 — On Jan 22, 2013

I fainted in a P.E. class at school when we were in the gym. I had just hurt my arm on a weight pull so I stopped and sat down, and the next thing I knew, I could only see the outline of other people and it was going white and blurry.

My mates took me to the teacher and that was when I went down. My teacher caught me and sent everyone out apparently then I woke with him looking at me and telling me what happened. Then he took me to the sick bay where the nurse rang my parents for them to come get me. My mum is a nurse so she checked my blood sugar when I got home and it was under the normal amount. I don't know how hurting my arm led to me fainting! How did this happen?

By anon307848 — On Dec 07, 2012

I'm 14 years old. I was told recently that I have low blood pressure. So I have to eat when I feel light headed or I just eat something salty which helps (somehow) with the whole thing better than any other kind of foods or nutrients etc.

Well, a little while ago, I was sitting next to a friend while watching this really crappy play at school. Something to do with history. About 20 minutes into it, there was a doctor scene (Tudor-era doctors I think), and how they cure patients.

I felt light headed, but I was kind of used to the feeling at the time, even though that day it felt more abnormal. Than I couldn't hear anything. I tried to get my friend to get the teacher. I was lucky that I was sitting at the back where the teachers usually sit anyway. She asked why, but I couldn't hear anything, or myself. but I did my best to tell her to get the teacher until I couldn't see anything. I knew what was happening and I quickly put my head between my knees.

But that wasn't working, so a minute later, I sat up. I was helpless, and I tried to get my friend to help again, but she was hopelessly confused. And then, I passed out. Just like that.

Suddenly, I woke with my friend nudging me to wake up. 'What the hell?' she was asking me. Her voice echoed in my head, even though it was a whisper. I also saw the teacher beside her as well. I whispered back, 'I passed out,' but I still couldn't hear my own voice.

They took me to the infirmary and then next thing I knew, was my mother standing in front of me.

By anon304777 — On Nov 21, 2012

If you have ever tried to make yourself faint, which is strange and the first three times fun, you will realize the ways you faint. I realized that I start to see splotches of black pixelating my vision and it stays like that while I faint. While I am fainting, I unconsciously taste around my mouth, opening and closing my teeth. Cool huh?

The first time I fainted was after I had done something really mean and made my mother cry. After we made up I was really stressed and had been crying. I got up to go to the kitchen because I didn't want to sit in the bedroom and when I turned the corner I went under, smashing my knee against the wall and now my knee hurts all the time.

By Cedrbal — On Oct 23, 2012

Yesterday I was at work doing checkout and a guest just started shouting at me and calling me a liar. After he left I was feeling a bit weird and took an ibuprofen because of he headaches. Soon after I took the pill I was doing another checkout and I was feeling like I was about to faint.

First, I wasn't hearing well and than I was seeing blurry objects. Then a whistling noise started and I went rushing inside and sat with my back bent and my head down and just put water on my face.

I didn't faint but 24 hours later, I still feel lightheaded and feel anxiety. I was afraid this had happened from the pill but the only thing I had before the pill the whole morning was an espresso lungo.

I went to my doctor and he told me that I have low blood pressure, which was 100. Do you think it is normal to keep on feeling dizzy and anxious 24 hours later? Even now, I feel that my feet aren't very strong. I am 26 years old.

By anon285425 — On Aug 15, 2012

I have fainted once, when I was 16 years old. I was in gym class and we were playing some game that involves running a lot. Then I just felt ill and I started seeing like stars and colours. Next thing I know I was surrounded by my classmates and then I blacked out again and then I woke up and my teacher was carrying me to his office and was asking me some questions and trying to comfort me.

All I remember is that I started crying really hard and he just said everything is okay and it got me more scared. I couldn't stop shaking and crying.

The nurse came and a lot more things happened I don't remember. Then both my parents came to get me and we went to a doctor and I was perfectly fine. I went to school the next day and everyone was just asking if I was okay and stuff.

I hadn't eaten very much for the past few days so I guess that's why I fainted.

By anon280802 — On Jul 20, 2012

I'm 15 years old and have fainted three times. I have erythromelalgia and raynaud's disease, but don't think this is the cause.

The first two times happened last year. But yesterday I had been at school for an hour. I was in science watching a space video. I needed the toilet so I asked my teacher, but when I went to the toilet I lost my balance but was fine.

When I walked back into class I felt sick and asked to sit outside. On my way out people were looking at me one girl mouthed to me, 'Are you all right?' I couldn't hear anything. Then I lost my vision and found myself tripping over my own feet. I grabbed a table and the next thing I know, I was being carried.

I blacked out again and woke up in the staff room where there were at least seven teachers. One was stroking my hair and pulling my cardigan off telling someone I was green. She pushed my head between my knees and held an ice pack on my neck. Then I went again and woke up in the first aid room in a wheelchair. This was really embarrassing. Luckily it was the last day of term because my friend texted me saying everyone is talking about it.

By anon280091 — On Jul 16, 2012

I also had a very scary fainting experience two days ago. I've recently just switched to a vegetarian diet, and have been on so many college tours out in the sun, without enough protein since it's hard to find tofu, etc. many places.

Anyway, I was rushing to catch the bus and didn't have time for breakfast or juice. I ended up running ten city blocks in the heat, and while with my friend I started noticing this weird feeling sort of between my eyes. I sat down and almost blacked out, but my friend asked what I was doing and I realized I was leaning to the side, so I got back up and felt that weird pain again and remember closing my eyes. Next thing I know, I was on the ground and everyone was freaking out and calling 911.

I was only out for about five seconds, and once I regained consciousness I realized what must have happened. A woman nearby had some high calorie applesauce and gave it to me and when the EMTs showed up, they were surprised I was so alert. I was stuffing my face and drinking as much water as I could. I felt completely fine (just a little freaked out and horribly embarrassed). It was such a scary experience. I heard muffled sounds and thought I was dreaming, and I heard a voice really loudly, and while my eyes were still closed I remembered what had happened so I sat up really quickly and there were just so many people around. Luckily that one woman had food because we had all been standing on the ticket line for general rush tickets for hours. I learned my lesson and will never again skip breakfast.

By anon279042 — On Jul 10, 2012

Today I went to my weightlifting class as usual, but then I felt really lightheaded so I went to the bathroom. I was watching myself in the mirror and I was swaying back and forth. Then I figured out what was happening because it's happened before, but only when I'm hot, so I was really scared. Then I fell to the floor and sat there and then the next thing I know I'm dreaming. Then I'm waking up on the bathroom floor with a big cut on my hand. Then when I came out of the bathroom I almost fainted again, but luckily I put my head between my legs and felt a lot better.

By anon278454 — On Jul 06, 2012

I have only fainted once, and that was at a sleepover. Me and my friend were looking up stuff on YouTube, and we started to play truth or dare. It started off well, and then I chose dare. My friend turned the laptop away from me and typed some stuff in, and clicked the mouse a few times. She picked a video on how to faint, and told me to faint. We watched the video a few times, until we knew what to do, and then she watched me do it.

You had to hyperventilate for 30 minutes or something, and then stand up real quick, and put your thumb in your mouth and blow. I tried that, and it was like looking through a pinhole camera. I just felt everything left off the ground, and next thing I knew I was on the ground a few seconds later. My friend told me I had hit my head on her wardrobe on the way down, and I had fallen on a metal bin. She said she was sorry, and asked if I was O.K., though. Luckily I hadn't felt a thing!

I sometimes get really light headed, especially when getting out of a hot bath to open the window, and I feel like I'm going to faint, but I never do.

By anon276090 — On Jun 21, 2012

I fainted and all I remember is seeing spots, feeling sick, reaching for my mum and then waking up on the doctor's floor. It was right after I had just a little bit of blood drawn and then boom! The blood didn't even bug me. I don't know why I fainted.

By anon274197 — On Jun 10, 2012

I was on a choir tour with my school, and we were in the middle of a concert, when my vision just went and my legs started shaking. Apparently I went whiter than normal, which is impressive because I'm a naturally very pale person.

My friend pulled me out of the choir and apparently managed to get me halfway to the first aid teacher before I fainted, and one of the boys caught me (typical that I was unconscious for that). I came to with one of the teachers carrying me inside (awkward - he's really fit), and couldn't stop shaking.

By anon273495 — On Jun 07, 2012

I fainted once at school. It was so scary. I hadn't eaten in four days and I was feeling really dizzy. My PE teacher came out of the classroom and saw me standing there in the hallway. I think she knew what was going to happen because I heard her voice sounding quite calm but very loud- saying "lean against the wall, try to lean against the wall". Then I heard a slam as she dropped the books she was carrying and ran towards me, and I don't remember the rest.

I woke up with a load of people around me, and my PE teacher stroking my hair and asking me what I'd eaten, while feeling my pulse. I tried to get up but it was too difficult, and I got shouted at for moving, so they got me a wheelchair and took me to Matrons.

By anon271611 — On May 27, 2012

I fainted today. I had just finished a riding lesson and it was very warm. I got off and was standing in the shade when I felt dizzy and slightly sick. Next thing I knew, I heard someone crashing into some chairs and being told to "sit up". Really confusing as I knew I wasn't on a horse. I'd managed to stagger sideways into some chairs and fall over them. I have no idea how, as they were on the other side of the room from me! I put my head on my knees for a bit and had a drink and felt totally fine after that. It was the first time I've ever fainted.

By anon268605 — On May 14, 2012

Today I fainted in school. Well first, my stomach hurt all first and second period. Then came lunch and I went to the restroom and felt like vomiting but nothing came out.

I went to a shady part and before I knew it I started seeing a bunch of stars and colors. I was yelling at my friends that I was fainting because I had this happen to me before once. Then my vision just started fading away, so I just sat myself on the floor and started shaking like crazy.

My friends were panicking not knowing what to do, so I just sat there and I was really scared and tears started running down my cheek. Then after a while I got my vision back and my friends helped me stand up and started taking me to a teacher. He then got a wheelchair and took me to the nurse's office. There they told me that I probably fainted because I hadn't eaten anything so they brought me food and I ate and went back to class and all of my friends were excited to see that I was O.K.

Well, the first time I fainted was one day I woke up with a lot of spots on me like the chicken pox and my lips were big. I think I had eaten something I was allergic to. I went to the doctor and as soon as I got out of the doctors office I started seeing colors and I just passed out completely. Then I felt a lot of people carrying me and I opened my eyes and I saw I was in a wheelchair going back to the doctor's office. There they gave me sugar in a tube and I remember also being very shaky. I really need to learn how to eat breakfast so I will stop fainting.

By anon267141 — On May 09, 2012

I just fainted this morning in my bathroom for the first time ever. I thought it might have been because of dehydration, lack of food, and my horrible headaches and this article just assured me of those reasons so this was very helpful.

It was a very scary experience and I hope it never happens again. I hadn't gone to school today because I wasn't feeling too great and so I slept in. I don't remember when I woke up because I went straight to the washroom after getting up and I was to tired to even look anything like a clock. I remember that my stomach felt completely empty.

I hadn't eaten much the day before other than a glass of milk, a slice of pizza and a bowl of rice, so I definitely felt hungry. My bathroom was very close to my room so I got to it before I fainted. I started to brush my teeth while standing in front of the sink and mirror. After a couple of seconds, I felt extremely dizzy and flashes of lights were appearing in front of my eyes. I started staggering to the toilet in order to have a seat. I'd felt this type of dizziness many times before and knew the reason behind it was the fact that I suddenly got up after lying down for so long, so I knew how to deal with it. But I didn't sit down in time and I must have fallen down on the floor. I don't know how long I was out for, but it was around 1:30 in the afternoon when I had woken up.

I told my mum right after that and she told me that it was because I had missed a dose of my iron deficiency medications. I didn't really believe her though, because I don't think anybody would faint (at my age) if they missed one day's dose of a medication that they have to drink daily for six months. I think she just wanted to scare me into remembering to drink it every day.

By anon253789 — On Mar 10, 2012

I'm 15 and earlier this morning in the shower I fainted for the first time. I woke up because my stomach hurt due to cramps. Then I got in the shower and when I started washing my hair I got extremely dizzy and my heart started racing and it's like I had no control over my hands. The next thing I knew, I was on the ground. I got back up and felt it was going to happen again so I jumped out of the shower and lay down on my bathroom floor.

Now I have a bump on the back of my head from where I hit. Who knows what when I fell. Hope that never happens again. It was so scary. I haven't gone to a doctor and don't think I will.

By anon251236 — On Feb 29, 2012

Today I fainted in the early morning because I stood up all of a sudden after lying down. Also I hadn't slept the whole night and had drunk little water.

By anon243985 — On Jan 30, 2012

I have had this happen so many times but I can only remember three of them. Two times were in public. One was in the lobby of a friend's building and one outside when I was skateboarding and one at home when I got up from watching tv and went to get a soda.

