What Should I Consider When Buying a TV Wall Mount?

Ken Black

Many people who buy a flat screen television, whether it be plasma or LCD, may at some time consider a TV wall mount. While not every home or every room is designed for wall-mounted television, it does add a different element to the room that most people find interesting. Still, there are a number of things to consider when looking for a mount.

Size of the television and surrounding space are important factors when deciding on a TV wall mount.
Size of the television and surrounding space are important factors when deciding on a TV wall mount.

The purpose of a TV wall mount, of course, is to make sure the television stays securely in place on the wall. Finding one specific to your needs is important as it not only protects your investment, but offers you more options. To accomplish this task, the mount was invented and is designed to fit with a number of different televisions.

Most televisions can handle nearly any flat screen mount.
Most televisions can handle nearly any flat screen mount.

The first step is to check the TV owner's manual before buying a wall mount. While many televisions can handle nearly any flat screen mount, there are some that require specific brackets. This is why it is usually not advisable to buy a wall mount at the store at the same time the television is purchased.

However, for those who want to save time and purchase both in the same trip, there are a couple of suggestions. If you know which set you want and the model beforehand, getting the owner's manual online is usually as easy as going to the manufacturer's Web site. Also, some knowledgeable retail associates may be able to help you choose the correct TV wall mount. At the very least, you can always return it later if it will not work with your television.

Size is important when choosing a mount. Remember that flat screen televisions, whether they are plasma or LCD, come in a variety of sizes. Brackets are rated to handle a certain size and weight of television and that is clearly marked on the packaging. Do not choose a wall mount that is not rated for the size of television you have.

There are two main types of wall mounts. An arm mount includes a support that can often be moved to keep the television closer to the wall, or out away from the wall and pointed a certain direction. The traditional TV wall mount can only keep the television on the wall. This may be an important factor for some people.

Also, remember that not all traditional mounts are created equal. Some may have the ability to swivel. Others may have the ability to tilt down or up. These may be important considerations for those who want a little flexibility with their viewing options.

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