Who Invented Computer Programming?

Ada Lovelace was the only legitimate child of the legendary English poet Lord Byron, but he separated from his wife a month after Ada was born and left England, so they never knew each other. In 1833, at age 17, Lovelace met mathematician Charles Babbage, who had theorized a grand calculating machine that he called the Analytical Engine. Spurred on by her scientific education and smitten with the idea of a “computing machine,” Lovelace published the first algorithm for this hypothetical machine, earning her the title of the world’s first computer programmer.

A short but productive life:

  • In extensive writings, Lovelace explained the engine more clearly than Babbage had, even theorizing a method for the engine to repeat a series of instructions, a process known today as looping.
  • Only a small piece of the Analytical Engine was ever built, but Lovelace’s contributions live on. The modern programming language "Ada" is named after her.
  • In later years, Lovelace tried to develop mathematical schemes for winning at gambling. She died from uterine cancer at age 36, and was buried next to her father in Nottingham, England.
More Info: Encyclopaedia Britannica

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