I remember I had real bad pains in one side of my head each time and all I could see was black. My friend said that when I fell I was shaking on the floor for like one minute and just got up and walked away like it never happened and went and had a cigarette. She said when she asked me about it that I did not even know that it happened. It has been happening again and I do not know what to do about it.

By anon243314 — On Jan 27, 2012

I passed out for the first time in my life at age 26. I burned my hand trying to take out a cast iron skillet with a thin oven mitt, ran it under cold water, went upstairs to sit then passed out after feeling dizzy. My brother woke me up after a few seconds.

I felt like I was having a heart attack at first, and I could tell I was going to pass out before it happened. I didn't go to the doctor even though they mentioned calling 911.

I figure it was lack of food and hydration that caused it.

By keyshonte991 — On Jan 12, 2012

I've fainted once in my life. When I was 15 years old I was at an outside mall with my aunties and I was fine when we first got there but as the day went on, we were walking around the mall and I started to feel real sick, like out of it, almost. It was becoming hard to walk and stand. Right before I fainted, all I remember seeing is black spots and thinking what's going on with me? I knew something terrible was about to happen, then I heard my auntie scream my name as I was falling.

As soon as I woke up and sat up, I started throwing up. I never went to the doctor; they just took me to get something to eat. I was shaking because I was so scared. To this day I don't know why I fainted that day. But a year later when I was 16 I had to get a blood transfusion. I had four bags of blood because my menstrual cycle was extremely heavy and long lasting. I almost died. If I hadn't gone to the doc, I would have lost too much blood.

By anon237397 — On Dec 29, 2011

I am 17 now. Yesterday I fainted in my house, and when I searched for the cause, I came across this article and it is mentioned that people may faint due to excessive coughing and I suppose that must be the cause, because the previous day and night, I was not able to sleep properly because of a cold and I was coughing like anything. Now I am getting better and thanks for helping me to know the reason.

By anon236405 — On Dec 22, 2011

Yesterday I fainted for the first time, outside my violin teacher's house after a lesson. Ten minutes before I fainted, I had a stomachache, then I felt tired and dizzy.

My mum and my teacher were talking in front of her house on the doorstep. I was just staring into space and soon I felt like I was going to be sick. My vision blurred and it kept getting darker. Soon I could see nothing but I knew my eyes were open. I could still hear everything and then my violin teacher called out to me because I was swaying and started to fall down a step and into a bush. She caught me before i hit my head on the floor.

I still couldn't talk or see anything for a few seconds and then I could see again and my teacher and mum were staring at me with concern. They told me that my eyes had fully dilated and I just started to fall. I recently turned 13. It was so scary.

By anon236262 — On Dec 22, 2011

It was so weird. I've almost fainted twice now and it's never happened before this year.

The first time happened back in June, and the second time now three days before Christmas. The first time, I was standing up on heels getting my prom dress fitted and she was measuring and stuff, as normal, and then all of a sudden I just really, desperately wanted to sit down. I was just telling myself to stop being stupid, it's just a dress fitting. Then I started to see dots and that completely messed up my vision. I could hardly see and then my hearing went. I heard this really high pitched ringing somewhere? But I couldn't hear anything else. So I said (what I thought I said) "I need to sit down, everything's gone weird!" So she let me sit down, got me a drink and after a few minutes, I was fine and she carried on measuring.

Never thought of it again, but today, it happened a second time. I was in the supermarket Christmas shopping with my mum and we hadn't even been standing/walking around for ages, really. And then again, I seriously wanted to just sit down. My back hurt, but this time my breathing went slightly weird. So I was just like, "Nah, I'll be fine." Wrong! Got to the check out queue and I told my mum that my hearing had gone, my sight was going so she told me to go sit down on a stool that was directly opposite from us. I could hardly see where it was. All I could really see was the outline of a stool and the rest had all gone grey with the amount of dots that had filled my vision.

So I started to walk to what I thought was straight to the stool but, instead, I crashed into this rack of clothes. Thinking about it now, I can't stop laughing! But then I jut felt like crying because I was so confused. My mum ran over to me and had to help me walk to the stool. I sat down and then I stated to get just incredibly hot. Se felt my forehead and said I was burning up and sweating. So she took my coat off and I was just boiling. She walked back over to the queue and asked if I could get a glass of water. A lady came over with some and I drank it. This time, though, that feeling didn't wear off quite as fast as the first time this happened.

I'm scared it will happen at school or somewhere it will be even more embarrassing!

By anon234943 — On Dec 15, 2011

I'm 16 years old and I just fainted yesterday. It happened around 2 or 3 in the afternoon. At first, my tummy was aching for a long time and then I noticed that I could hardly breathe and then I tried to walk. I even went to the restroom because I felt like vomiting but it didn't come out.

I did everything in bed, until I called my mom to help me because I was weakening and I couldn't move myself. She was panicking that afternoon, because I fainted. My sister told me that it's because of the acid thing. I don't know. I'm still confused because it's my first time and I don't want that to happen again.

By anon233780 — On Dec 09, 2011

I am a 20 year old female. I am rather healthy and quite energetic.

My first fainting was a few months ago. I was woken by my father because he wanted to borrow a little money. I got up, grabbed my card and walked up the hall to him. I remember having to stop every few steps to grab the wall. I know light-headedness can be caused by getting up too fast so I told him to wait I was dizzy. I gave him the card, remember saying you're welcome and made it back to my bedroom. I can't remember opening the door or hitting the floor, but I do remember dad trying to open the door because I had fallen lengthwise and hit my head on my bed base. My head hurt for a few days latter and after that I was fine.

The second was at work, a month or so later. I was standing at the counter writing stolen things off and I started to feel weird. I drank some of my water and then went to turn around. I staggered and decided to attempt to make it to the customer seat near the door. I was wobbly and I believe I must have brushed a few people on my way. They were concerned that I couldn't see through tunnel vision or hear well. I put my head on my knees and was taken outside soon after due to a lack of color in my face. I was given a drink and then sent home. I felt fine within half an hour. I escaped without fainting.

My third and most recent spell was this afternoon. I had not eaten since the day before and decided to get dropped off at the shops to find something. I was standing in there for a while and started to feel faint. I bought my things and noticed how slow she was at counting the money. I knew it would be soon and eventually got outside and sat against a wall. I put my head back, closed my eyes and remember feeling like I was in bed, sleeping. dreaming. I opened my eyes to a sideways world and a car park in front of me. I didn't understand for a few seconds and then texted my mother for a taxi which never came, so my brother came and walked me home.

I have not gone to the doctors for any of these because I thought of them as pre-menstruation lightheadedness. I do believe I must go now, for I have a huge headache from the faint and my legs hurt like the blood is not pumping right.

Just wanted to share another variation.

By anon232228 — On Nov 29, 2011

I've fainted twice and I am only 14, almost 15. I am currently a freshman girl, but the first time was at the end of eighth grade. I remember this because it was February, a month before my grandma had passed away, and the day before the last day of the MSA (Maryland Student Assessment). I remember we were watching TV at home (me, my older sister, little brother, mom, and my step dad). I got up to get a drink of water, feeling completely fine. I looked out the window, just looking around our street. Next thing I knew, my stepdad was standing over me. I knew he was shaking me and asking me something, but I just couldn't feel him doing it or hear what he was saying. Then I felt cold and started shivering uncontrollably (because I had spilled my water all over me when I went down). Then I realized the rest of my family was standing in the doorway and my stepdad told my mom to call for an ambulance. I don't remember fainting or falling on the floor. My head hurt for the rest of the day and a few days after that because I had hurt it on the stove and on the floor.

The second time was in early November in health class, almost a month ago. We were watching a movie. I remember how they were performing surgery on some guy with larynx cancer and it showed everything. I kind of already knew what was happening to me when I started getting light-headed and my vision started blurring and spinning in circles like it did last year. I put my head down on the table. I guess I blacked out after that.

Then my health teacher (who was also a licensed nurse who teaches nursery in my school – small world, huh?) started shaking me and I thought she was going to yell at me for not paying attention to the movie (haha for me) but then I realized I was on the floor and that she was asking me if I was okay. All my classmates were staring at me, which was so embarrassing. Apparently, I had hit the back of my head on my chair and slumped to the floor, pushing the desk out on my way down (even though I don't remember any of that). The school nurse came up to the class and took me to the nurse's office in a wheelchair. I was fine by then, but my mom still wanted to take me to the doctor.

Personally, I think that I just have hemophobia (fear of blood) and abodyemigphobia (fear of the human body and the inside organs), which is causing me to faint. Whenever I picture blood or something to do with the insides of a person, I get all yucky-feeling and dizzy. My feet start to burn and my head starts to pound. But my parents don't listen to me. There has to be something wrong with me.

But I'm glad I'm not the only one who suddenly blacks out. Not as embarrassing now that I know I'm not alone anymore.

By anon213343 — On Sep 10, 2011

I'm dean, 20 from London. I beat fainting and it's a horrible thing. Here's how.

I first fainted about four months ago. I'm pretty sure it was because I pushed myself a little too much at the gym on very little food that day. When I fainted it caused a lot of drama at the gym, I think peoples reactions scared me more than the actual faint. I have had every test possible, heart and head scan, 24 hour EEG, ECG, blood tests, hormone balance test, ear/ eye tests. They all came out fine.

I kept convincing myself that there was something physically wrong with me. I even managed to convince myself I had AIDS and went for a test and once it came out negative, I still didn't believe the hospital so I went for a second test at anther clinic. It took me a long time to realize that the faints could be mental. The first one was physical, could be because lack of food/water or an uncomfortable situation but the faints after the first could well be mental. The brain is so powerful, you could be anxious about something without even knowing so.

So, what you do is try to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. Think of your first faint. Is there a pattern? Was it on a train? And now every time you go on the train you feel faint?. Even if there isn't a pattern, the anxiety from the first faint could creep up on you and make you feel faint again. What I did is explain this to my doctor, talk to her about anxiety. She has given beta blockers for my anxiety and since then I feel fine. They help to keep your pulse at a regular and comfortable level and are very good for anxiety or if you feel anxious cause you think you're going to faint take them and see the difference. I'm not planning on staying on them for long, once I get comfortable in situations where I would feel faint I will lower my dosage until I can calm myself down naturally.

I would recommend this if you're fainting. I would also recommend camomile tea through out the day as it is a natural beta blocker. Just take extra care, eat well, get a good sleep and most importantly stay positive. Don't let faints prevent you from doing anything, just let people know you're prone to fainting and if you don't feel well, sit down. Never let it stop you from doing what you want to do, and don't escape the situation if you do feel faint confront it.

To people who are supporting someone who faint, please be very patient. And I would also say, don't talk about fainting too much cause I think it makes the person feel worse. The least you talk and think about it the better the person will feel. Make it sound like it's not a big deal, things could be a lot worse.

You only have to look on this site to see that a lot of people go through it and get out of it. Sometimes there is no explanation, you just have to deal with it in the best way you can.

Take care everyone, and I wish you good health. God bless!

By anon211803 — On Sep 04, 2011

One time I was visiting someone in the hospital. I was with my mom, and I asked for water. She went with me out the two swinging doors. I began to get even more nauseated and my hearing became a blur, as well as my vision. My breathing felt a bit irregular, then I remember telling my mom, "I can't see." Then I awoke with two nurses and my mom above me. They helped me up into a chair and gave me some water and biscuits(which I gave to my younger brothers). I still had a hard time breathing normally, so I had to drink the water slowly in short sips. I was extremely confused and they asked my mom questions concerning why I'd fainted.

I still am not sure why I fainted, but every other time that I had visited again, I had the same feeling, but sat down immediately when I felt nauseated. I also had subsequent times where I felt like fainting, but escaped it by lying down.

By anon211502 — On Sep 03, 2011

I'm 22 years old and I almost fainted tonight while I was at a bar. I was smoking a cigarette (like usual) and my friend was telling me about her sister's brain surgeries and I started feeling nauseous. I thought it was the few beers I had drank but then I started to feel really hot and my vision was fuzzy.

My breathing was very short so I eventually told my friend that I wasn't feeling well so we left and then my hearing started to fade and I got that ringing noise. I tried to mentally calm myself down, as I've had previous experience of friends passing out with similar symptoms, and I sat down for a few minutes and felt back to normal. I've gotten light headed before but have never ever had such an extreme experience like this.

I've noticed that a lot of these experiences have been after they've listened/watched/etc. things about the human body, diseases, blood, etc. Some people just may be queasy about those type of things. I know I am, but have never gotten sick over it. I suppose I'm getting old.

By anon210446 — On Aug 30, 2011

Eat well and exercise and sleep well. That's it.

