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What Should I Look for in a Used Elliptical?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

When purchasing second-hand exercise equipment, it is essential to be certain the machine is in good working order. Safety should be the primary concern and always your top priority. Therefore, when considering a purchase of a used elliptical machine, take the time to carefully inspect every nook and cranny for defects and other potential safety hazards. You should be meticulous as you look for a used elliptical that is safe, reliable and in good working condition.

If you've ever gone shopping for fitness equipment, you probably are aware that ellipticals can cost a small fortune when bought brand new. If a new elliptical trainer is not within your budget, a previously owned machine might be more affordable, but you need to be aware of what to look for. More importantly, the educated consumer needs to be aware of any signals that could indicate potential trouble. Upon close examination, there should be no loose or shaky parts, and the machine should feel solidly constructed and sturdy. A used elliptical can have hidden flaws.

Women on elliptical machines.
Women on elliptical machines.

It's a good idea to ask the seller how many owners have used the elliptical trainer in question. If it was gently used by one person, odds are that this piece of equipment will be in better condition than if it was used extensively at a fitness center. Inquire whether it is in perfect working order or will require any costly repairs.

Most ellipticals have electronic dashboards. This should be in perfect working condition, with easy-to-see digital readouts. If the numbers are shaky or don't look clear, or if part of the display is missing, this could indicate a mechanical problem with the machine.

When testing the used elliptical, it should not be excessively noisy. That is, there shouldn't be an unusual noise transmitted from the motor, other than the typical sound that it makes when it is in operation. If the machine features a cooling fan, it also should be working properly.

It's important to look at the big picture when you are considering the purchase of a used elliptical. Even in used condition, this is likely to be an expensive commitment, and you'll want it to last for years. If the computer functions properly, the motor runs smoothly, all parts are intact and you feel secure while using the trainer, chances are you've discovered a good deal. If the machine comes with a warranty, that is added insurance.

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    • Women on elliptical machines.
      By: Andres Rodriguez
      Women on elliptical machines.