By anon204802 — On Aug 10, 2011

The first time I fainted was late at night. I got up to go to the washroom and was feeling kind of sick the night before. After I did my business, I pulled my pants up and collapsed. I'm not sure how long I was out for because everyone was sleeping. As I got up to go back to bed, I became very dizzy. I stumbled and fell face first into my door, and that's when my parents came rushing in.

The second time, which was this morning, I was packing up all my things downstairs because I was going to move into my new house. As I was unscrewing a screw on the wall mount i fainted. Again, I'm not sure how long, but my parents wondered what was taking me so long. They came downstairs and started freaking out, asking what I was doing there. I had thought I slept there the entire night and I couldn't remember anything i did that morning or the night before. It feels like i have a cut on my lip and I'm pretty sure I hit my head hard on something. I threw up later and had an excruciating headache.

I went to the doctor and they did a blood test which caused me to almost pass out again. Afterward, I came home and slept, and now I feel fine.

By anon200921 — On Jul 28, 2011

I fainted today and it scared the crap out of me. I rode my bike to subway to get lunch for the family. It was like 89 outside, and I hadn't eaten or drunk anything beforehand.

Inside the subway it was like 65 degrees. I started to give the lady my order when I realized something was wrong. I started pacing, and then all I could say was "I don't feel good" then I managed to sit down, but I don't remember how. It was like my body was floating. They gave me some water (I was only out for a few seconds). I tried to get up again and it started happening again so I sat back down.

After I started to come back to full consciousness, I realized I had knocked a bunch of chips and bottles off the shelves and knocked over a chair on my way to the seat I was in. I helped them clean it and thanked them for the water, got my order and rode home. Nothing else happened, but I have a headache.

By anon194631 — On Jul 08, 2011

I fainted for the first time two days ago. It started off like any other day. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom. I had cramps but figured it must be that time, but they kept getting worse. I told my mom I didn't feel good and I think she just shrugged it off. I tried to go back to my bed but it felt like I had to go to the bathroom again. As I was sitting there, my whole body felt weird, like when you blush you can feel your face getting red, but this was an all over body feeling and I started to get extremely lightheaded. I stood up and started walking toward the door. About two steps in, I heard a a loud noise, not realizing it was me hitting my face into the sink.

I woke up to my mother pushing on the door and telling me to sit up because she couldn't get in. She tried to help me up but all I could say was "I don't feel good" and I heard my dad say, "Wow she's really pale. We should take her to the ER". My mom helped me up and made me sit on the couch with all my brothers and sisters watching me. She got me a glass of orange juice and I begged for aleve to stop whatever pain was in my gut because it made me wince whenever it came.

After about 20 minutes and a couple trips to the bathroom, I started feeling better and was beginning to get my color back. My mom says I could be hypoglycemic. (Thought I would share since I didn't see any other hypoglycemic entries).

By anon178522 — On May 21, 2011

i fainted today in a room full of 30 people in my class. It was embarrassing. i could tell i was about to faint. Everything was blurred and my breathing was heavy and then i blacked out! i woke up after few minutes and realized i had actually fainted! i had an exam today and i am not well.

By anon177630 — On May 18, 2011

I was in a class where we were discussing the human body, especially the layers of the skin, and blood, and I started to get really sweaty, burning up one second, the other feeling fine. That went on for a little until I started to get lightheaded, where I still ignored and then eventually saw spots. I asked to go to the nurses office after getting called on, and when standing up, almost blacked out, but I was wheeled to the nurse's office in a wheelchair.

Before that, once we were talking about AIDS and I was getting really lightheaded, and we were all sitting on the floor, and I unknowingly looked down, holding my head, and was saved by the bell.

By RedDevil012 — On May 13, 2011

Today i have fainted for like 10 seconds. This is the second time this has happened. It happens to me when i get less sleep than four or five hours. Today i woke up to a phone ringing and the next thing i knew, i was on the ground. i don't know how i have fallen down. is this normal?

By anon171862 — On May 02, 2011

I'm a 27 year old man, working for the government. I have fainting after i vomited and after that i don't remember anything. I mean anything that from the day before I became faint.

The doctor says it's normal, but I'm not satisfied with that. It keeps on happening once every month or two months. Every time when i wake up from this faint, i find myself in the hospital, and really i don't remember anything. Please i need your help.

By anon171500 — On Apr 30, 2011

I was at work just on Tuesday running the self checkout. I remember standing watching all four of the register areas, when I began to feel sick to my stomach. At first I thought it was just the flu bug coming along, so I ignored it. Within minutes I started feeling a bit dizzy and realized I was losing my concentration and things were not being done for the customers.

I walked over to the big computer for self checkout and leaned on the counter, waving for my supervisor to come over, as I knew at this time something was wrong. My supervisor gave me the one minute finger because he was assisting another customer. I just sat there as the room spun around me, and eventually everything went completely black. I had eaten a big meal prior to this (steaks and a pasta side with green beans) so it was unknown why this had happened.

Next thing I knew, I was on the ground freaking out. I was tot even sure who was around me at first, but I could hear them talking, but it seemed so distant. My supervisor called 911 since I didn't come back within minutes. I found out it was a mailman who was there who had caught me. when I came to, I realized the pharmacist, a co-manager, and a couple others were around me. I saw my supervisor in the distance as he took over to assist the customers at self checkout while occasionally checking in to see how I was doing after he made the emergency call.

Help arrived and I freaked out more. They had checked my blood pressure which was low; my pulse which was still racing, my heart beat which was racing, and eventually my blood sugar, which was 70. The co manager brought peanut butter crackers to me to eat (I love peanut butter, so this was a good choice). I remember them keeping me talking before help arrived after I came to.

I am a 23 year old female who works as a U-Scan Supervisor/Cashier at a local grocery store. I wasn't stressed out or anything along those lines. It has happened before and it is unknown as to the cause why this happens to me. Now at work, I am allowed to have crackers and a drink by my register/U-Scan area if needed.

I had noticed a cut on my right leg and bruises in many areas due to this. Today, three days later I still feel a bit weak, tired, and sore but the sore part is starting to go away. I do want to recover 100 percent. I wish I knew what the cause/root factor was behind this. This is the third time it happened but first time since 2005. (Note: my husband got fired from his job for leaving because of receiving this phone call regarding me fainting. It's an illegal firing but he is glad it happened because he was there beside me. We got phone records where he was called; and where he called his boss to let him know. He says he is looking for a new job because they treated him poorly there).

I am so thankful to work for such a great, caring company and thankful they helped me and haven't judged me based on this incident.

By anon171107 — On Apr 28, 2011

I have fainted multiple times in my life and I now know why but i want know how to avoid it!

By anon169033 — On Apr 19, 2011

I have fainted twice. When I was very young in karate class a boy was picking blood out of his teeth with a card. I felt and weak and remember waking up sitting on the ground and my mom was there. The second time was when i was watching a sex ed video in health class. I felt queasy and dizzy and asked to go to the nurse. I only remember getting to the door, and feeling like i was in a dream. I thought i was told to sit down by some lockers, but apparently, i fainted and my teacher caught me. I feel like this every time i go into my health class. what should i do?

By anon168505 — On Apr 17, 2011

this is the second time i felt this. the first was at PE. maybe it's because i hadn't drunk any water that week, only coke. i was a jokester and when i told my friends to bring me to the clinic they thought i was joking.

thank god someone believed me. i was helpless. it's the sight, like being blind, and I'm not sure. maybe you also can't breathe. i was alone the second time.

By anon168115 — On Apr 15, 2011

I was dissecting an cow eyeball, and no it is not easy to gross me out, i felt a gut pain, followed by dizziness and ear ringing, I got to the class front and fainted. I woke up and was pale. this helped a lot, because i was freaked out! Thanks!

By anon166592 — On Apr 09, 2011

Very, very nearly fainted in the middle of a concert yesterday, hadn't had any sleep for around 36 hours, hadn't had any water for another few hours and was up the front in a crowded venue. Vision started fading from the start of the encore, i started towards the back of the venue and blacked out and next thing i knew i was in a pile near the entrance with someone holding a bottle of water for me to drink, which helped immensely.

Hope this helps someone at least, so they don't get stuck in a crush of people.

By anon166022 — On Apr 06, 2011

I fainted for my first time just a few days ago. I woke up at about 5:20 a.m. on a Friday and my stomach was hurting immensely. I thought maybe it was "that time of the month" and I was just getting bad cramps like I had once before. Once they wouldn't let me get back to sleep, I decided to go to the bathroom and see if that would help. Just my luck, my parents were awake and taking showers in the closest bathroom to me, and I had to wait.

I fell asleep until 6:20, and I didn't hear any showers on. My stomach still hurt, so I got up to look out and see if the bathroom was free -- it wasn't. My vision went black from getting up too fast, and I waited for it to pass before shutting my door and walking back to my bed. As soon as I turned around to walk back, my vision slowly blackened and all I heard was my feet sliding against the carpet as I ran into the side of the bed, bounced off of it, and landed on my back on the floor. I had fully lost consciousness once I hit the floor, and I was out for 20 minutes.

Once I regained consciousness, I went to the bathroom and then back to bed. My stomach felt better from what it was, but still felt like I had cramps. My mom came into my room at 7 to wake me up for school, but of course I stayed home. I slept very hard between then and 9 a.m. when I had to leave to go to the doctor, probably because I lost quite a bit from being woken up from the pain.

Fainting was an interesting experience, although very painful to go through. Not only the pain before it, but the huge bruise on my right knee and my skinned left elbow. My head is also not completely back, and I'm having a tougher time doing homework than usual. I just hope it clears up before I start failing all my classes.

By anon164994 — On Apr 03, 2011

i have only ever fainted three times. The first time i fainted was in a science lesson. i had not eaten anything or drank nothing since 9 p.m. the night before.

The science lesson was about the earth's crust. i started to feel really dizzy and lightheaded. i took a painkiller but it didn't really do much good.

My eyes started to go blur I felt like i was swaying the next thing I knew i was on the floor my teacher bent down and asked if i was all right. I went to the hospital they said everything was when the second time i fainted was in year 10 sat at the back in an assembly it i was sat at the bac of the room it was the end of term assembly.

we were in the assembly room for 30 minutes so far. i started to feel dizzy and i had cramps in my stomach. i said to my form tutor that i didn't feel well.

i started to go white as a sheet he took me outside as i got to the door i felt worse everything went black at this point i was outside the door i fell to my left and my tutor caught me.

i woke up in hospital about two hours later. The three times i fainted was when i was in year 11. we were on the netball court doing a firebell drill. i started to have the same symptoms as i tried to keep up right. everything went black. i don't really remember anything after that. i was out for about 10 minutes. i went to the first aid room where i had a lie down. i was fine after that.

By TutorsTeach — On Mar 21, 2011

If someone hits me on my back or the back of my neck, will I faint if it's strong enough? How do people faint (like in movies) when they show an outlaw hits someone on the back or his neck or head? What exactly happens? What causes it?

By anon161419 — On Mar 19, 2011

One time in class, it was so close to the end of the day. Literally, we only had like maybe 30 minutes let of school. Anyway, I was just getting over a stomach virus and thought I was better and well enough to go back to school. Bad Idea! I felt fine, and then all of the sudden I wake up in the hospital and my mom was so upset and crying. She said there for a while, I had no idea who she even was or who I was. It was scary.

By anon158779 — On Mar 08, 2011

It was 6:00am on Sunday 6th March and I woke up randomly. Nothing was wrong, I just woke up like normal people do sometimes. I turned my head and my neck clicked and when I turned by head back, it hurt so much. I decided to get up and tell my parents. When I was walking down the hall (it was nearly completely dark), I felt absolutely fine (apart from my neck). I told my parents and they said I had probably pulled a muscle. As they were telling me that I should go back to bed and sleep it off, I started to feel really dizzy. I thought that the dizziness was me just being tired. As I was walking back, the dizziness got worse and then everything went black.

I woke up later to find myself on the floor with my mum, dad and sister by my side. My ears felt like they were blocked and for the first few seconds that I was awake, I thought I was dreaming (it had that sort of dreamy feel). When I asked what happened, my mum said that I had passed out onto the vacuum cleaner! Luckily, I didn't hurt myself. I then found out I had only been passed out for about 10 seconds.

After a few seconds of getting to grips that I had passed out, I reassured my mum that I felt fine now. However, a few seconds into me being on my feet, I passed out again. I woke up, on the floor -- again. My mum told me that I should go downstairs and lie on the sofa, but while I was walking to the stairs, I passed out again.

When I woke up, my parents told me not to get up again. They brought me a pillow, a blanket and some form of entertainment because I would be spending the rest of the morning here.

While I was chilling on the ipad, my parents were trying to call 999. The nurse at the other end told us that it wasn't life threatening so we would have to wait. After about half an hour of waiting, we got told that we shouldn't get an ambulance.

It was now that I began asking questions about what happened. Apparently my eyes were wide open in a blank stare when I was passed out, however, it felt like I was in a deep sleep because I couldn't see, hear or feel anything.

At about 10 a.m. that morning, I tried having some pain killers (for my neck, which still hurt a lot) and some breakfast. After I had my breakfast (some toast), with a bit of help I was able to gradually stand up and walk around.

I went to the hospital straight after I was able to walk again. The doctor said everything was normal but my blood sugar was a bit low (and that was after I had my breakfast. Imagine what it would've been like when I had just woken up!)

The doctor also said that my neck had nothing to do with it. It was an unfortunate coincidence to make my fainting episodes much worse.

I was able to go to school the next day, but with my Mum being very over protective (lol), we went to my local doctors. The doctor said that most people pass out in their lives -- especially teenagers. However, if it happens again, I would have to go back in and get more tests.

I'm feeling so much better now. My neck is getting better and I'm no longer having fainting episodes (touch wood!).

For anyone wondering what passing out feels like: I personally thought passing out was fine! The dizziness before isn't particularly nice and waking up is quite confusing and scary (because you might see stars, your hearing might go weird, you might worry about what state your in) but the passing out feels like a deep sleep. I'm not saying this is the same for every person.

By anon156919 — On Feb 28, 2011

A while back, when I was just five years old, I had fainted after seeing blood while taking a blood test, then fainted again later on when I was about seven, from accidentally stapling my finger (obviously involved blood).

However, now I am 12 years old, a seventh grader. Last semester, I was in my science class. No tests were about to happen, it was a normal day, normal weather. Basically, it was like any other day. I wasn't nervous at all or anything.

Out of nowhere, I could feel this dizziness in my head, an extreme headache came along, and the worst part was my abdominal/stomach. There was extreme pain in my stomach. It was definitely the worst thing I have ever felt. When I got up, I figured you know, maybe I just had diarrhea and that's why my stomach hurt so bad, but no.

When I got up to go get a bathroom pass, I realized that going to the bathroom wouldn't have been enough. I walked up to my teacher with the bathroom pass, (this is when the blackout started coming, so I was already half asleep) and asked if I could go to the nurse. "Are you feeling okay?" she asked. I said "Yeah I'm fine" (I honestly, have no idea why I said that! I was in extreme pain).

As I walked to the door, everything started getting darker and darker. The noises on the outside went blank (couldn't hear anything), and my stomach was still in extreme pain. Once my vision, sound, etc. was totally gone, all I remember was waking up on the floor – still to an extreme stomach pain.

One of my classmates walked up to me asking if I was okay. "Did I just faint?" I asked.

She said "Yeah," but then I just passed out again.

As my class was being evacuated out, so that I could get some more space, a couple of teachers, counselors and the nurse, came to help me sit against the wall. That's when I started hearing, "Call 911, Call 911."

The paramedics finally came, and checked my blood pressure, etc. Then they put me on the gurney, and rolled me inside the ambulance truck. In the truck they did that sticking the needle in your finger (what they do to diabetics), and did like a couple of blood tests on me.

Once I arrived at the hospital, they still checked my blood and everything. When I got out, turned out everything came out negative (good).

However, from that day on, all I've been feeling now is dizziness, headaches, stomach pains, lack of energy, problems concentrating, etc. and now I have a thyroid problem (problem with my neck --not sure if that has anything to do with it).

All I want to know is: What is wrong with my body? I've been sobbing my butt off each month, wondering, and wondering what is up with my body. Why do I have to experience this pain? Why do many of us have to? I just want to know how I can make this dizziness, fainting, etc. stop!

Somebody, please help me with this problem. I'm desperate to get my body fixed.

By anon151795 — On Feb 11, 2011

I am a 14 year old girl, I have a heart disease called Wolf white parkinson syndrome, and yesterday at school it was like 11 a.m. and we had an activity in french class at the library.

Usually it happens to me a lot that I start to feel dizzy and I think that I will faint, so I thought it was normal.

I was at the stand and suddenly I wanted to puke. I was feeling dizzy my vision was blurry, and the noises started to be less and less noisy, then i didn't hear anything and the lights were off in a circle motion.

When I woke up I thought it was a dream. I was on the floor and there were two teachers in my face and my classmates around me.

It's the first time of my life that I fainted. I didn't go to school today.

By anon148779 — On Feb 02, 2011

i went to the doctor. well, i had a headache and i cried and couldn't go to sleep. in the middle of the night, i woke up to go to the toilet. on the way there. i opened the door, closed it and boom! I fainted.

my mum woke up and got me on the bed. she woke me up and my legs were really sore and i can't feel anything. i went to the doctor and she said i needed rest. I've had a orders for a blood test but i haven't done it because I'm scared. this has happened to me over three times and i am worried. it happens at least every month!

By anon147291 — On Jan 28, 2011

I'm 16 years old and almost 17. I faint when I get IVs or if I get blood taken. Also when I get piercings.

I usually feel really weak and feel like I'm going to puke.

When I first got my lip pierced, I fainted, and I was out for a couple mins but when I fainted, a lot of random images passed right in front of me. it was so weird. I don't know why that happened.

By anon146871 — On Jan 27, 2011

I started taking an anti-depressant. Apparently, fainting is an extremely common side-effect of it. (Just wish my doctor would have warned me!) I fainted the first day I took it, while waiting on line at a store.

I started feeling really, really dizzy, like the room was spinning. I was sweating like crazy, and the sweat felt cold to the touch. The one weird thing was that I felt this tingling feeling going from my shoulders, down my spine, and my mouth got really dry, my ears started ringing, and everything around me went black. It was really scary, and it's happened a few other times since.

By anon144511 — On Jan 20, 2011

I'm 16 years old and i fainted for the first time yesterday. It was weird because it was midterms and i finished my exam early and was on the computer while waiting for other people to finish.

i then began to get stomach cramps, like the worst i ever had, and i thought it was serious so i got up to ask the teacher to go to the nurse and the second i got up i began to feel light headed and dizzy and was blacking out half way (this was normal because I'm 6 foot 2 and when i stand up to quick after sitting for a while that happens and I'm fine).

When i asked the teacher that's when i began to feel as though i was on drugs (i couldn't think straight and i felt like i was confused and i was not on drugs). i then proceeded to walk out the door and all i remember is opening the door half way and the feeling of hitting my shoulder during the fall. i woke up surrounded by teachers and they sat me up and helped me recover. Apparently i passed out a few more times when they sat me up but i don't remember that. it is weird to think back on it because it is so surreal and it feels like i have someone else's memory of that situation.

By anon144172 — On Jan 19, 2011

I've fainted about 4 times and i thought I'd share how i felt and the symptoms before you faint: weak, dizzy, buzzing noise and everything else is quiet, blurred/fuzzy vision and you feel cold, then you black out. for me, it was about four seconds, when awake again you feel very how and clammy/sweaty and a bit dizzy.

By anon144168 — On Jan 19, 2011

I'm 13 and last year i fainted about three or four times. They were almost all in the summer time and i live in australia so it's usually above 30 degrees celsius. I would feel weak and sick, my vision would go blurred and all the noise i was hearing would go really quiet, and then I'd black out.

i had two blood tests and they couldn't find anything wrong. In the end they just said it's got to do with my hormones and growing.

By anon142474 — On Jan 13, 2011

It's my fourth time fainting. It's very strange and uncomfortable, especially this time.

I was watching a movie with my friends we are all 5-16, a bunch of close mates going to see the new film 127 hours. It was 15 minutes from the end of the movie and there was a scene where the actor james franco cuts his arm off to get out of the rock and he was cutting through bones, nerves, tissue and muscle tissue. It was very gory.

I felt fine while watching it, but 5 or 10 minutes afterward, i felt very hot and conscious (dizzy) and before i knew it i was out (passed out) and the next thing i know i have a dozen people including my friends asking if I'm OK. I was like yeah, I'm fine. Don't worry and continued watching the movie. It was as though i was aware what to do, but just a very awkward moment for me being in the cinema. Obviously some people would find this hilarious, but the thing is i was laughing afterwards.

By anon142456 — On Jan 13, 2011

I keep fainting when I'm in the shower, specifically when I'm on my period and feel weak (sorry- too much info). is this normal?

By anon141432 — On Jan 10, 2011

For everyone on here who faints all the time and the doctors don't know why, i used to faint almost everyday/week.

the doctors could not find out why and at the age of 10 a hole in my heart was found and fainting was the only sign i had. the doctors never believed me or my mum when we said anything was wrong and never really looked into it. i still faint now, but not very often, so if you do faint very regularly, i would recommend getting it checked.

By anon140250 — On Jan 06, 2011

Im 13 years old and i fainted once in my whole life. One word for you: scary.

I was in gymnastics practice and we were doing cartwheels. (like five in a row). I was waiting in line to do my drill. It was my turn and i did about three cartwheels and than i saw yellow spots everywhere, my head started hurting and i fell.

Of course the teacher and other kids though i just fell regularly, so i lay there and raised my hand to ask to go to the bathroom.

I tried so hard to get up but my legs kept caving in, and my head was hurting so bad. the teacher ran over and helped me up. The guy in charge of the place picked me up and carried me to the bathroom and my mom was there with me.

i started to feel better but i still saw yellow dots everywhere. it took almost 30 for them to go away!

After the whole incident, i felt good as new, but i was terrified it would happen again, so i just sat down all day. i didn't want to fall somewhere. the next say i stayed home from school and i was fine.

Very scary experience, but the doctor said that i fainted because you go upside-down when you do a cartwheel, so not much blood was flowing, so i got dizzy and fell! So scary!

By anon138818 — On Jan 02, 2011

My name is Bobby. I've fainted a few times in my life, but always I'd wake up a few minutes or even seconds later. I usually faint when I'm weak, hot, or when I'm taking blood tests, or something. The first time I've ever fainted was a few weeks ago, and I felt scared at first, but I was OK in the end.

By anon138626 — On Jan 01, 2011

I fainted this morning. Nothing was wrong, and the paramedics said it may have been because of my blood pressure suddenly dropping. My vision was blurred and I gained consciousness after a few minutes.

By anon138621 — On Jan 01, 2011

I have fainted four times in my life, all of them at school. Twice in PE and twice in science.

I began to feel really dizzy and lightheaded and was sweating really badly the next thing i knew i was on the floor. I had this really weird dream while i was unconscious and was really scared.

I went to the hospital and they was going to keep me in overnight but they decided not to. This was all in year seven, two years ago. It's really annoying and embarrassing.

By anon136149 — On Dec 21, 2010

My name's mitch. i was getting my blood taken for preoperative stuff and they took the blood then when she pulled out the needle, i went all light headed and fell off the chair.

but my mum said i was having convulsions and was making weird noises. i woke up and i was fine but when i was out of it my dream was that i was in a car crash.

But the weird thing about that is my aunt had blood taken from her when she was younger and in her dream she was in a car crash.

Just wondering if there's something going on there.

By anon135453 — On Dec 18, 2010

This morning during assembly at school, I started feeling dizzy and started to sweat profusely and I felt as if something was pulling me down. Soon after that, everything went black and then i started hearing voices and then I was looking at the face of a teacher and I thought I was dreaming.

I never thought that i really did faint until my friend who had caught me from falling to the ground told me. Fainting is such a scary ordeal. I hope I never faint again.

By anon135438 — On Dec 18, 2010

A while ago I fainted at a choir performance and I had a sore throat. That was the second time I ever fainted. The other time, I was in class and that night I got a fever of 103 degrees. Why would I faint when I only have a flu?

By anon135159 — On Dec 17, 2010

my cousin kept passing out. Finally the doctors found something. For those of you who keep passing out, have the doctor check your heart and make sure your heart valves are all right. my cousin had one that worked and two that were connected to each other. They are all three supposed to work on their own.

she found out about her heart two weeks later and had what was supposed to be a four-hour surgery that lasted 24 hours and she passed away three days later, exactly two weeks before prom and exactly three weeks before her 17th birthday.

By anon132831 — On Dec 08, 2010

I fainted this Saturday while shopping. As far as i remember, it was a complete quick blackout, and the next thing i knew was that i was on the floor and everyone was standing around me. My head hit a trolley, and when my dad tried to take me to the car, i fainted again on the foot path on the way.

It was a horrible experience, but i don't know what the reason for that was.

By anon131312 — On Dec 02, 2010

I am 22. I fainted a week ago in the morning hours. i was sweating all over, i even was feeling cold. some vomitish feeling was also there. but i was OK in 5 mins except for little weakness. is it due to increased pressure and tensions. kindly suggest.

By anon131048 — On Nov 30, 2010

I fainted last night. I gave blood in the morning and in the evening it had already been quite a while since giving blood so I decided to take a nice hot shower because it was freezing in my house. bad idea.

I felt fine in the shower but once I got out I got dizzy and walked to my room and don't remember anything else. Next thing I know my dad is in my room calling my name a bunch of times asking if he wanted me for him to call an ambulance. I begged him not to and tried to stand up. He helped me onto my bed and I asked for water. He ran downstairs to get me some, and I just kept on touching my nose because it felt wet and swollen.

He gave me the water and ran to fetch the phone to call my mom and when he walked into my room again I was passed out and the cup of water was on the floor and my bed was soaked. He freaked out and started calling my name again and I woke up and asked him for water again, not realizing what I just did. He got me some again but helped me drink it this time.

Once I felt myself again I got dressed (I was naked/wrapped in a towel the whole time), and walked into my bathroom to see the damage. My nose was really swollen and scratched up, and bleeding a little. Now I have to walk around for two weeks and have people constantly ask what happened to my nose. Haha.

By anon129267 — On Nov 22, 2010

The first time I fainted was last year, when I was 17. It was in the morning, and I had a really long day ahead of me so I was pretty stressed. I remember washing my hands in the bathroom and starting to feel really hot and cold all over, and then my vision started to blur and go dark, and I couldn't hear anything. I walked out of the bathroom and tried to grab on to the wall, and called my mom to say that I felt strange. I don't really remember calling her or falling, I just remember waking up on the floor with my mom asking me if I was okay.

So a year passed since then and no more fainting spells occurred, but this morning I woke up, felt fine, showered, and was getting ready when all of a sudden I started feeling really weird. Hot and cold, my vision starting narrowing into nothing, and I couldn't hear anything except a faint ringing.

The next thing I remember, I was in the bathtub. I must have fainted backward into it. So I was pretty freaked out, but my mom either didn't hear the crash when I fell (I heard it over the ringing while I was fainting!) or she just thought I dropped something. I really didn't want to tell her, so I quickly got up and managed to get to my bedroom, before I fainted again. I don't really remember the trip to my room, or getting inside and closing the door. I woke up on the floor in this narrow little space between the end of my bed and my chest of drawers.

I was too afraid to tell my family or friends about it, so I'm just keeping it to myself. Should I be concerned that this will happen again?

By anon127730 — On Nov 17, 2010

OK just this monday I passed out while sitting in my chair. Yesterday I passed out in the street walking to my bus stop and today I passed out in the shower. What is going on with me? please someone help. I'm scared and alone.

By anon126805 — On Nov 14, 2010

I fainted the other day, (i prefer the term collapsed though, sounds more manly). i was just about to go upstairs and was holding my laptop. I stood up and started seeing yellow dots all over my vision, then my vision went and i fell over and hit my head on the corner of some shelves. My face was numb when i woke up from where i hit the floor.

All i could remember was having a sort-of-dream while i was out. i couldn't stop laughing, i don't know why but i found it funny. I found out it was because i haven't been eating enough at school. its a small café for a school of about 1000 people so i sometimes don't bother getting anything.

This article is very good, very explanatory, thanks.

By anon124126 — On Nov 04, 2010

my name is pavie. i passed out yesterday this being the fourth time this has ever happened. i haven't gone to the doctor yet because every time i awake i seem to be all right. it seems to be i pass out once a year but i don't know why i do and i always faint when I'm around a lot of people.

i never passed out alone always doing something in a crowd. i believe it can be from thinking too much.

By anon123762 — On Nov 03, 2010

Yeah, I have fainted twelve times. I am thirteen. I have fainted four times in each school year (Years 7,8 and 9 - I'm a Brit). In Year 7, the first time I fainted was when I was doing the bleep test in PE. I was the last one running, I beat all the boys. I was on level 18, and hadn't had breakfast or a drink yet.

I was running, and my legs weren't supporting my weight properly. Everyone else was outside so it was only me and the four PE teachers. They must've seen something was wrong, and one of them rushed over. As she got to me, I fainted. I actually greyed out. It's like blacking out, but everything fades to grey rather than black. When I woke up, she was carrying me into the PE office. I kept my eyes closed for a little while, and then opened them when she laid me on the floor. I had purposely shut my eyes for about fifteen seconds, and when I woke up she said I'd been out for about three minutes. I tried to get up and go, but I fainted again, and my head cracked open when it hit the door.

When I came to again, I had been out for five minutes and my PE teacher was panicking. I went to hospital, had stitches, and went home.

The third time I fainted in Year 7 was when I was collecting litter off the field. We took it in turns in our form, and it was my turn. I was the only one on the field, which was covered with snow as it was around Christmastime. My form tutor said he was going to get some coffee, so I was left alone on the field. A few seconds passed, and I started feeling really weak. I started to panic, and black spots appeared on my vision. Then I fainted.

My form tutor came back about five minutes later and found me lying in the snow, out cold (haha... so much pun). The snow gave me hypothermia and I had to go to hospital, again.

The fourth and final time I fainted in Year 7 was in maths. I can't remember what happened, and felt fine before and after. According to my friend, I was out for ten seconds, and my head just went down on the desk. My maths teacher *freaked*.

The first time I fainted in Year 8 was when I went to Arthog. Arthog is a place in Wales, and we went to Arthog Outdoor Activity Centre. It was the last night (we were there for four nights, five days) which was a Thursday. It was the disco. I'm not really a dancing person but I love music, so I was helping my PE teacher (a different one this time) pick the songs. I suddenly fainted, and fell backward, I don't know why. I woke up after about three seconds. My PE teacher was screaming, thinking I was seriously hurt.

I got up, and walked a few paces, but ended up slumped against a wall.

The second time was in Food Tech. We were all watching some technique for making the food (Chelsea Buns) when I suddenly felt really weak and dizzy, probably because I had been standing up so long. I tried leaning against one of the tables, and walking a few steps, but it didn't have any effect.

I saw my assistant food tech teacher in the crowd, and told her I "Don't feel so good." she took me outside, but I started getting spots over my vision. She steered me outside, then I'm not sure quite what happened but she was supporting me. At this time I was awake, conscious, but my vision was completely blacked out and I couldn't see a thing. She tried to lower me down to sit on the bottom of the stairs leading up to two classrooms (Art room and English room). I thought she was lowering me onto a chair, but it was too low down so I panicked and grabbed her arms really tightly. Cut me some slack, I was blind as a bat! She said it was OK to calm me down, and she sat me on the bottom stair.

She stepped back a little, and then my vision slowly returned. She looked really concerned, and said that I was really pale. The Art teacher came down and she sat next to me and asked if I'd had any breakfast. I lied, and said yes. She asked me what I'd had for breakfast, and I said cereal. She then asked me if I'd had a drink. I lied again, and said yes. She then went to get a First Aider, and I stayed at school and was fine.

This was one of the scariest because I remember it so clearly.

The third time was in Pear (Fancy term used at our school for 'RE'). I shut my fingers in the door really hard, and fainted. I woke up briefly for about three seconds. I saw the blood on my fingers, and my teacher was shaking me, telling me to wake up and asking if I could hear her. The class was put outside. I then fainted again, and woke up in the back of an ambulance with my teacher holding my good hand.

Now for the most recent Year 9 episodes! The first time I fainted in Year 9 was in Spanish. I hadn't eaten for three days or drank anything, and I hadn't had a good night sleep for about six days. I was standing up talking to my teacher, when I suddenly felt strange. I said I felt faint and she quickly told me to sit down on a chair. The rest of the class were next door watching a video, so they didn't know.

She turned around to phone the office (everyone at that point knew I was prone to fainting) but when she got off the phone she apparently heard a loud crash and I'd fainted, and hit the table as I fell, knocking it over. I broke six ribs and was in hospital for ages.

The second time was when I was getting my third HPV jab. I was just walking away when I fainted. lol. I'm usually good around needles but...

The third time was in the library. I just remember falling over, that was it.

The fourth time was the scariest by a long shot. I was walking down the English stairs. I'd had to stay back to help my English teacher with some tidying up. She is pregnant and things like bending down to pick something up is hard. (This was only yesterday). So, yeah, I was walking down the English stairs. There was another teacher behind me and one in front of me, but going up instead of down.

I suddenly felt my legs buckle, and fell. I remembering thinking, "Aw, crap!" but then the teacher behind me grabbed my arm really tightly, so I didn't fall. The other teacher grabbed my shoulders in case I fell forwards. They helped me back upstairs into the classroom and my pregnant English teacher looked really worried about me. They told her to stay with me while they went downstairs to get help, and they laid me down on the floor. She eased herself down so she was sitting next to me.

I wouldn't lie flat on my back so I just curled up in a ball and started crying because at this point my vision had gone and I felt really vulnerable not being able to see. She started stroking my hair and told me it was going to be OK, and then I just completely passed out as someone came in. I had to go to hospital because I wasn't breathing properly, but I'm out now and fine.

I don't know why I faint. My doctor can't find anything wrong but it's quite annoying and I have a large record of unfortunate incidents at school.

By anon123583 — On Nov 02, 2010

i was playing with a friend and she hit me hard on my lower left rib cage then blacked out for five minutes. i started coming to and i saw my past (like when i was 3) and woke up tingling all over my body.

I don't know what happened. I didn't even recognize my friend. Help me know what happened, please.

By anon123497 — On Nov 02, 2010

the other me and my sister went to see my aunt who just had an operation. Everything was fine and then my sister fainted. I felt fine at that point, and was actually helping her and telling everyone what to do.

At one point I remember I wanted to laugh but had to hold it in and then next thing i was being woken up by my dad shouting 'wake up' and 'are you OK'. I then got up and fainted again.

I find this situation highly strange as it happened to both me and my sister and I experienced no such symptoms before it occurred. I felt normal and fine.

By anon122964 — On Oct 30, 2010

I fainted/passed out when i was dancing at my school dance. I was dressed up as Snooki from Jersey Shore. Snooki had too much to drink. It was so embarrassing. I puked all over the dance floor! Luckily the next day i was fine.

It was really scary! I believe the reason that i fainted was that I do not do well with flashing lights. There were strobe lights and the flashing of all of the cameras made my body go in to shock. Like I said before, Snooki also had too much to drink!

By anon122780 — On Oct 29, 2010

today i went for an injection, and i sat there, and as soon as she did it i fainted. i whacked my head twice on the wall and it was black and i woke up in my mum and my nurses arms! scary.

By anon118853 — On Oct 15, 2010

i am 13 and i was on my laptop in my room when my dad called me to help him hold the ladder while he's painting. so after 10 minutes of holding it, i told him i was getting dizzy and he came down and i went straight to the sofa to sit and three feet away from the sofa everything went black when i touched the sofa.

i fainted and i woke up as if i fainted for hours but it was only like 15 seconds, and this was the first time this happened. so my dad gave me some orange juice and i feel really weird, strange like feeling.

By anon117955 — On Oct 12, 2010

well it was late a night and i had recently stubbed my toe so hard the toe nail was half off. so i decided that night was a good time to remove it. i did and it didn't hurt.

in the morning i was very tired and my toe hurt so bad, my mom put some antibiotic on it and it hurt. well i went to wait for the bus with my sister and it was very cold. Suddenly a truck went by and i got a strong feeling in the pit of my stomach. The next thing i know my sister is yelling at me to get on the bus. i am lying on the driveway looking at the bus. i stood up, went inside and didn't go to school. i slept most of the day but i felt fine after.

By anon117673 — On Oct 11, 2010

so last night i was in the kitchen cleaning my belly ring and it got infected really bad (i don't know how. i clean it twice a day?) Anyway, i ran down to show my mom in the kitchen and she was like, here let's put some peroxide on it so i was watching her and all of a sudden i was thinking I'm going to puke. my vision blurred, then spun, then black. I woke up on the floor with my mom yelling breathe! i woke up laughing. funniest thing that ever happened to me yet.

By anon115376 — On Oct 01, 2010

I'm 14 and I've fainted maybe six times since sixth grade (I'm in ninth now.) I went to the hospital two years ago, but they said everything was fine.

But two days ago, I got a scratch on my neck at volleyball practice and started bleeding a little. I went to the trainer's office to get cleaned up. I said, "I think I need to sit down." and then I was out. It wasn't the same. Usually, I can tell when I'm going to faint. I get weak and then my vision gets spotty, then I'm out.

She said I had my eyes open, and my pupils were really dilated. And I kept clenching my fists a little, and she said I was out for about 35 seconds, which isn't normal. I'm going my doctor on Saturday, and hopefully nothing's wrong.

By anon114399 — On Sep 28, 2010

Today I fainted. my vision got very blurry and I saw spots while walking down the hallway. And woke up to a teacher.

By anon112031 — On Sep 18, 2010

I was just sitting in a chair (I am 13). I just grew really dizzy, and all of a sudden, I could hear weird noises, then, I was out. What's up? I woke up to my dog licking my face.

By anon110901 — On Sep 13, 2010

@84886: That stinks! Hope they'll stop soon.

By anon110514 — On Sep 12, 2010

I'm 16 now and i have only fainted once. It was a few months ago, before i turned 16, it was late and i was really tired. i came downstairs for a glass of water, as i was thirsty.

unfortunately, my mum followed me down, and suddenly decided that it was the right time to lecture me. anyway, i ended up staying in the kitchen for a much longer time than i had first thought. mum went on and on and after ten minutes i started to feel so unbelievably tired that i had a massive urge to lie down on the cold tiles and fall asleep. then i started to feel sick and and there was a strange pain right from the pit of my stomach.

anyway, i clutched at the edge of the worktop and hoped i looked fine, because really i was feeling embarrassed, when all i really wanted to do was at least sit down. however mum didn't notice anything and her voice was already starting to annoy me. inside my head i was praying that i wouldn't vomit and forced myself to remain upright.

Suddenly, it was as if a wave of weakness had swept in through my body. i grabbed my mum and called out her name in panic. finally she stopped talking but managed to remain calm, though i could tell she was concerned. she tried to calm me down too, but it was too late. i felt another wave of weakness and my vision blurred. it was like when you adjust the brightness of a computer screen, though making it go darker. my vision blacked out completely as i fell.

i regained consciousness again quite soon, but i was scared stiff so i started crying (so embarrassing!) but yeah, that was my unfortunate experience, and when i think back to it, i still blame my mum!

By anon109392 — On Sep 07, 2010

I faint usually when I see something I don't like. Example: somebody getting a shot.

By anon105640 — On Aug 21, 2010

I fainted for the first time last year. Mid-thirties male. I didn't eat breakfast and had to run a bunch of errands downtown. All the errand locations were only blocks away from one another so i walked about downtown for hours (the entire morning).

I was tired, weak, dizzy, experienced blurred vision, and blacked-out every so often while walking. So I decided to stop in a Starbucks for lunch and tea. I sat down to eat a Chicken Salad sandwich and Grande Black Tea, thinking this would make me feel better. Wrong, it didn't. All of a sudden, my symptoms got worse and one of the employees came by and was asking me something but I couldn't hear anything she was saying.

I remember having the shakes really bad, I was extremely nauseous and ready to vomit, my vision was so blurred she stood within inches of my face and I could not make out the details of how she looked. I could not stop sweating and it was hot. Then everything went black.

I don't know how long I was out but I woke up to three police officers carrying me to one of the couches in Starbucks (Police main headquarters building is right across the street from Starbucks). Paramedics arrived and took me to the hospital, gave me a once over, and ran fluid in me. Come to find out I'm hypoglycemic. I also find out, drinking tea on an empty stomach didn't help either as tea is high acid/alkaline scale will cause most people to feel really sick, experience shakes, nausea, dizziness, sweating, etc. So don't drink tea on an empty stomach.

By anon103353 — On Aug 12, 2010

My name is Sara. I'm going to be 15 in about a month. I have fainted only once (as far as I know) in my life. I was in fifth grade. It was our "graduation". I was actually really excited and happy about it.

I had nice clothes and my mom was putting make-up on me (which I can't stand. I hate make-up!). We were in our downstairs bathroom. I started to feel a bit hot. My head started to hurt and I felt really, I mean really sick. I was sweating, too. My mom was putting glitter on me (ugh...).

She noticed something was wrong and said, "Are you OK?" I asked her for a cup of water. She gave me one and I sat down on the toilet. She just waited for me to get control of myself. I sat there, kind of weak. It was sort of hard to hold the cup. The whole time I sat there I thought, "Oh, God. Don't puke...don't puke..." and my head was killing me. I took a sip of water (that's all I could really down with my stomach acting as it was), put the cup on the sink counter and stood up. I said, "OK. I think I'm OK now." and my mom proceeded to put glitter on me.

Then it just got worse. I felt like I was swaying back and forth, but at the same time, I was sort of unconscious of it. I know I said something to my mom, but I can't remember what. That's when it happened. I guess I turned while I fell because I remember one moment I saw my mom panicking, the next I saw the heater behind me. While I saw that, I can't really say it was blurry, but it didn't go straight to black. It sort of faded, like in the end of a movie, or when you close your eyes to sleep.

I don't remember hearing anything. And, I actually think I fully passed out before I hit the floor. It went completely black just as I got a close up of the heater. It felt like I was out for at least two hours. When I woke up I had a load of stuff going through my mind. One was that I just had this feeling that told me hours had passed. I woke to my mom on her hands and knees over me, looking at me with an expression that, to me, looked like a combo of confusion, worry, and what?. Since this had never happened before, and I was only 10 so I was really stupid, I freaked. I sat up, grabbed my mom, and bawled like nobody's business.

My mom's tone sounded like a more calmed-down version of panic. She told me I was only out for a few seconds, but I was like, "Oh, my God! We missed the graduation!" (Nowadays I wouldn't give a crap about it. I would actually be like "Yes!"). But, I looked at the clock, and we still had like another hour until it started. I looked around and saw glitter everywhere, like you wouldn't believe! (In fact, we moved out in like December, and mom said that while she was cleaning the house, she actually found some leftover glitter!

Mom got mad at me because my crying had screwed up the mascara. I had noticed my arm was hurting. I looked to find a huge scratch along my forearm. Turns out that when I fainted, Mom went to catch me. And, when she did, she panicked and threw the glitter container, which is why it covered everything. When she tried to grab me, she missed and scratched my arm.

I also had this really bad pain on the right side of my head, somewhere near my ear. She told me that when I fell, I had hit my head on the heater (the bump didn't go away for months!). So after we fixed everything up, we went to the graduation. Mom had told my dad and grandparents what had happened.

I sat with my mom the whole time, instead of with the class and when they called my name for my certificate, I got up and took it and then just sat back down and clutched my mom's arm. She was not happy that I didn't participate. Give me a break! You have no idea how scared I was!

By anon102453 — On Aug 07, 2010

I'm an active 18 year old girl and I have fainted four times in my life. The first time I was really hot and I got dizzy and woke up to my mom calling my name.

The second time I was giving blood. The third time was after my first pelvic exam and the fourth time was this morning.

Today it was preceded by an intensely acute stomach pain, so sharp I couldn't move. I'm blaming today's on dehydration. It seems like fainting is my body's reaction to dealing with pain and discomfort. I have low blood pressure. But my advice to people is stay hydrated and give your body the rest it needs.

By anon101739 — On Aug 04, 2010

I am 24 and have fainted more times than I can count. It is normal for me to faint once a month. While I was pregnant I fainted three times in a month. The doctor said it was normal but I didn't think so.

I just fainted this morning. It's not a big deal to me anymore because it happens so frequently. I know the feeling before it happens so well that I will sit down on the floor before it happens. It happens more often when I'm feeling sick and I go to use the bathroom.

By anon101087 — On Aug 01, 2010

I have only ever fainted once in my life. I was twelve and in the hospital, and the doctors gave me some medication that severely reduced my blood pressure.

I had to go to the bathroom, and since it was five feet away on the other side of the corridor, my mother took me. On the way back, my vision started getting purple spots in it, and my legs felt weak. By the time we got back to the room, my mother was holding me up. She got me back onto the bed because the nurse was freaking out, and my ears went all funny; it was hard to hear, like I had water in them or something. Three seconds later, I passed out and didn't wake up for several hours. It was pretty scary!

By anon95805 — On Jul 13, 2010

I have fainted four or five times in my life. It's always either when I haven't had anything to eat in a while (if I'm sitting I'm fine but if I'm standing or walking I faint after a few minutes of doing that), when I'm really hot, or when I stand up after sitting or lying down for a while.

The same thing always happens: I feel freezing on the inside and burning up on the outside, my vision goes yellow and static-y (I can only see what's directly in front of me, but usually in the middle everything goes completely yellow. Once everything even went totally black for about a second. I start shaking and my whole body feels like when your foot falls asleep, I start to wobble and cannot stand (duh), and for some reason I impulsively curl up on the ground and hug my knees. I feel so vulnerable because I can't see.

I can't remember the first time it happened but I must have been pretty young because all the times I can remember I've never fallen on my face because I've always known what to expect and I immediately sit down. Well, once (wasn't my first) I was on stage singing on Christmas Eve and I hadn't eaten much that day and I forced myself to stay standing but I actually fell over and my dad had to run up and catch me and carry me out, or I would've fallen on my face.

By anon95804 — On Jul 13, 2010

I passed out for the first time the other day. I didn't eat much that day, and went out for a drink. Because I didn't want to drink and drive, I walked to the nail salon to get my nails done. With the mix of not eating, alcohol, heat lamp at salon and all of the fumes, I fainted in the bathroom. It was really scary and now I have anxiety!

By anon94883 — On Jul 10, 2010

I've fainted roughly seven or eight times. I'm 18, and the fainting started from about the age of 5. Usually it happens after injections or the sight of blood. I don't really know why. My parents don't really take my fainting seriously - I think they think I'm just overly sensitive or wimpish.

I'm not too concerned with my fainting because I'm usually only out for a few seconds but a week or so ago I fainted and fell on marble floor. My head literally felt like it was going to explode- I'd never experienced such pain in my life. My friend heard me fall and found me. She said I was muttering and slightly jerking around - I thought that maybe it could have been a fit. I've never knowingly had a fit before. Do you think that's what the head pain was, or could it just be the impact of the floor on my head?

By anon90459 — On Jun 16, 2010

I fainted before, and it was really weird. I had a really bad headache and tummy ache and I was on my period then I stood up in my food tech class to watch what she was doing then I kept like getting blurry vision and like black. It was just black for about five seconds, then it went blurry again and got a lot worse. Then in my head i thought about sleep -- just i needed to go to sleep and i just fell on this person's lap for like 10 seconds then i woke up and went out.

I pulled my friend out of the classroom and i was being really weird like dancing and running around like i was high or something and just saying her name over and over again? then i still had all the pain and headaches. i never felt so much pain in my life!

i went home and took a paracetamol but it was horrible and i was sick. after that i was a bit better. i didn't go to the doctor so i don't know what it was.

By anon90254 — On Jun 15, 2010

My name is Jemma, I'm 14 years old and I have a very confusing passing out pattern. Sometimes I'm just doing my day to day things and all of a sudden my vision will go slightly blue or yellow sometimes, then sometimes I see moving black spots like something you see when you watch cells go through someone's artery.

Sometimes they go inward, as if collapsing into each other in a fast pace, sometimes I don't pass out, but become very 'spaced out' and other times the spots are yellow/orange. I have no recollection of any health issues I've had, and apart from asthma I am relatively healthy.

My first time of passing out was the worst I'd experienced, and it happened when I was three. It was only in the last year that it became more frequent. For a week or two I'd pass out once every day, and then it stopped, now it only happens once a week/month.

I have been tested for anemia, you probably know how but I won't say because I know you have a problem with the word.

Thanks for reading, much regards.

By anon88817 — On Jun 07, 2010

I fainted today for like the first time and then a few minutes later I fainted again, for the second time, and made a hole in the wall with my head! I went to emergency and had like loads of tests you know, but they couldn't find anything wrong and they sent me home after about six hours and it was really scary but exciting too.

By anon86473 — On May 25, 2010

I get symptoms of fainting every time I see blood. I have fainted repeatedly after injuring myself, cutting, spraining my ankle, getting my finger hit by a door. But every time I go see a doctor about it, they just ignore me and don't make a big deal out of it, because my blood pressure is good at the time. So frustrating!

By anon84886 — On May 18, 2010

I'm 15 and I fainted today for the first time. I was walking out of a classroom I had just taken a test in and I can't remember anything after that. Apparently, what happened was I walked to the water fountain by the restrooms and collapsed on the ground. I was out for a solid five minutes and my eyes were apparently wide open, as well.

The worst part is, people are making fun of me for fainting and are telling me that I'm retarded for fainting.

By anon84866 — On May 17, 2010

whenever i cry a lot, like for 10 minutes, or am emotionally hurt, i faint for like 15 seconds. sometimes my palms and feet get numb and need to be rubbed for a while to get back to normal. then i have weakness for at least 3 days. this happens every time i cry a lot. Any suggestions, guys?

By anon84190 — On May 14, 2010

I have a 14 year old boy who has fainted twice and I'm very worried. i took him to have blood tests done and they came back fine but the doctor said it might have something to do with his heart or brain so we have to wait and see another doctor other than that he is healthy and fit. What does cause fainting? i thought maybe iron levels.

By anon81883 — On May 03, 2010

i remember when i was seven and this long strand of string or whatever caught around my neck and it choked me but i managed to get it off.

So, about half an hour later this red mark appeared across my throat, and i went into the bathroom to look at it and i locked the door. While i was looking at it, everything turned black and i feel into the bathtub. I got up later and i didn't know how long i was out. i didn't tell anyone because i was scared. The red mark went away in about a few months and it hasn't happened since. It was a very frightening experience.

By anon81805 — On May 03, 2010

I felt light-headed once when I was 12. I was at P.E so my mate and i went to the toilets and when she went into one of the cubicles, everything went black and i woke up and she wasn't there. It turned out all the boys who were waiting outside had heard my friend scream and came running over.

She went and got help while i woke up with a load of sweaty boys over me. eww.

By anon79403 — On Apr 22, 2010

This was very well explained. i might be looking on the wrong thing but the question i wanted answered was: when people faint, do their eyes roll backward? if so, are their eyes open a little so you are able to see them roll back?

By anon79002 — On Apr 21, 2010

I fainted in a train, but i didn't fall on the ground and i could think at the same time, but i couldn't move myself. I woke up after like 30 seconds.

By anon77384 — On Apr 14, 2010

hey people I'm trying to find out why i faint so much. i haven't seen a doctor or anything but i faint almost every day, sometimes more than three times a day. I'm really worried I'll stand up or just be walking then i feel dizzy and fall over. I'm usually out for 5 seconds. any idea?

By anon76677 — On Apr 11, 2010

today i woke up and my right arm (the muscles) were hurting a lot! i could barely move my arm because it hurt so much. i didn't pay mind to it since i thought i possibly slept in a bad position.

then i went to the bathroom to pee and i felt lightheaded and then when i stood up from the toilet, i pulled my shorts up and then somehow i blacked out but i felt pain in my face as if i had fallen.

Turns out i actually fell face-down inside my tub. my cheek was red from the pain but i was pale afterwards.

I'm scared to check if I'm diabetic. I'm only 16.

By anon75838 — On Apr 07, 2010

Today my mom was freaking out at me because I didn't bring home my math mark. during this my face got really hot and I couldn't really see. I then fell forward and knocked over the bulletin board but didn't feel it.

then my dad walked over and I fell to the ground. my parents say I was out for about four seconds. then I got up and they then carried me to the couch. The scary thing I don't remember falling down.

By anon75807 — On Apr 07, 2010

I'm 14 years old and i passed out twice all last year. One time was when i was standing in the hallway at the hospital and my family was talking about a problem my relative had during her pregnancy and i just fell.

The next was in the middle of Wal-Mart. I didn't have my legs locked and i wasn't hungry. It was very, very embarrassing.

By anon74022 — On Mar 30, 2010

i fainted when we were watching a sex ed video and now I'm really scared it's going to happen again. it was so embarrassing.

By anon73244 — On Mar 26, 2010

i was six years old when i first fainted, 10 years on and i have fainted every second year (eight years old, 10 years old, etc.) i have never seen a doctor about it. It's really weird. though. I just assume it's because i don't drink much water, don't get much sleep and i tend to eat at night and not really during the day. It can be very annoying and embarrassing, though.

By anon71710 — On Mar 19, 2010

My friend faints everyday at school during lunch. She seems to blink very fast before she goes down. She said it's because her blood pressure goes up really fast and then drops rapidly. She is 14 years old and she had to get some plates in her neck fixed? I don't know. but yeah, thanks.

By anon70033 — On Mar 11, 2010

I am 15 years old and in the past nine months or so i have been fainting every month near my period time but am starting to panic.

before, i was out for a couple of minutes, then two months ago for 22 minutes, then just yesterday i fainted four times -- three times at my school.

i kept going in and out and at one point i could not remember what happened between the second and third one. i was so scared i got taken away in an ambulance with gas and air. i had my blood pressure taken and it went from high to low to normal to high then to low in the space of the 15 minute ambulance drive then when i arrived at the hospital it was normal again i then fainted in the hospital.

I am really scared now because I am not the thinnest of girls so when i do faint i really hurt myself and i can't go on with my life like this. Every month I am losing school time and now that it's coming up to exam time it's an important year for me!

Please, i don't know what else to do. Any suggestions please?

By anon69872 — On Mar 10, 2010

i collapsed today and my knees buckled. i felt really, really dizzy bit i don't think i blacked out. is this fainting?

By anon69508 — On Mar 08, 2010

I get the symptoms from the second last paragraph (lightheadedness, blurred or “spotty” vision, dizziness, and weakness.) when i haven't eaten in a long time.

By anon67590 — On Feb 25, 2010

well i fainted once when i went to egypt with my boyfriend it was really hot there so we got off the airplane and i was in egypt. it was really hot. i told my boyfriend i need time out so i went.

as i was going down the stairs, i don't know, i just oops -- collapsed and the next i could see myself bleeding around my lip and forehead. The embarrassing part was everyone was gathered around me. Thanks anyway for your support.

By anon66391 — On Feb 19, 2010

I was at a concert last night, in the standing area, and a few hours into it i got very hot with the crowd all around me. Then, i turned around and pulled my two friends to get out of there with me but about two steps into it i fell forward and my friends had to grab me and keep me upright because i had no balance.

It was really weird, i could hear the music and my two friends screaming at me. Next thing i knew i was sitting in the medical area still dizzy trying to get myself back together.

in the end we went back into the concert, not into the crowded standing area in the spaced out area and enjoyed ourselves very much,

we also had something to talk about and laugh about on the way home!

By anon65336 — On Feb 12, 2010

well i fainted one time when my boyfriend cheated on me with one my friends. it was so hard to talk about it in school.

i dragged my best friend around and told her everything and while she was talking to me. all of the sudden i fainted. the next thing i saw my head bleeding and my ex-boy friend was holding my head so tight and was kissing me all over. i felt as if i am being thrown away or trashed. thanks anyway

By anon63947 — On Feb 04, 2010

i keep feeling really dizzy and faint and i will just suddenly come over all weird. i am in good health so it is really strange.

By anon62982 — On Jan 29, 2010

i fainted three times in my life. the first one was i was going out with my boyfriend and he said could i come over so i said yes. He came round and and we was chatting with him (12 midnight) then it was time to sleep. he said to me that he is going to the bath so he went and his mobile phone was around and this girl rang my x boy friend (archie) saying let's have sex tonight, i am at your house. he came out and i felt dizzy so i fainted for about five minutes and the next i saw my ex-boyfriend holding me tight (yuck).

By anon61638 — On Jan 21, 2010

I fainted during a P.E lesson at school because I was feeling really unwell throughout the lesson. it was really strange because I heard everything but I remember very little!

By anon60748 — On Jan 15, 2010

I'm on here just trying to figure out why I faint. I faint anywhere from four to 15 times per year and my heart is perfectly healthy, as well as my blood work. I have an appointment with a neurologist but I supposed it's impossible for something serious to be wrong as it's been going on since I was a very young child. Any guesses?

By anon60023 — On Jan 11, 2010

i fainted last year when I was doing blood work. i guess i stopped eating 6 p.m. the night before. i drank a bit of water and did blood work until nearly 11 a.m. the next morning. all those hours of not eating.

when i walked out the office, i fell down and was drowsy for a few minutes. it's scary. now, lately I've been under a lot of stress and i feel lightheaded and dizzy frequently, so i don't know what i can do to deal with this stress.

most of the time i feel like im about to drop and faint.

By amypollick — On Jan 03, 2010

Sometimes, people will faint after standing too long, especially when they lock their knees.

When I was in JROTC in high school, we had spring inspection, which involved every cadet in the battalion standing outside in formation, waiting on the inspecting officer.

The flag bearer for my company was standing at attention, locked his knees and went down like a sack of cement. At that point, the inspecting officer had us all go to "at ease" stance and bend our knees, and told us we could break at ease or attention to bend our knees anytime we needed to.

I am not sure why locking the knees while standing will cause people to faint, but I've seen it happen firsthand. The moral is, then, I suppose: if you're standing a long time, don't lock your knees! Bend them once in a while.

By anon58587 — On Jan 03, 2010

i'm from malaysia, and i fainted when i was 11 during marching at some school sport day. Actually i was standing still for about an hour.

Suddenly my vision got blurred. It became white and cloudy, though i could see seven thin spectrum colours drawing the outer line of everything including human figures. Then i started to fell very weak and numb. I can still hear and think but it's kind of dizzy. i know i'm going to collapse but i can't control my body. then the white spectrum vision started to have black dots the size of a coin. the dots keep increasing until my vision turned completely black. i could hear the havoc i'd caused.

medics carried me outside from the band. i could still hear but barely. i tried to speak but it was really hard. i kept thinking am i unconscious?. Then in about 30 seconds i woke up. i've never passed out since then, and I'm 23 now. i guess i was too hungry and sleepy. It's cool though, he he!

By anon58090 — On Dec 30, 2009

I fainted for the first time yesterday morning at 4:30 a.m. i had never passed out before. I'm hypoglycemic but that's not the reason it happened. i passed out from exhaustion, and ever since ten I've been even more tired than i was before and hungry.

By anon57902 — On Dec 28, 2009

whoever posted that comment about fainting after tanning, well, the same thing happened to me and now my mother does not want to let me go tanning. it was my first time going, it was June 1, it was hot outside.

i did not eat or drink either. i did not even think i was going to go tanning that day. i only went to sign up. so i ended up going to try it out and i was supposed to stand in the little door for five minutes. i lasted three minutes, and i had to get out. i was barely dressed.

i got out and collapsed. my mom almost had a heart attack. it was weird. the ambulance came but nothing was wrong with me.

By anon57286 — On Dec 21, 2009

well i have only fainted twice and it was really scary. i was at the doctor's office getting two of my shots and when i was leaving all i remember was my mom asking me something and then all of a sudden everything went blurry and i couldn't hear anything. i woke up few minutes later but my mom told me my eyes had rolled to the top of my head and all you could see was my eyeball and i was twitching.

By anon57103 — On Dec 20, 2009

I'd never fainted until age thirteen, and in the two years since then, I've fainted (or come close to it) a lot. I think I have postural hypotension, which basically means if I stand up too fast, I faint.

The first time was definitely the scariest because I was in the shower. I remember looking up at the shower head, in a kind of trance, and my vision turning completely blue. I woke up at the bottom of the tub, and miraculously caught myself on my elbow.

The second time was one morning after waking up. I practically jumped out of bed and stumbled into the wall. I stood there for a few seconds, feeling weak and groggy, and woke up after hitting my head on the corner of my desk.

This summer I fainted three more times. One was after watching a movie. I got off the couch (alas, again too fast for my poor brain) and kind of collapsed on the ground. When I woke up my arm was twitching.

The second time I got off the couch to go dust the television screen, which was above my head. Either I stood up too fast or was craning my neck, because then my knees buckled and I felt like I was going to throw up and just lay there like my limbs were too heavy.

The funny part is that I did this in front of two of my family members and fainted so discreetly that they didn't even notice. ;)

By anon57082 — On Dec 19, 2009

I'm 15. I have fainted twice in my life. The first time I fainted was right after I got my tuberculosis shot (I don't know how to spell it, sorry) and I saw the bubble forming on my wrist because that's what's supposed to happen. I was very shocked by the bubble and it made me feel grossed out.

I got up to leave the doctor's office and my Dad was telling me something and I just fell to the ground. Then, I fainted again yesterday. I got my HPV shot, the third one because you have to get it three times. So, it was my last one and I didn't expect it to hurt because the last two didn't as bad. But, it hurt really bad and I got up to walk around because I started feeling dizzy and I walked into the lobby of the doctor's office and I couldn't see or hear anything, and I was still walking.

But I was having a hard time keeping myself up, I knocked down their Christmas tree haha. Then, I went back to the room and was like "Dad! I'm going to faint!" and i hit the floor. And I remember him helping me. I love him for being there for me both times. But now I'm afraid of fainting again. I'm only afraid of doing it in public though because I don't want to make a scene.

By anon56257 — On Dec 13, 2009

I fainted today for my first time. I was in my bathtub with salt that makes you relaxed. As I got out, I felt really weak and then I started to see spots like a bad tv signal.

I walked towards my room without any awareness of what I was doing. In a couple of seconds I heard some noises of objects falling (I knocked out a fan with my faint) and I woke up and my dad was there. I only remember hearing the noises I made. Everything was pitch black. I barely turned 15, what a perfect gift.

By anon54553 — On Nov 30, 2009

I've fainted about four times in my life. The last time was at a rock concert. I was wearing a pleather jacket, it was winter time and i was in the front row with no space to move around since it was too crowded.

I was hungry even though i didn't eat, i think i was on my period, and i was getting really hot and claustrophobic. Ever since that night I've developed general anxiety disorder where everywhere i go, especially where there's crowds, i get panic attacks that I'm going to faint.

I regret going to that show because my life hasn't been the same ever since. I used to be so normal, now i feel like I'm not. Then the past few days my anxiety got a little better, but then today at work all of a sudden out of nowhere helping a customer i was getting dizzy and dots started forming. i thought oh no. please not again, so I knelt on the floor and then ran to the bathroom to get privacy and knelt to bring back blood to my brain. now I'm even more nervous, and i have to work tomorrow =( Will my life ever go back to normal?

By anon54126 — On Nov 27, 2009

well, it's happened to me a few times. one time i was on the computer and my eyes just kind of dropped and then i woke up.

Then i was walking to the shop with my mother and i got really hot, my eyes were going funny, i felt dizzy and my heart started to beat really fast. I went to the doctors and they told me it was a panic attack because it wasn't long after i lost my mate. then it happened to me in college the other day -- same feeling! but i didn't actually pass out, and every time i go to the doctors they say it's a panic attack or anxiety, but i don't think it is!

Maybe I'm lacking in something. i had blood tests last year and my blood count was low, and then i got sent for more and they were fine, so I'm really not sure.

By anon53329 — On Nov 20, 2009

My friend is 15 and she's been fainting for 2 years now. The first year it wasn't very often but now it's gotten more frequent and she does it either every day or every other day.

she's had a number of scans done, including her heart and brain and stuff, and she's been tested for epilepsy and diabetes, but they said it's neither of those and there's nothing wrong with her brain or heart.

when she's fainted before she usually wakes up in a panic and comes around but she fainted today and was out for ages. she came round and didn't know where she was. she then fainted again and woke up being sick and fainted again. she woke up and had lost her sight and her fingers were freezing but she was warm on her head and this paramedic guy said she needed to go to the hospital but she refused. she started going crazy and scratching the floor with her nails and it was really upsetting to watch.

By anon52588 — On Nov 15, 2009

i fainted the first time this morning. I'm 14 and i had just woken up. i sat on the sofa for a while and watched tv then i went to get up and make breakfast as i was starving!

i stood up and felt that dizziness you get and i leaned on my dining table with my head down. the next thing i know I'm on the floor shaking with my sister slapping me in the face! i guess it was just as i had nothing to eat and i got up too fast.

i hurt my arm on the way down though.

By anon50305 — On Oct 27, 2009

I have fainting spells. At least I have learned what to do when they start to come. I must sit down and drink some water.

Usually I start to feel light headed, then my hearing goes, then I start to see spots. The last time it happened it really scared me because I lost my vision completely and saw only white. This has never happened. Normally it is black.

By anon49309 — On Oct 19, 2009

I'm 15 years old and I fainted for the first time today. I had a blood test and as soon as I made it out into the reception I fainted on my dad. LOL Gah I hate needles. The weird thing was that once I had woken up, I couldn't really hear anything, then it was like my ears had popped (And I could hear again) but then I could also hear ringing. Then I felt both really hot and really cold. :/ Thanks for the article :)

By anon49177 — On Oct 18, 2009

My friend fainted the other day. it was really weird. It happened very quickly. She said she felt sick and she was starting to tilt backward and forwards. Then her face went really white and her eyes started to twitch and then she just suddenly feel to the ground. But I managed to catch her arm and gently laid her down on the ground. She came round after about three or so minutes. This article was really helpful, cause I didn't understand why this had happened to her.

By anon49150 — On Oct 18, 2009

i fainted for the first time yesterday all i remember was my dad was asking something and i said respectful and he said that was the smartest thing he'd ever heard me say. i was upset and loads of things were racing through my head. next thing i felt dizzy like i was spinning and then just felt like i was spinning. next thing i know i blacked out and was woken up by my mum, dad and sister attending to me. they were fanning me and splashing water on me. i thought it was for like a second but it was apparently longer.

By anon48741 — On Oct 14, 2009

I fainted last night! I was watching television with my little sister, and my grandma told me she injured her hand, she had a really huge bruise. I got up to get her some ice. We were in the kitchen, wjem all of a sudden I felt dizzy. I thought it was a normal dizziness. I've been dizzy many times before. But it was different. I got dizzier and dizzier. I fell to the ground, but stood up and sat on a chair. My sister asked me what was the matter, but all I could say was that my heart felt strange. And next thing you know, I was out. Minutes later I woke up and didn't remember a thing. My sister and Grandma were crying and my granpa was making me smell rubbing alcohol. My little sister said I wouldn't move and my eyes were still open. She thought I had died! After that I still felt dizzy and my body felt numb.

By anon47580 — On Oct 06, 2009

I fainted at my school once in my music room while doing choir. Apparently I fell backward and my music teacher just caught me. The problem was that I have to start eating meat, red meat.

By anon46531 — On Sep 26, 2009

I fainted last week while taking bath and hit hard by the wall and got hurt! There injury and little blood on my left arm. Didn't feel much pain the same day but next day started feeling pain in the left side of my body (head, left arm, leg...). Then i got fever due to body pains. This is really strange to me as i am pretty much healthy! The article is really well written. This is third time i fainted. the first time when i was 14 (had period that day), second time when i was 25 (just got married and standing in a line to visit temple for prayers) Third time last week (i am now 29 )while taking a bath!

By anon46422 — On Sep 25, 2009

Yesterday i fainted. I was getting an industrial piercing done and when he did the first hole i started seeing dots everywhere. It filled my whole vision. I also couldn't hear anything and i felt really weak. After that i don't remember anything else, just waking up in a bed with people putting alcohol in my nose and back and making me drink a Coke. I woke up and i felt very weak; i couldn't stand up. Later i asked what had happened and they told me i stood up and started walking and i just fell unconscious and they had to carry me to the bed and that i was unconscious for about 30 seconds. I have experienced this about three times already when they take blood out but i haven't actually fainted all the way. this was a very weird experience. i have been fainting since i was about 14. now i'm 17. Could this be something serious?

By anon45710 — On Sep 19, 2009

i fainted yesterday. we were in school and i was cooking. i was washing up and then i just fainted. all i remember is waking up. why did i faint?

By anon44797 — On Sep 10, 2009

I pass out only when I see or hear anythng about blood. I can't even watch a movie with blood in it, in the cinema or sit in a restaurant and watch my partner eat a steak with blood juice oozing out.

it's really bad when i go to the doctor's office to have my blood pressure taken.

I start getting this pressure in my stomach, then my throat feels like someone is squeezing it, I see black dots in front of my eyes, a ringing noise in my ears and then i pass out. I am normally sick afterwards too.

At least I know how to avoid it, but nowadays its not that easy and it seems to be affecting my way of living quite a bit.

By anon43201 — On Aug 26, 2009

Today i fainted at work while eating my lunch. i was only out for seconds but when i came round i realized after a few minutes that i had wet myself. is this a normal reacton? this is the first time i have fainted in 12 years and before it is usually when i have blood taken or if i have had an injection.

By anon43080 — On Aug 25, 2009

does anxiety or an having an anxiety attack cause people to faint? if so, how do you keep that from happening?

By anon42659 — On Aug 22, 2009

My daughter who is 15 fainted for the first time today. We had gone to the gym to exercise. She had nothing to eat for breakfast and nothing to drink, which I found out about later. We had worked up quite a sweat doing cardio for 45 minutes and went to work on some weight machines. We were getting ready to leave. She told me she was feeling dizzy and held onto me for support. The next thing I knew she was looking disoriented and fell to the floor. After taking her to the clinic, she was fine for the rest of the day. They said that she should not work out without eating breakfast and should be sure to bring liquids to drink when she works out.

By anon41327 — On Aug 14, 2009

I fainted for the first time yesterday. I was in the airport in spain, standing in a queue for half an hour, very hot. all I remember was feeling light headed first and then I woke up in the floor, feeling weird, like I had been in a dream. I couldn't see and hear properly. I was very pale. Why did I faint??

By anon41039 — On Aug 12, 2009

i'm 16 and i fainted for the first time on holiday a few weeks back. it was very warm and i had eaten no breakfast, although drank lots of fluid. i had been on a walk that morning and then went to go stand in some shade when i started to feel sick, lost my hearing and sight. the next thing i knew i was lying on the floor with everyone surrounding me. it's a really weird feeling, like you have just woken up, but it hasn't happened since so i put it down to the heat.

By anon40798 — On Aug 11, 2009

today i fainted for the first time it was very humid today and i remember drinking something like probably 30 minutes ago and i had nothing to eat. So me and my boyfriend went on a little stroll down to the park. again it was pretty humid. and i fainted against the wall. all i remember is getting very dizzy then everything just faded into black. my boyfriend said i bumped the back of my head pretty hard. it was like waking up from a dream. i didn't even feel him slapping me to wake up until i regained my consciousness. then afterwards i had a huge migraine.

By anon39717 — On Aug 04, 2009

Hi i am 15 years old and i fainted for the first time today right after a class i was taking, which happened to be a trauma nurse and all her detailed pictures of people who got very hurt in car accidents. First i got a little dizzy, then lost my hearing. my sister asked if i was all right, which i could barley hear her say. Then i went to get a drink of my juice and couldn't even get it to my mouth to drink. after class just eneded I stood up to put my books away and the next thing i remember i was looking up at the ceiling. The whole time after i was wondering, if something was really wrong with me? i later went to the doctors and found out i just fainted and it happens a lot.

By anon37887 — On Jul 22, 2009

My daughter fainted this morning. was very afraid. she is 12 she got up out of bed very quick went to the bathroom and ended up on the floor but was fine for the rest of the day. should i be worried.

By anon35549 — On Jul 06, 2009

Today I fainted. it wasn't my first time but normally I faint when im anxious. I fainted at school in assembly which was very embarrassing. I started feeling really lightheaded, then the sound in the background muffled. When I opened my eyes I had loads of people around me.

By anon34815 — On Jun 29, 2009

I fainted once i went to get my 11 year old jab and after it i felt sick and i was going up to tell my mum and i remember feeling all dizzy. Also i went to have a blood test and i almost fainted, i went dizzy and had to lay down.

By anon34601 — On Jun 25, 2009

well..i fainted because my friend was telling a story about her injury...i don't know why but i suddenly felt dizzy..then..blurred eye sight..next thing i know i was lying on the floor with my friend staring at me...it was actually weird.

By Thor666 — On May 25, 2009

I fainted around easter time after getting out of bed early one morning. I remember resting my hand on the wall because I felt a little bit dizzy then, the next thing i knew, i woke up on the couch downstairs with my parents and brother looking at me, i had blood all over my face, a sore back and a broken nose(i fell down the stairs).

By anon31634 — On May 08, 2009

i faint all the time. i don't really understand it, but the feeling really frightens me. whenever i've been to see my gp about it they just check my blood pressure and take blood to check for anemia (low iron levels). most of the time they come back normal. the feeling i have when i start to faint is excess sweating, burred vision and a loud ringing noise in my ears, as if a life support has stopped! i then pass out and will be sick until the noise stops and i cool down.

i hate it when the only way to be brought around is to sit with your head between your legs on a chair because all i want to do is lay down and sleep it off. after, i feel really out of it and weak for a couple of days.

1 time i fainted i hit the floor face first and cut all the bridge of my nose and had black eyes from it for 2 days.

By anon31297 — On May 03, 2009

I actually fainted today for the first time in my life. I came on here to look it up because it was so weird. It happened out of nowhere. I guess I had postural fainting. I went tanning in a tanning bed that was really powerful and hot. Not having anything to eat or drink (dumb I know). As soon as I got up from the tanning bed I felt very weird. I walked next door to subway and began to feel the dizziness, very pale, lips turned white, and intense blurred vision. I walked back outside and collapsed right in front of a crowd of people including my boyfriend. My boyfriend instantly picked up my head and started talking to me. But I had also experienced a weird buzzing noise in my ears. Like I couldn't hear anything except for a weird buzzing noise. Everything started to come back within like 30 seconds though. It was so weird! But also I was shaking a bit and couldn't really talk. This article was very helpful in finding out what had happened to me. Thank you!

By anon30720 — On Apr 23, 2009

One day I was walking, it was a very hot day, and I just fainted by some traffic lights but woke up after a bit.

By anon29827 — On Apr 09, 2009

I fainted in school and hit my head a bit hard. Which caused me to feel dizzy. What should I do after I collapse?

By anon29670 — On Apr 06, 2009

Once I was sitting in my auditorium at school, and they were having a person who came and spoke about abortion and all of a sudden I started to get this weird feeling in my stomach, and I got really dizzy, and everything in the room was sort of sparkling. I got out of the room, and blacked out and walked probably 10-15 feet before I fainted, and woke up just a few minutes later with help from no one.

By anon17909 — On Sep 10, 2008

I was out with a friend he is 28 years old and in good health, he has been under a great deal of stress and the other day we had been out he had not been drinking or on drugs but he fainted, after he said he could feel it happening. he refused to go to the hospital

By anon388 — On Apr 23, 2007

very very well explained. Extremely helpful. I am very satisfied and pleased. Thank You

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